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Long time Lurcker . Theoldcourse. It looks like there may not have …

Comment on HMRC vs MGH by Eddiegoldtop.

Long time Lurcker .

It looks like there may not have been anyone ( JC or EJ ) at today’s proceeding ?

I don’t remember any of them saying one way or t ‘ other ?

I’m sure we will read about it in the MSM tomorrow !

Eddiegoldtop Also Commented

Anyone know what time John Clarke goes to bed ? ๐Ÿ˜†

And btw , unless I’m mistaken , I have not seen much reportage of the HMRC v RFC 1872 (il) tax case in the SMSM have you ?

The SFM is definitely the place to go for the real news ….

I see that John Clarke has posted over on the other thread at 4.58pm and still not an update on here yet……! ๐Ÿ˜‰
Can he not hear the noise of my Impatient fingers drumming on the table ?

On another pedantic note :

Is there any merit to now changing the name of this post to HMRC v RANGERS , given John’s information from the first day which states that MHG are not being represented ?

Just a thought , and it would be a truer reflection of the overall picture ?

AyeRightNaw says

valentinesclown on July 8, 2015 at 9:38 am

I also recall from early days some speculation that HMRC wanted the decision made at the highest court possible to establish case law precedent. Suspect this might be a court one step further than anticipated.


That is my recollection also and I may be wrong but I am sure if HMRC fail again here then the next step is the Supreme Court (London?) at which case will be the highest court possible (?) and which will pretty much give them legal precedent to challenge the ” big fish ” of the English league where the EBT’s are used extensively and the returns to the HMRC would be ” off the radar ” ( sorry ) !

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THAT Debate, and the Beauty of Hindsight
AllyjamboMay 3, 2017 at 12:50‘….Court now looking at agreement between the bank and Murray on sale of shares” Findlay “What’s the D.R.A.G?”Shanks doesn’t know’______I’ve just been scrolling back over witness Shanks’ testimony.
Was it ever discovered what the D.R.A.G acronym refers to?There must have been some reason why Findlay, QC asked the question.
And it strikes me as strange that the representive of a bank which is signing some kind of deal with a client who owes them a fortune should be ignorant of the meaning of any word or terms used in the documentation of that deal.
Shanks, of course, is not on trial.
But he does not inspire me with confidence in his abilities. And I shall forthwith remove my £1.00 savings account from Lloyds/BoS!
Im amazed that Shanks ” doesn’t know ” what DRAG is given the level of corporate finance he was dealing at.
Drag is a well known term in business circles for majority shareholders who want to forcefully get minority shareholders to accept the sale of the company . The majority shareholder is basically dragging the minority shareholders along with the sale .
Now Imagine the bad publicity that would bring if the owner of a football club ( any club , no club in particular )  was forcing the small shareholders into a sale they didn’t want ? 

Staying On The Problem
Big Pink .

I think you may be mistaken ? At no point does the report mention 200 Hibs fans taunting their rivals . If you read section 6 . Sequence of Events , in its entirety,  you will see that it says only 10-15 Hibs fans taunted TRFC fans at which point 200 TRFC fans began entering the field of play to begin fighting . Call it retaliating if you want . I’m sure that won’t sit well with the fans or directors of the Ibrox club as it blows away the ” victim ” card that they disgracefully played after the final. 
I also note that the official statement today from TRFC as well as questioning the integrity of the report it also fails to recognise that their own fans entered the field of play ! 
What will it take for the SFA / SPFL to bring these out of control Rangers* directors to heel ? 

Journey’s End?
For those of us interested , the Twitter account of moo_ted has just published a file showing the league money payouts based on final positions this season for the Premiership . 
Hopefully ive attached it ! 

Journey’s End?
Big Pink………

The site may be currently suffering a slight down turn as you say , but in all honesty there is too much necessity for this site to be preaching the truth rather than not to be here. The alternative is silence . Which would be a victory for the SMSM . I for one will be here for ever , my subscription will be doubled in the next day or two . 

Look Back to Look Forward
Also found this whilst browsing . Is this the judicial review of Kings fit and proper status ? 

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