It Is Better To Offer No Excuse Than A Bad One

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TRISIDIUM December 21, 2017 at 11:19 Be surprised if the larger part …

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December 21, 2017 at 11:19
Be surprised if the larger part of the loans is converted to shares.
Control of a structurally insolvent company lies not in virtually worthless shares, but with the major creditors who will retain control when the shareholders are all stiffed.
Going to happen.

Whilst I’m loathe to disagree with Trisidium I cannot see ANY part of the loans being converted for the reason he states but why the allotment of shares announcement?

There has to be something going behind the scenes that I cannot deduce. Have they found a mug, sorry buyer, for the shares and the conversion gives the chose few larger slices of the pot of gold? Doubtful I know.

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Who Is Conning Whom?
I note that JJ (sitonfence) is breathtakingly announcing that one of his impeccable sources tells him that Club 1872 bought shares from Mike Ashley for 28p. Unfortunately, in one of its many announcements, the Rangers Observer told us on June 23rd 2017 that the price was 27.5p.  I regard the Rangers Observer as a fully fledged Jim Traynor mouthpiece so I assume it is correct. 

Please keep up JJ.

The Vice Closes
Prior to the release of the accounts of RIFC later his month I though I’d re-apprise myself of the last couple of years accounts. However on the company website the previous accounts have all disappeared except for the unaudited work of fiction from this summer,
Luckily I retrieved what I wanted from the good old web-archive. I’m assuming this is just a IT glitch rather than something untoward happening.

The Vice Closes
I fail to understand how, over a ten year period, nobody involved in the SFA player registration process (Bryson S ?) could not spot that the galacticos being employed by Rangers must have been on considerably less wages than their Celtic equivalents and possibly even less than the mere mortals employed by other SPL teams. 
Every year for ten years and nobody noticed this glaring anomaly? Surely someone would ask what additional incentive was being offered. Although I’ve never worked for such an illustrious organisation I doubt that a world class breakfast would be enough to sway me.
Yet we are lead to believe, from the evidence submitted to the LNS commission, that they only became aware of this when Rangers hit the financial buffers.
Now I realise, that being a mere Stenny supporter, that I am not au fait with the complexities of player registration, but come on!

The Vice Closes
SEPTEMBER 13, 2017 at 16:17
Knowing Mr Mac Giolla Bháin he doesn’t ask questions that he doesn’t already know the answers to. This should get interesting.

The Vice Closes
The vehement demand from McCoist to know “who are these people”, when he almost certainly did know, should have been a disciplinary matter. Some bears make the excuse that he’s not very bright. That’s as maybe but he’s Glasgow street-wise enough to know precisely what would happen. 
As Roddy Forsyth says in the article “Nevertheless, the force with which his demand was expressed is the sort of signal that can inflame the crazies out there.”

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