John Clark Meets “The SFA”

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I do like a good conspiracy theory but…. Scottish cup runner …

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I do like a good conspiracy theory but….
Scottish cup runner up is not in europa league qualifying any more. Changed last year europe wide, for english reference notice that arsenal beat aston villa and aston villa played no games in europa eague season 2015-2016, i.e. this season. (Arsenal were in champions league)

For 2016-2017…
SPFL winner in chmpions league qualifying champions round 2 of 4.
Scottish Cup winner in  europa league qualifying round 2 of 4.
SPFL runner-up in europa league qualifying round 1 of 4.
SPFL third place in europa league qualifying round 1 of 4.
In event Scottish cup winner is SPFL winner, then SPFL fourth place gets europa league qualifying slot round 1, SPFL runner-up shuffles up to 2nd qualifyng round.
(All assumes the eligible clubs have accounts and are eligible)… that one for you auldheid.

So, you need a fair bt more conspiracy….
…. though after what we have seen since 2012 and in court nothing is beyond the shame faced SFA.
Scottish football needs accurate conspiracy theories
Scottish football is thankful for accurate court reporting from John Clark and others
John Clark 9th February 2016 at 11:48 pm #justshatered 9th February 2016 at 11:30 pm‘….Anyway the ultimate outcome is achieved and it allows ‘The Rangers’ access to the European market ..’__________There will be many who, reading your post, justshatered, will ,like me, be thinking: we would not put it past the SFA to do the dirtiest of deeds, since we know they have already not been above a shabby thing.And far from apologising for it, and correcting it, they have in effect spat in the face of honour and integrity, denied their wrongdoing and continue to compound it  by the  propagation of the Big Lie.Like Macbeth( sorry, Eb) they are so far across the river of wrongdoing that going back would be more disastrous for them than trying to slog through to ‘victory’ over justice and truth.This really has to be sorted.

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John Clark Meets “The SFA”
John Clark 10th February 2016 at 12:21 am #buddy_holly 10th February 2016 at 12:00 am‘…..So, you need a fair bt more conspiracy….…. though after what we have seen since 2012 and in court nothing is beyond the shame faced SFA.’__________You’re right, of course, in showing how many obstacles there can be to frustrate the would-be wrongdoers. The sad thing is that they have allowed themselves to be seen as being ready to do ‘wrong’-if they possibly can.And, by not repenting of, or acknowledging, their wrong behaviour, they exhibit a readiness to do wrong again-if they thought they could get away with it.That’s what they have done to themselves: destroyed their own credibility.And, like thon banking knight who busted us all, and  the football knight who busted RFC, they will have one helluva job getting anyone to believe that they and Scottish Football are  clean potatoes. Unless, and until, they ‘fess up, and rectify things.In my opinion.
How the SFA regain the trust of all scottish football fans is a tough one.
However, we live in interesting times, where….
How the FIFA regain the trust of all football fans worldwide is also a tough one.
How the IAAF regain the trust of athletics stakeholders is also a tough one.
However the UCI have started to regain the trust of cycling fans by their admissions and action. Tough things have to get worse generally for the authorities/governers before they get any forgiveness. They also may not get much credit if they are dragged into it by outside forces against their own will.
I do not see the precise trigger for the SFA dominos starting to fall. Though ashley’s court actions is one way to start a breach in the dam. SFA might plug it quickly though. Vigilance, preparation and readiness to act when the dam is weakened is the important thing we have to both facilitate and prepare for.
I would like the sfa to disappear, however the clubs will not allow this, a clean out nd the enshrinement of true transparency might be the best to hope for.

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Small Price to Pay?
With the continued situtation at Rangers/(sevco/TRFC).

Two things….

It is worth remembering that a debate about 15/25 points and 5 years is surely predicated on when the club exitted administration not entered administration. As we all know Rangers (etablished 1872) did not exit administration to normality, but exitted to liquidation.

As for clearing the decks, well if (sevco/TRFC) enter admiistration the football debts are not lost… they remain alive and as far as the SFA are concerned at the front of the queue. So Barton and others such as Port Vale, Mark Warburton, David Weir get paid even if (sevco/TRFC) enter administration.

The only people who lose out are…? in the main RIFC owners! And some other companies who current;y have a debt with (sevco/TRFC)


LNS – A Summary
buddy_holly 17th November 2015 at 11:50 am #If so have BDO and LFL (Law Financial Limited) been in court yet?——————————————————
BDO is in the Court of Session today for an adjudication on the claim
thank you, believe it is may be procedural, though that can have a long list of things…
……. john clark or eddiegoldtop may be there to give us an update.

I do not expect the SMSM to report it.


LNS – A Summary

was this BDO update discussed at the time, i missed it.

If so have BDO and LFL (Law Financial Limited) been in court yet?

Do not want to interrupt the wonderful flowing debate on eligibility/regisration, apologies if i do.


LNS – A Summary
if it helps…..

could not see an onlne SFA/SPL news item with the finding…

this tends to make me think the one-off livingstn hassan kachloul case in 2005 and the 100s of examples in the 1998-2010 RFC DOS/EBT case should not be equivalent.


LNS – A Summary
Been meaning to share this view for a wee while, so here goes.

In conversation by someone i disagreed with on the whole Rangers/Sevco side- letters and EBTs fiasco i was asked what i want….

My first response is for the truth to be accepted and ackowledged by ALL parties.

My second response is for justice to be done and seen to be done.

My third resonse is the consequences of truth and justice will have to be enforced such that there is a DETERRENT to any member of scttish football to act that way in future.

Then i ranted for about 10 minutes….
Here is roughly what i said.

The possible EBT appeal to the UK supreme court may change this a little, but if i go ahead on the basis that will not happen here goes.

1. During the period 1998-2010 Rangers Football Club incorrectly registered a majority of their players, coaches and others.

2. A direct finding is these players were ineligible and these results are subsequently altered to be 0-3 against rangers whenever an ineligible player was fielded.

3. A consequence is any SPL league titles, Scotish FA CUP, Scottish league CUP are removed from Rangers Football Club.

4. Rangers Football Club are therefor in debt to the SPL/SFA of all prize money awarded, this is not a fine or penalty, just a consequence of 3.

5. Rangers Football club entries to European Football is subsequently found to be invalid and UEFA have been informed to make appropriate adjustements to their records and demand return of any inappropriatey awarded prize money.

6. The registered directors of Rangers Football Club over the period of 1998- 2010 are found to systematically ran and coverred up a corrupt registraton scheme over a pro-longed period of time. A range of penalties will be applied to all those directors from minimum bans from football/sport of 2 years to lifetime bans from all football/sporting activities.

7. The registered directors of Rangers Football Club over the period of 2010- 2012 are found to systematically covered up a corrupt registraton scheme. A range of penalties will be applied to all those directors from minimum bans from football/sport of 2 years to lifetime bans from all football/sporting activities. (including the administrators from Duff & Phelps)

8. Any members of the Scottish Football governing bodies who did not act in the best interests of Scottish Football in relation to the corrupt registration scheme and subsequent cover up shall be deemed to have brought the game into disrepute with approriate consequences.

9. Due to points 1-8 the membership of Rangers Football Club is terminated.

10. Rangers Football Club are fined 50 million pounds for the systematic cheating and cover up.

11. Any football players, agents, directors or relevant others are at risk of bans (or further bans) from football/sport if they do not attend and co-operate with the “scottish football truth and reconcilliation commission” and act truthfully.

12. The Rangers Football Club membership as terminated should not have been be transferred to sevco scotland in June 2012.

13. Sevco scotland may on return of all monies within section 4 and payment of all fines against Rangers Football Club within section 10 continue to act as Rangers Football Club. Sevco scotland may however continue with a new membership backdated to June 2012, however it shall have to register new colours, new badges and accept that Sevco Scotland is not Rangers Football Club and a new club shall require to be entered with approriate adjustments to records/trophies since 2012.

14. The “scottish football truth and reconcilliation commission” will determine any future changes to corporate governance of scottsh football in order to prevent the re-occurence of the events from 1998-2015, incuding the introduction of proper financial fair play.

This is about right before i consider “moving on”

Consequences of the previous cheating are that some current Sevco Scotland directors are found to be unfit to be involved in scottish football, new directors shal be appointed as a matter of urgency.

Anyway thanks for reading and am entirely open to how tis is extended/adjusted, esecially what the fine is for 1998-2010 cheating and 2010-2012 covering up, thought 50 million GBP seems a good number.


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