It Takes Two to Tangle


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July 9, 2014 at 9:10 am
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Seven – One

It interests me that so many commentators are saying “What’s wrong with Brazil?” and not “What are Germany doing right?” and more to the point “What can we learn from Germany?” and specifically “What can England learn from Germany?”. I can promise you, you will not be hearing that last comment from Roy or Greg – ever. – and therein lies the problem. Objective analysis and incremental improvements are not in English football DNA. it’s all about “world-class” players. The best manager England could get at the moment is Dave Brailsford, who’s “marginal gains” approach could get England up to the level of Cost Rica and Chile within a few years – and maybe up to Germany’s level within a few World Cups. Well – we can all dream, can’t we?


I’ve been telling friends for 4 or 5 years that Germany is the model England should copy. Not Spain, Brazil or anyone else. Look to Germany. Similar types of players. Germany play a team game and it usually trumps individualism.

However, can we really say that any current England international football players have the intelligence to play this sort of football? I really doubt that they do. Players like Sheringham and Scholes had this in the past but where are the equivalents now? Its something they seem to fail to be developing in their players.

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It Takes Two to Tangle
RyanGosling says:
July 9, 2014 at 9:47 pm
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Matty Roth,

Seems you may have misunderstood my comment. I responded to Auldheid initially as I felt that it was important to highlight that liquidation may not have occurred without the BTC, or at the very least the BTC helped to push in the direction of liquidation. I was not implying that the BTC was the responsibility of anyone other than Rangers’ officers, as I have detailed in subsequent posts.


Indeed you have Ryan, if only I had read all the posts before responding to the first.

My apologies to you.

In truth I probably jumped in too soon because it irks me so that D Murray still seems to be able to manipulate the agenda and the media, the football authorities and many many fans don’t see what he has done.

If the SFA had done their job and given him a life ban from Scottish Football then perhaps the wool might start to be pulled from the eyes. Or maybe the victim mentality would have simply been stepped up to keep the focus on all the wrong things once more..

It Takes Two to Tangle
RyanGosling says:
July 9, 2014 at 5:58 pm
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Business model aside it is inescapable that the conditions to have to sell for a penny included the looming big tax case, which has now been largely dismissed. That, plus apparently £24m being awarded to old co from collier Bristow, means that liquidation could certainly have been avoided in the short term if these decisions had been made immediately in 2011. There is no denying that a flawed business model was followed but it is also wrong I believe to play down these additional forces behind liquidation.


I’m not sure I understand your point here Ryan. The “forces” you mention were presumably the actions of Whyte placing the company into huge debt with Ticketus by his shady dealings and the HMRC tax case brought against the club?

But surely that misses the point that both these forces are the direct result of Murray’s diabolical approach to running a business.

Murray was forced to sell to Whyte as a result of his own actions – no one elses.
HMRC brought the BTC against Rangers because they felt the scheme operated was outside the law. The fact it may have been just and no more within the letter of the law is irrelevant when apportioning blame – because the either way it was Murray who instigated this scheme and therefore brought created the sword-of-damocles situation that paralysed the club.

Thats not HMRCs fault IMO, it is David Murray’s fault, it is the fault of the Rangers board and therefore the fault of Rangers alone.

There were no outside forces setting Rangers on this path to ultimate destruction, only Rangers (internal) forces.

Don’t fall into the trap of falling for one iota of the spin.

It Takes Two to Tangle
mcfc says:
July 2, 2014 at 9:10 am
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Has Austerity Done A Suarez

With a 24 man squad heading north for a pre-season world tour, the MSM will have the perfect opportunity to test the depth of the austerity teeth marks. Will the 24 sleep on the bus, share KFC buckets and pass round the buckie or will old habits die hard – just like Chewy Lewy?

No need to speculate further – the good men of the MSM will be providing daily reportage, pap shots and Austerity Cam clips to present foremnsic evidence that even FIFA could not fudge – won’t they ?


Tomorrow Aberdeen play their first European game and the first competitive game of any Senior Scottish club this season. With almost no coverage whatsoever so far.

Truth is we see continued near wall to wall coverage of The Rangers regardless of whats going on in the Scottish game. Many of our “journalists” just couldn’t give a toss about other teams IMO. Certainly the tabloids see no point in bothering to cover them properly.

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The Causes of Crime
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We are now back to normal, and you will all notice that a Secure Socket Layer has been added to the website (https instead of http). This will secure the communication channels between the user and the site, and make it more difficult for anyone to spoof communications from SFM to readers, posters and members.
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I have noticed something that may (or may not) be a security concern – I’ve PM’d BP just a few minutes a go with a suggestion.

Accountability, Transparency, & Brave Sir Robin

Bill1903October 12, 2016 at 07:40
Oh and another thing. Its bad enough the Aberdeen v Morton semi being at 1215 KO on a Saturday(with train disruption that day) But to insist its played at Hampden with a probable crowd under 20 thousand is ridiculous. A full house at Easter Road or Tynecastle would have at least made the game look important. You have to wonder if those running the game have the slightest clue.


The old cynic in my wonders if the SFA are quite happy with this state of affairs as it will remind everyone just how important the “Old Firm” is and how irrelevant the rest of us are.
I have no doubt the small crowd will be ignorantly compared by certain Journos to the OF Crowd the next day with not the slightest recognition of the kick of times, travel problems and so on.
Quite a few AFC fans are simply fed up travelling to such a pitifully crap stadium as Hampden for these games anyway.
I’d love to see the SFA have the vision for a new national stadium in Stirling.
OR the balls to admit we don’t need a national stadium and take the games to other grounds around the country.

Accountability, Transparency, & Brave Sir Robin
The TRFC extension of JBs suspensions seems to indicate they are working to keep him off the payroll at least temporarily if not permanently.
All of which makes the very timely action from the SFA really quite questionable in my opinion.
Are we really supposed to believe that JB just happened to be the only player in Scotland placing bets and the SFA just happened to get their ducks in a row just as TRFC fell out with JB.
I find it just a bit too convenient.
I suspect TRFC reported their own player, which is up to them but what worries me is the SFA are able to act very quickly (once again) when the interests of certain teams are at stake.

.. and they wonder why nobody buys papers
Might a manager in dispute with his club, but not willing to be found in breach of contract, be obliged to take training and get on with his contractual duties within the club.
While activities like talking to the media and being part of the endless Level5 Spin may not be contractual?

The Offline Game
Can anyone explain the recent reports in the media that Rangers had withdraw IP rights from Rangers Retail?
Would prevent Rangers Retail / Sports Direct from selling Rangers branded merchandise? (as the reports seemed to me to suggest)
Or was that misleading and in fact it will only prevent them from manufacturing new products that use the IP?
Its just that I happened to be in a Sports Direct store this week and it was rammed with Rangers merchandise of all kinds, all very much bearing the old and new logos..
And yet I Martin Williams in the Herald reporting another victory on top of this previous victory over Mike Ashley. The way the reporting in the Herald has it I’m surprised Dave king hasn’t crushed Ashley out of all existence by now. 14

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