It Is Better To Offer No Excuse Than A Bad One


BP & Tris – can you switch off the “snow” …

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BP & Tris – can you switch off the “snow” please?

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It Is Better To Offer No Excuse Than A Bad One

I am a pedant – I believe Vitalstatistix said:‘The Sky May fall on our head Tomorrow – but Tomorrow never comes’Similarly, The Rangers are coming…tomorrow.

Thanks Amfearlithmore. That’s what I love about SFM – references to Asterix and Obelix!!

It Is Better To Offer No Excuse Than A Bad One
Interesting to note the John James last two blogs are only accessible via a payment and pin method

It Is Better To Offer No Excuse Than A Bad One
For my sins I still buy the Sunday Mail. Imagine my surprise to find a 10 page section (not a pullout!) on the McInnes debacle. 
Makes you wonder if they had it all lined up to proclaim the new manager at The Rangers and had to do a hasty rewrite. 

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Questions, questions, questions
Michael Stewart tweeting an apology to Jim Traynor from BBC programme in 2020.

If it’s a result of legal action, seems an odd way to apologise.

Anyone know why this and why now?

Questions, questions, questions
Useful analysis of Neil McCanns HMRC judgement.

Does make me wonder why people on such significant income levels seek ways to avoid paying tax.

Questions, questions, questions
What an odd weekend.

Matt Lyndsey writing drivel on how VAR would have The Rangers 1 point ahead simultaneously avoiding any scrutiny of other controversial decisions in matches with Motherwell and Aberdeen.

I wonder how VAR would have impacted yesterdays semi final match where some “robust” challenges went unpunished?

Questions, questions, questions

Questions, questions, questions

You raise some interesting questions regarding behaviour at a night club and a football stadium.

The night club is subject to the Licensing Scotland Act 2005 and the features of this Act are quite heavy for any licensed premises.

They are responsible for behaviour of patrons outside the premises. Regular police activity at the premises will result in a hearing at the licensing Board.

Certainly behaviour inside the premises is part of the license. It’s illegal to serve a drunk person. They must be refused. Staff must be trained. CCTV must be available. Police have right of entry as do licensing standards officers.

As with outside problems, any breach of license discovered by police or LSO results in report to Board.

I’m aware of premises in Falkirk being required to ticket and have door stewards for football games on TV.

Why similar requirements can’t be imposed on football stadia is a question that the Scottish govt needs to answer.

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