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Homunculus at 8.32pm. I’ll take a punt at this. …

Comment on HMRC vs MGH by ekt1m.

Homunculus at 8.32pm. I’ll take a punt at this. MGH being liquidated meant that Mr. Thornhill QC ( a first rate legal mind) no longer had anyone to represent, so decided he did’nt need the hassle of further appeals. The money needed to pay a QC must have come from somewhere, so Mr. Dunlop QC got the gig, even when tax litigation is not forte. This tells it’s own story to my way of thinking. Looking forward to tomorrow’s episode.EDIT, should have typed “his forte”.

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Look Back to Look Forward
Bogs Dollox at 2.19pm.  “The Court appear to be taking a dimmer view than usual on artificially inserted steps in tax avoidance schemes” I think that  HMRC accepting £130m. from Amazon as payment for 10 years of avoidance, then seeing France screwing £3.4 billion from Amazon for the same avoidance has caused such a ripple in Whitehall that I am not surprised at this latest judgement from the Supreme Court.

Look Back to Look Forward
Saw the posts above too late to edit. Apologies.

Two wrongs and a right
I just noticed that JJ has deleted his blog “Pulled punches on a rainy parade”. I wonder if he has had second thoughts or a solicitor’s letter? His scattergun approach may have recoiled on him.

Two wrongs and a right
Is tomorrow’s High Court cases merely a reading of charges and pleas from the indicted, or will the case continue for the rest of the day?

Two wrongs and a right
Jimmci at 6.10pm.  Perhaps you can refresh my memory of the Charlie Mulgrew/ Kyle Lafferty incident when Mulgrew was sent off for a perceived head butt. Was the red card rescinded, or did he serve a suspension. What has brought this to my mind was Alan Stubbs’s reply to a hack’s question, “Do you think that Halliday’s red card will be overturned?” Quote- “It depends on who is on the panel” Unquote.

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