It Takes Two to Tangle


A not so polite comment from Corsica1968(Alzipratu) on twitter; @corsica1968: Lot …

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A not so polite comment from Corsica1968(Alzipratu) on twitter;

@corsica1968: Lot of people jumping guns & bumping gums. QC already approached at request of few bampots. Matters in hand but on hold for now #Res12

@corsica1968: Prelim fee estimate for QC is £20k and it will take time…possibly years. #patience

Maybe Auldheid could expand on this in and undoubtedly in a more polite and positive manner.

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It Takes Two to Tangle
John Clark says:
June 26, 2014 at 10:09 pm
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Count me in as a willing contributor to any fundraising.

It Takes Two to Tangle
Resin_lab_dog says:
June 23, 2014 at 8:19 pm
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Eddie you have a PM.

Thanks Resin.
I’ve replied in confidence . ( Our very own 2 way agreement ) .

Your Information is much appreciated and I will look into it.

It Takes Two to Tangle
There are now at least two Scottish Premiership clubs asking questions of the SFA governance ! This I can say without any doubt.
Glasgow Celtic FC we all know through the requisitioners of resolution 12 are asking serious questions of the SFA and as far as I am lead to believe are awaiting a reply which will be forth coming without fail .
Time will tell on that one and as always , patience must be in order so as to allow the proper procedures to be followed so as not to allow the authorities a “get out” .

The second club that are asking questions are the club that I have sponsored for a long number of years.
Yes, anyone who has read my previous correspondence will be aware that my Initial questions to the SFA were met with the obligatory ” we do not enter into correspondence with 3rd parties” !
Now that in itself is true….they should not enter into 3rd party discussions with issues regard to member clubs and the reason they do that is so that they can be Impartial , but if truth be told , they forgot that part of the regulations when they formed the 5 way agreement ?
But nonetheless I was asked by Stewart Regan to go to my club and put any questions I had through them .
This posed me a huge problem. I had basically said that my support of the team I sponsored would be in jeopardy if I was not happy with the answers to my questions . I was basically withdrawing my sponsorship if I did not have the support of my team.
Yesterday I met with the owners of the club to discuss my Issues . I had originally agreed to meet last Tuesday but due to unforeseen circumstances I had to ask for a postponement of the meeting until Friday. The club were fantastic with this and met me at short notice.
To ask a top flight team to ask serious questions of their governing body is a difficult thing. What I mean by that is that it is ok to voice your opinion through thousands of fellow fans by singing songs etc , but to actually sit down with that team in the board room and ask them to go to the SFA and ask serious questions is a totally different thing !
I had my doubts if truth be told , but to be fair the response I had was brilliant !

To quote the owner of the club ” if they have refused to answer your questions then they will damn well answer mines , you are without doubt entitled to have your questions answered given the amount of money you have Invested in Scottish Football” !
I was delighted with that response and my feeling is that this was a genuine response to my questions .
I have now given my list of questions to the club I sponsor and trust that they will deal with the questions directly with the SFA .
Given the feeling of the meeting with my club, I am absolutely certain that they will follow this through and I will be in close contact with them at every stage .
What pleases me is that now we have 2 premiership teams putting pressure on the SFA and that will not go down well with them at all . Too bad I say as this is all their own doing .
Looking further ahead , I have a feeling that Ogilvie and Regan are preparing their escape from Scottish football before justice catches up with them . English cricket is very welcome to have Mr Regan back . The more worrying thing is that Ogilvie via the SFA is looking for a post within UEFA and this fills me with dread. Someone posted on Celtic Quick News ( I think ? ) last week about the LNS enquiry and in particular ” Brysons law ” in which he said there was no rules broken because no one at the SFA knew they had been broken ! The CQN poster then pointed out that in actual fact the SFA did know about the rule break because Ogilvie himself was party to the EBT’s and as a member of the SFA he knew about it !
My point is that Ogilvie got himself into a position with the SFA which helped him to conceal the facts from everyone , and my fear is that he will do the same once appointed to UEFA . He will be in a position once again to work from the inside to help his own case should something come out of res 12 or my own drive for justice.
I may be wrong but it’s just a thought.
However , we must never lose the appetite to fight for justice no matter how long and tedious it becomes and with Res 12 and other clubs in play we just might be taking another step in the right direction.
Here’s hoping.

Wish me luck.

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AllyjamboMay 3, 2017 at 12:50‘….Court now looking at agreement between the bank and Murray on sale of shares” Findlay “What’s the D.R.A.G?”Shanks doesn’t know’______I’ve just been scrolling back over witness Shanks’ testimony.
Was it ever discovered what the D.R.A.G acronym refers to?There must have been some reason why Findlay, QC asked the question.
And it strikes me as strange that the representive of a bank which is signing some kind of deal with a client who owes them a fortune should be ignorant of the meaning of any word or terms used in the documentation of that deal.
Shanks, of course, is not on trial.
But he does not inspire me with confidence in his abilities. And I shall forthwith remove my £1.00 savings account from Lloyds/BoS!
Im amazed that Shanks ” doesn’t know ” what DRAG is given the level of corporate finance he was dealing at.
Drag is a well known term in business circles for majority shareholders who want to forcefully get minority shareholders to accept the sale of the company . The majority shareholder is basically dragging the minority shareholders along with the sale .
Now Imagine the bad publicity that would bring if the owner of a football club ( any club , no club in particular )  was forcing the small shareholders into a sale they didn’t want ? 

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Big Pink .

I think you may be mistaken ? At no point does the report mention 200 Hibs fans taunting their rivals . If you read section 6 . Sequence of Events , in its entirety,  you will see that it says only 10-15 Hibs fans taunted TRFC fans at which point 200 TRFC fans began entering the field of play to begin fighting . Call it retaliating if you want . I’m sure that won’t sit well with the fans or directors of the Ibrox club as it blows away the ” victim ” card that they disgracefully played after the final. 
I also note that the official statement today from TRFC as well as questioning the integrity of the report it also fails to recognise that their own fans entered the field of play ! 
What will it take for the SFA / SPFL to bring these out of control Rangers* directors to heel ? 

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For those of us interested , the Twitter account of moo_ted has just published a file showing the league money payouts based on final positions this season for the Premiership . 
Hopefully ive attached it ! 

Journey’s End?
Big Pink………

The site may be currently suffering a slight down turn as you say , but in all honesty there is too much necessity for this site to be preaching the truth rather than not to be here. The alternative is silence . Which would be a victory for the SMSM . I for one will be here for ever , my subscription will be doubled in the next day or two . 

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Also found this whilst browsing . Is this the judicial review of Kings fit and proper status ? 

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