It Is Better To Offer No Excuse Than A Bad One


As a member of The Tartan army I have always …

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As a member of The Tartan army I have always hated Hampden. It’s the worst stadium to get too, has the worst atmosphere and the worst places to view a game. My preference would be Murryfield but I would settle for alternatives between the other major stadium. I don’t like going to Celtic Park for Scotland games (the rangers fan in me) and I can see why Celtic fans wouldn’t want to go to Ibrox. Pittodrie is far to far to travel for me so Murryfield would seem the obvious. As a regular rugby goer I love the atmosphere in Murryfield and the transportation there is easy for almost everyone to get too. 

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It Is Better To Offer No Excuse Than A Bad One
Stevie BC, the issue with declaring himself bankrupt is it stops him holding any director role in a company in the UK and possibly South Africa. I can’t see him doing that “for the sake of the club”. I think like Murray before him he likes the limelight. He knows very well the best option for the club would be resign as any acting party in the club and still provide the soft loans. It would take all scrutiny away from the club and could leave the chairman role to someone more respected such as Alistair Johnston. That would stop the risk of the TOP ruling having such a huge impact on the club. It’s the selfless and obvious choice to make and he could still be seen as the saviour from abroad saving the club through loans, but he wouldn’t get the same exposure he so much craves. His defiance is what will lead to his downfall and his selfishness could lead lead to the downfall of the club. 

It Is Better To Offer No Excuse Than A Bad One
Jimbo, I fully agree that the league this season is far to close to call. It’s a great advert for Scottish football that anyone can beat anybody else on their day. For what it’s worth I can’t see anyone beating Celtic to the league. They will drop points but I’m sure they will strengthen in January and the games against Hearts and the old firm game will give your players a kick up the arse. 

As for second place, it could be any of four teams. I hope it’s Rangers and we can start stringing together a decent number of results, but Aberdeen, Hibs or Hearts could all do it. The league is so unpredictable than any of 4 teams could finish 2nd and any of 4 teams could be relegated. To further add to the unpredictability I fear Rangers could lose some decent players as I can’t see us offloading the duds. If the accounts were based on shedding the wage bill, and no-one takes on Pena or Herrera then I fear Morales, Tavernier or even McCrorie may be sold to free up cash. 

Happy New Year everyone and here’s for a great season

It Is Better To Offer No Excuse Than A Bad One
Jimbo, as much as it pains me to say so I would argue Celtics record of signing players and selling them on would equate to a massive profit when all considered. Van Dyk, Wanyama, Dembelle (when he goes). My club could only dream of such sales. Yes you have had flops but by and large, in the last 5 years I can’t think of any big money signings you have lost money on. Add in free transfers of Craig Gordon (who we had training with us and McCoist decided Bell and Simonnson were a better option ffs!) and Sinclair and it’s clear you have a transfer strategy the rest of us could only dream off! It sickens me to see my rivals make such astute signings while my own team think lucrative deals for mid thirties has been a like Kranjcar, Barton, Sendoras and Alves is the way forward. In the entire time of the ‘Banter years’ only Morales has struck me as a decent signing in the sense we will make good money of him. 

Even going back further we have never had the same vision in the transfer market. The 90s and 2000s were littered with both half’s of the old firm signing players past their best (Kanchelskis, Graveson) or huge flops (Flo, Shidt). However Celtic learned from their lesson and now have one of the best models in football while Rangers continue to make the same mistakes over and over again. 

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Here we go again
In response to Nawlite on the previous thread, you make a lot of very good points. I have never understand the reluctance to look into Res 12. In 2019 (I think) it was so long ago that the SFA could easily have opened an investigation. If it was found to be kosher then in which case it would have been put to bed and satisfied everyone. If there was wrongdoing, again they could have used the old fashioned “lessons have been learned, however the perpetrators (White, Reagan etc) have all now left so there is no point pursuing further. I don’t think anyone ever expected after so long for any real punishment to be handed out to anyone, but the refusal to investigate just makes the whole thing look fishy.

With regards the 5WA, I have always seen this as a formal arrangement similar to a personal insolvency event which agrees that any fines to come to light after the event cannot be pursued going forward (remember at that point we had no idea what else might have turned up that White or Murray had done illegally). In the personal insolvency (bankrupt) situation, if a debt from before the date of bankruptcy later comes to light, it is written off and I saw this as similar. It was a formal vehicle to manage a situation that hadn’t been imagined or accounted for before.

On the subjects of insolvency, I know Rangers are the example we all talk about on here because it is a football forum. But it is not unique. Sadly there are many unscrupulous directors who deliberately take everything from the company and fold it, screwing every other creditor in the process, only to set up a new company the following day with an almost identical name! The revenue keep trying to close the loopholes, but corrupt accountants will always find ways around it. Personal individuals often do the same, transferring any debts to their wife, going bankrupt wiping of hundreds of thousands of debt whilst still living the same life as before. A bit off topic but I guess just to demonstrate that the SFA, Rangers etc took advantage of various ‘schemes’ used daily in the country from the biggest companies to your Joe Bloggs in the street.

A Level Playing Field?
I’m not quite sure I’m following what that link regarding Article 12 and the 5WA is trying to get at? I thought UEFA leave that level of governance up to the nations body. Article 12 is only with regards what is seen as the definition of the license applicant. As the member share was moved from oldco to newco then of course this is a transfer of membership and therefore Rangers were unable to compete in Europe for 3 seasons (which we were).

Article 12 is nothing to do with not being allowed to shed debt and pheonix, it’s a way of ensuring it is not financially viable for the big guns to do it every season without consequence. Like others have pointed out, the continuation is widely accepted by UEFA.

I imagine if they were to look at T5WA they would be quite satisfied that we were 1) made to pay back all football related debts (that’s the biggy for UEFA and I’d be surprised if this was not enforced by them regardless of their response to Phil!), 2) we were punished (embargo) and 3) all governing bodies in Scotland agreed. Pretty sure it would be an open shut case for them (not that I see them having one slightest bit of interest because a journalist asks and a number of fans send emails.)

That said it often humours me that UEFA and FIFA are seen in some circles to be the moral hero’s of social justice riding over the horizon to deal with a ten year old bit of paper produced in a backwater country.

A Level Playing Field?
It’s not the platform to debate wherever right or wrong, only to point out that all the recent anti lockdown marches have been met by a far more severe police response than today. It really shows the ineptitude of the police. They will show a heavy hand to a few hundred people but run a mile from tens of thousands.

A Level Playing Field?
There can be no excuse for the scenes at George Square tonight. I shrugged off yesterday and to an extent this afternoon as football fans doing what football fans do. But to extend it for 8 hours is pretty much rubbing it in the faces of everyone else who is abiding by the lockdown rules. Not a good look.

I do hope there are better measures put in place for the Old Firm game in a fortnight as you can be sure fans from both sides will attend and it could get nasty 😩

A Level Playing Field?
It’s all too easy to view the Covid breaches yesterday through a Scottish lens. But remember clubs across the whole of Europe have seen fans do the same. I don’t recall Liverpool fans being as heavily criticised in the summer as either half of the old firm have in the media this year.

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