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Briefly listened to the radio tonight and almost crashed the …

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Briefly listened to the radio tonight and almost crashed the car when I heard that Graeme Souness could be part of a consortium to buy ‘The Rangers’.
Was this the same Souness who left in 2001 to all the media in Scotland, not to mention the fans, stating “he was never one of us anyway”?
And yet here he is being flaunted as the next saviour.

How much more ridiculous can this saga become!
People who could have bought the whole shop for £7M two years ago are now going to spend £20M to buy it!
What makes this even more laughable is that we are being told that these are ‘serious business men’. Well forgive me but what ‘serious business man’ would spend £20M on something they could have bought two years ago for a third of the price?
I mean Ibrox and the training facilities aren’t a Banksy or a Van Gogh that rise in value when left untouched for three or more years!
Anyone who has been near both of these facilities say that they are in a bad state of repair, so after outlaying the purchase price, these properties will have to be brought up to scratch.
Meanwhile the level of debt owed by the club to RIFC continues to rise.

If the ‘serious business men’ do get their hands on the prize I fear some will be in for a shock; no endless credit from a bank no they will have to spend their own money………… shudder…………. “our own money. But we’re the real Rangers men!” I hear them cry.
“Tough Gavin Masterton is no longer in town and giving dosh to his mates” is the quick response.

This is like some bizarre episode of ‘Fantasy Island’ where a group of individuals want to role back the clock to their glory years and scatter cash as if there is no tomorrow. Unfortunately for the club there was no tomorrow.
The problem there is that the guests had to pay handsomely for the privilege of visiting the island in the first place to live out their fantasy.

Still the good news stories must be required for some reason.
Since Mr Wallace announced that ticket prices would have to increase and be sold in the same numbers as last year to keep the club in relatively good shape (no laughing at the back) they have sold half the required figure and yet according to the same man the club is in ‘good shape’.
How can that be?
Is Mr Nash found a gold mine under the park?
I don’t think so. No the figures still do not add up.
The new shares will have to be issued quickly to stave off an immediate cash crisis and a new share issue, although heaven knows who will buy them, will have to follow hard on its heels to keep ‘The Rangers’ going to the seasons end.
Next year, with the current running costs, another tranche of cash will have to be raised although it will not be as much as this years but this will be the on going scenario. Year after year before a player is even bought or higher wages are paid.
How much longer this farce can continue is anybody’s guess.
I’ve never witnessed so many ‘serious business men’ so easily parted from their cash.

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It Takes Two to Tangle
Carfins Finest says:
July 7, 2014 at 8:55 pm

This discussion always goes full circle.
While the SFA pushed and pushed for ‘The Rangers’ to be in the top league and then the first league down it was the clubs themselves that took the vote and granted the new club access to the league.
As far as I know only Stranraer voted against all proposals so a lot of clubs voted to grant a completely new entity access to, what was essentially, THEIR league. The SFA can advise and cajole the clubs as much as they want but the clubs themselves knew what the truth was but voted to deny it. Ultimately I’m sure places on various SFA committees were offered to influential Chairmen. However it was done ultimately it was those Chairmen who cast the votes.

Regarding the ‘same club’ nonsense; cast your mind back to the day after the CVA was rejected. Every paper in the country led with RIP headlines and the death of the club. Everyone of them initially told the truth. It is as simple as that.
I’m still convinced, that at some point not long after that, the full impact of what they had reported became clear to them. Perhaps a collapse in sales in those early days, due to RFC fans not wanting to read any more horror headlines, showed them the future. Whatever it was I’m sure that a meeting took place, perhaps with Jack Irvine hosting, where the ‘same club’ scenario was presented, debated, and agreed and the media went into over drive with it. Perhaps favours were called it. Perhaps individuals were told they would be exposed in other stories. Perhaps their sales figures were presented to them and they were told that was where they would stay if they did not resurrect the corpse. Whatever it was they also jumped on board.

It is this that really bothers, indeed worries, me. That the sport can be manipulated is one thing but when the media, in a modern democracy, performs a complete U-turn and, more importantly denies the truth, is troublesome.
What is so important about a grubby, tainted, tax avoiding, embarrassment of a club that heaven and earth must be moved, clubs bullied and truth denied to enable an equally strange new club, that behaves exactly the same, to exist.
If our game really is that dependent such an entity then perhaps it is time just to shut up shop and move on to something else.

It Takes Two to Tangle
Auldheid says:
June 25, 2014 at 9:26 pm

I may be wrong but was the original LNS enquiry brought about by the SPL with the SFA not getting involved because they were the appellant body?
This makes the calling of Bryson an even more strange decision.
There was, as you have pointed out, differences between what the SPL and the SFA considered as legal registrations.
If the SPL rules were broken that was an end of the matter. It was the SPL rule book that should have been dissected by LNS and not the SFA rules.

The fact that Bryson was allowed to put his own unique interpretation on the rules where no one from the prosecution cross examined that interpretation regarding previous rule breaches was, in my opinion, all part of the stitch up.
From the very out set this was doomed.
As for the clubs not knowing what rules were broken then I simply do not buy that.
Every club has a secretary and it is their job to know the rule book and seek clarification on anything that they are uncertain about.
I’ve long since came to the conclusion that everyone was in on this from start to finish and the longer things drift then the more this belief is reinforced.

It Takes Two to Tangle
James Doleman says:
June 23, 2014 at 10:22 pm

Interdicts in Scotland or injunctions in England will stop a journalist or a paper however Phil is not under their jurisdiction. There is clearly a huge story here and what is more there are people who know the story outwith the UK but will not publish it.

Does that help us or hinder us in restoring integrity to our sport?
Does it allow us to clean house and get rid of the people corrupting our sport at the very top?
Does it help ‘The Rangers’ from being hollowed out and striped bare leaving nothing for anyone who does want to run a commercially break even club?

I think we all know the answers to those questions.

I really just want to know that when I pay money to watch a game of football that it is honestly and impartially refereed and that the people running the sport are fit for office. The longer this shambles is allowed to drift the less I believe that is the case.
The corruption at the heart of our sport now seems to pervade every aspect of it and no one, from club owners or chairmen to the media, seems to give a monkeys and yet they seriously expect fans to pitch up every week and pay to watch a freak show.

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To Comply or not to Comply ?
I don’t post that often now but I am still an avid follower of the site.
The story of the Trust getting a £2M loan to give to King just doesn’t ring true somehow.
First of all this is an organisation solely reliant on donations. These donations could fall of a cliff at any given time.
It has no assets so it can offer nothing as collateral.
This isn’t the late nineties or early two thousands where banks are throwing money around.
Who would put their neck on the line for this loan and what would they be responsible for if the Trust defaulted.
The interest rate under these circumstances would surely be massive meaning the long term cash stream would be diminished.
Even under the financial madness in Govan this is too far.

Is Regan a DIDDY?
Well we’ve had “not wanting to rake over old coals” now the mantra is “we must get behind the Scotland manager”.
Simple question “Why must we get behind him?”
The belief system from the media people on radio Scotland is that they are more concerned how he managed to be selected after the rebuke by O’Neil, and Walter’s refusal.
Perhaps I can enlighten them; McLeish is a tax dodger, picked by a group of people who do not wish to address McLeish’s part in a larger tax dodge which in turn cheated Scottish football for more than a decade.
He was picked by Petrie who is, as I type, being fitted for his SFA’s Presidents jacket after the current incompetent either serves his time or just dies in office!!
This is Petrie‘s prize for his leading part in the infamous five way agreement, an agreement so secret that not one copy has managed to make it into the public domain after six years. This document may be illegal for all we know. It could promise all sorts of things against the very sport itself. This is not, and never will be, acceptable!
The great irony of this is that it is the Scottish footballing public, the very people defrauded by McLeish in the first instance, who will pay his demand for back taxes. What’s the old saying “fool me once ……………..”.
Perhaps when one of the media guys starts spouting the “we need transparency of the process as to how McLeish was selected” we should simply tell them to “move on” and not “rake over old coals”. This is the problem when media people start accepting things given to them without questioning, you end up either unable to think of a difficult question, or you cannot find the testicular fortitude to ask a question.
The media, who have never paid to attend a match, are so ready to accept ten years of cheating on behalf of the paying public, then they should not be surprised when they are treated with the same disdain as the paying public.
The SFA is a corrupt, self-serving, incompetent, small minded, petty minded, and dismissive of the people who pay their wages.
Time for change?
It’s long overdue!!!

Is Regan a DIDDY?
I’ve just listened to an interesting conversation on Radio Scotland regarding the resignation of Regan and my goodness what a lot of nonsense Tom English talks.
“Too much mistrust and self interest in Scottish football”
Well perhaps Tom, if we had a media that dared to ask the hard questions of the SFA, understood finance law, understood the insolvency laws, and held those in power to account then perhaps the above may change. However, what we the paying public are lumbered with is a useless set of people, barely able to hit the correct keys to construct a sentence, who themselves survive in a swamp of self interest who refuse to report the law of the land and ignore the biggest sporting scandal in British sporting history.
Another reason there may be so much mistrust and self interest in Scottish football is because the people who are the life blood of the game are treated with complete contempt by the owners/operators of their clubs and the footballing authorities themselves. As soon as the fans started asking detailed questions of Reagan he shut down his twitter account because he couldn’t handle that questioning. That in itself should have been a media story but alas you would need a real journalist to drive that forward.
“The Chief Executive MUST be hired before the national team manager” because the “Chief Exec stands or falls by the appointment”
Does he then believe that if the national manager is sacked then it must be the case that the Chief Executive must also follow him out the door because he is the guy that hired him.
Well if that is the case why didn’t he go along with Craig Levin or if that truly is the case then neither would ever go until the fans are at the doors of Hampden with fiery torches and pitch forks!!
Just when I thought sanity may break out on comes Henry McLeish who expounds his wisdom;
“The SFA needs more power. It needs to take it back from the SPFL”
This is the organisation who refused a request from the SPFL into an investigation of how the SFA operated in 2011/2012?
The same organisation who, without speaking to any senior clubs, decided to organise a tour of South and Central America THREE weeks before our top four clubs will be participating in Champions League and Europa League qualification ties.
Henry, the SFA already hold more power than is good enough for them; a more shapeless, shiftless, cunning, blazer wearing, rule bending, will sapping, coma inducing, spineless group of individuals ever encountered by any customers in the history of sport.

Time to Ditch the Geek Show
This may have been a question asked before so I apologize in advance.
When Rangers entered Administration the TAX man made a claim as far as I’m aware for all of the National Insurance and Income Tax that Whyte had collected but never forwarded.I still find tn difficult to comprehend how this isn’t illegal but there I am, a simple guy.

The Tax man also had the ongoing claim against the money paid to the EBT wheeze and submitted another claim for the Tax and National Insurance contribution that should have been paid on those payments.

Given that HMRC won their case, and the Liquidators will adjust the pennies in the pound accordingly, how can HMRC continue to after the recipients of the EBT payments?

While I have no sympathy for the individuals this seems, again to this simple guy, that HMRC will be getting paid twice; once through the Liquidators pennies in the pound and then billing the individuals.

As for Dave King’s counsel today……………………………….. well who would have thought that a guy who attempted to hide cars, planes, bank accounts, property, and wine from the South African authorities would turn round and claim to be penniless!!
Not me honest.

Another question regarding this: If Dave King sells up and walks away would this ruling apply to the rest of the concert party?
If it does not then this looks like a great sting by the rest of the concert party to have King as the fall guy. Remember there was the rumor that King borrowed the money from someone to buy the shares. It might have even been from someone who will gain if King goes.

The Vice Closes
The SFA have attempted a deal tonight.
To buy off Celtic and the rest of Scottish football with another weak, ineffectual, in-house, whitewash of an investigation into why there in-house, dyed in the wool, Real and pretendy Rangers men passed RFC as fit for a UEFA licence in 2011.
They have done this in an attempt to prevent a full out enquiry into their handling of the Administration, Liquidation, and unlikely resurrection of RFC to ‘The Rangers’.
Unfortunately for them far too much is now out in the public domain.
Anybody who wishes to look at the evidence knows what a craven, cowardly, corrupt, set of so called administrators we have a Hampden. They knew well before RFC went into Administration that it was coming.
The real problem they have is, like the Watergate affair, the original crime was not the thing that eventually brought down the house of cards.
It was the attempted cover up that did that.
The SFA may attempt to purge their in-house email servers but most are backed up elsewhere. The paper trail will most likely lead to some very uncomfortable places and people.
Paperwork, that the SFA are so pernickety about at various times but incredibly lax at others will be their undoing in the end.
Of course as much as the media will attempt to play this as an ‘Old Firm’ issue what the SFA have done tonight is actually ignore the wishes of the SPFL board. That will also be their undoing. For all they talk about the SFA being the clubs tonight they have told everyone that the SFA is a bunch of despots, up to their necks in scandal, desperately attempting to cover their backs.

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