Does anyone have any idea as to when the learned …

Comment on HMRC vs MGH by Bartin Main.

Does anyone have any idea as to when the learned Judges may arrive at a decision, and publish judgment, on HMRC’s appeal?

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Why We Need to Change
Danish, the though had crossed my mind but I doubt that would be the case. The Patty account was littered with poor grammar etc. At the time, I wasn’t sure why that was the case but we can now attest to the fact that was likely the case because English is not the first language. That was not the case with Charlotte. For the record, in respect of Charlotte- only the first account was real. The ones that appeared afterwards were the work of a well- known mischief maker on twitter (and no, not me!)

Why We Need to Change
I didn’t know it at the time, but Sevim Cesim used to have a twitter account called Patty Hewes. She must be a fan of the American drama show, “Damages”. It’s only retrospectively (ie today) that I found out the account was Ms Cesim. However at the time I had been foretold that the Patty account was run by someone very close to the action. I engaged the Patty account some time ago, and exchanged some direct messages. One interesting snippet from that exchange was that upon her advice, Malcolm Murray widened the scope of the Pinsent Masons investigation. Murray was bulleted from the board shortly afterwards. Another interesting aside is that some may be wondering as to Ms Cesim’s motives. My understanding is that the motive is based on simple revenge. This is directed at one particular former director whom it is alleged Ms Cesim was, briefly, romantically occupied with. Said director was engaged at the time. A dirty dog indeed. However. all’s fair in love and war, as they say.

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There were reports released today stating that Scottish football has never been in ruder health, financially, for a long time.

Last night, we saw Celtic edge closer towards Champions League qualification and if Aberdeen can replicate that tonight and reach the last qualifying round of the Europa League, there will be much to feel happy about.

Why We Need to Change
I’ve just caught up with reports of Craig Houston’s rantings on the radio last night. I afforded myself a chuckle or two as he said something along the lines of HMRC having pursued Rangers and lost, which of course went uncontested by messrs English and Wilson.

Quite apart from the fact HMRC won in respect of five of the recipients of the tax avoidance scheme implemented by “Sir” David Murray, doesn’t the chap know that an appeal has just been heard in respect of the rest, and that the fat lady, far from having sung on the matter, may just have been starting to tune up?

Having read Easy Jambo and John Clark’s reports I must say that I am far from convinced that we will see the right outcome this time.

Nevertheless, should justice finally be done, I wonder what Mr Houston and his ilk will say then?

Why We Need to Change
Regarding Douglas Park, I was told some time ago that the man is not well, which likely explains why he has stepped down from the RFC board.

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