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John Clark July9 12:29am ” I sent …

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John Clark July9 12:29am
” I sent the following email yesterday. Not yet had a reply”

Well done that man ! However I think you will be fobbed off via “confidentiality”
If HULLBHOY is correct, and the link he provided does pertain to The Rangers, then it shows the level GW went to, to protect his big pal BS’s interests, and can be added to the final “pay-off” tally.
Poor GW….He didn’t get to bask in the glory of “sacking” BS for long,

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It Takes Two to Tangle
“Just to make clear re my link to the AIM disciplinary notice.”
Sorry for any confusion on my part. However, It does put the true cost of the loan facility much higher than the originally stated 15% for Laxey. or even the subsequent £45K for George Letham.

It Takes Two to Tangle
Who are “they?”
I agree with your point entirely with regards to “they” paying “them, or BS.”
In a way, that was my point. If BS provided the info, then “They” had a very good escape hatch to refuse payment. “They” chose not to !
The fact “they” never speaks volumes.

It Takes Two to Tangle

RIFC will have been desperate to anonymise a regulation breach for non disclosure of related party transactions.

An interesting spot, and may well be related to them. But it beggars belief, that if it was BS who provided the original info, why would they “honour” his contract, when he himself actively ignored its existence, as head of finance. I find it hard to believe that he would overlook his own £200K+ remuneration package.

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Questions, questions, questions
The BBC (holding company) and salaries.

Questions, questions, questions

Questions, questions, questions
Vernallen 2nd April 2022 At 16:30
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Would the Club 1872 evidence of serious wrong doing by the board have similar weight to the dossier assembled by the Rangers in regards to the SFPL/SFA a while back
That is always a possibility Vernallen, but there is one subtle difference. One set of allegations did not achieve its objective, whereas the other did.

Questions, questions, questions
John Clark 2nd April 2022 At 12:36

Yes, CO, I’m inclined to believe so.

A dark place right enough John. I believe every fan-base on the planet would be demanding the release of documentary evidence supporting such allegations, whether they went to Australia or not. It’s the casual acceptance of the fan-base, that this is the normal way of things in the Sevco boardroom that gets me.
Albertz may point out that there is a falling membership, but for a while it was large, and stocking it with vast sums of hard earned cash…..However they appear to have lost their tongues.
It really is a sad indictment of those fans that they are not demanding, “Get it oot anyway!”

Questions, questions, questions
So fan group, Club 1872 claim to have evidence of serious wrong doing, but are happy to keep quiet about it, and keep it under their hat, if they get their own way…….Is that where we are now in Govan?..

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