John Clark Meets “The SFA”

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Reiver 10th February 2016 at 9:26 am #If only I …

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Reiver 10th February 2016 at 9:26 am #If only I could translate every post that bitches about the SFA/SPFL into signatures we would be well past the next action trigger of 5000 by now but writing on comments sections seems to be more about looking clever than being effectual for most.

Following up on Bordersdon, I think the apathy of the majority is pretty clear. But, I don’t believe it is apathy about the state of things, I think many are fully aware and repulsed with the shenanigans that have been and continue to be part of the behaviours of the SFA/SPFL. 

The apathy goes along the lines of “It was always thus, and it will never change”. I also believe that many do not sign petitions as they don’t see them as worthwhile, we have complained about the SFA many times before and it makes not a jot of difference. Sorry Reiver, but that is largely my feeling towards petitions. There are too many these, and they are too easy to ignore.

The only thing that will provoke any form of action from our clubs is something that would directly hit their pockets. Withdrawal of money is the only thing that can cause any hurt to them, up till that point its bunker down and hope the noisy people go away. Look at the furore that Liverpool fans have managed to stir up by leaving on the 77th minute. The clubs aren’t worried about that per se, they still have their money after all, but the train of thought is clear – if they can leave after 77 minutes, maybe they just won’t bother turning up at all! 

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John Clark Meets “The SFA”
oddjob  16th February 2016 at 4:23 pm #I made no reference to Celtic .

No, indeed you didn’t. My clumsy point was that SFM seems to be heading down the path of whataboutery on this point, when in actual fact I think we all kinda agree! Apologies.

John Clark Meets “The SFA”

jimmci  16th February 2016 at 2:46 pm #Thoughts on last night from this Celtic supporter….Now I don’t fancy Willie Collum that much and I think there is something fundamentally wrong about our referees training, appointments, supervisors’ ratings, fast track processes, etc. but I see a witch hunt starting here. Why? He’s just been involved in a game where Aberdeen’s title challenge has been derailed.

So, last night demonstrates a bias against Celtic? Ok dokie. 

( incidentally I wonder when McInnes’s disrepute charge will come from the Compliance Officer for accusing a player of conning referee but suspect it won’t arrive.)

I’m sure it will come. Why would you think it wouldn’t? Or do you think that only happens to Celtic managers!? Good grief!

Last nights performance by Collum was stunningly inept, the most stunningly inept performance I have seen in a plethora of inept performances by Scottish referees in recent times. I was stunned by just how stunning the ineptness was. I’m not just talking about the headline making decisions the game was littered with stunningly inept decisions and frequent lack of decisions – just wave play on. I hope the SFA do cite McInnes and Aberdeen arrive with video evidence of all the shenanigans that went on last night and from numerous other previous games. I would hope actually that Aberdeen contact other clubs and compile a dirty great dossier of other ludicrous decisions made by this gype – anything to at least rule him out of going to the Euros.

This isn’t about bias, or being anti-Celtic or Pro-Aberdeen. This is about referees making the game pointless. We all come on here and rant about how useless the SFA are, and then willingly stand-by and ignore the ineptness of their representatives on the pitch. If last night finally brings the media spotlight onto Collum then great, lets celebrate! Not bicker about how it only happened cos it happened to Aberdeen! 

John Clark Meets “The SFA”
berrty  15th February 2016 at 9:34 pm #Willie Collum.  One of the best ref’s in Scotland ?  If that is the case then the rest should just give up as he is a joke.  Can anyone else remember when Scottish refs went on strike.  Can we bring that back please as that was the last time there was any decent refereeing in Scotland.
Homunculus  15th February 2016 at 10:28 pm #I am told honest mistakes even themselves out over the course of the season so everything will be fine.

Willie Collum. I watched the game last night aghast. First off Aberdeen were pants, ICT deserved their win. Willie Collum though…. I am horrified at the thought that this guy is representing this country at the upcoming Euros. The guy is a joke, literally, even Radio Scotland were guffawing about how bad he is. 

Result aside, he totally lost control of that match to the extent that rugby tackles were being made, one got a deserved booking (although given the perpetrator had just been fouled himself and I could sense his frustration from 100 miles away), the second was just waved away. Two players go in with high feet, no contact made -penalty! Two players go in with high feet, one kicks the other – play on! The list of incredible decisions, or lack of decisions was staggering. 

It could have blown up, tackles were ramping up, players were unable to get the ball down and play because generally they ended up on their arse within 10 seconds, we were one nasty incident away from complete bedlam. Thankfully, and only due to the players themselves they managed to keep a lid on it (although given the apathy demonstrated by one or two of the Aberdeen players it was hard to tell if they were restraining themselves or just trying to see out the game without getting their shirts dirty).

ICT played the conditions, not the pitch this time but the referee, and fully deserved it.  To many in black and white decided to sulk rather than get stuck in. Hey ho…. on to the nxt “must win” match.

P.S. Chris Sutton is an awful commentator. Can someone please inform him that the slagging of a childs hat on national TV is not a clever thing to do. I’m sure the parents had a hard enough job getting the lad to wear it in the first place apart from the potential abuse he will now get from school chums if spotted. 

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Who Is Conning Whom?
Finloch, who is to say that Milne hasn’t told TRFC and McInnes exactly that – Once the money is available away you go and talk.
Seems to me that all that AFC can be held as being guilty of at the minute is not seeking the SMSM to do their dirty work for them, not spouting off through broadcasters and journalists and unbelievably behaving in something approaching a professional way. Something TRFC couldn’t even begin to imagine doing.
AFC supporters are most certainly being treated with contempt by the SMSM and by TRFC, and in all probability by McInnes but Milne…. in this case I think its too early to say. That said… it wouldn’t surprise me!
I have my problems with Milne, but in this case I think he can’t win regardless of how it ends. I only hope come the end of it all he will pay more attention to feelings of the AFC supporters than those of TRFC and their compliant media. 

The Vice Closes
DUNDERHEID, no. The law doesn’t come into it. It has already proved to be utterly useless at doing anything about it because its unworkable. Freedom of speech is valuable and should be guarded. No problems with that. 

But here we are in a chat site full of intelligent people. People it seems that are quite happy for certain chants to be sung, despite complaining like hell when “the other side” gets off with it week-in week-out. I just don’t understand it! The one line answer “its not sectarian” floored me, and I’ll wager most outside the South-West of Scotland won’t understand it either.

Listing songs other clubs sing that are just as objectionable is fine – I don’t like them, nor understand why perfectly sensible people find them amusing. But while TRFC are belting out their well known ditties and CFC fans bring out their IRA songbook, its very hard to tackle the ignorance in songs about the economics of housing in urban environments! The Jimmy Saville related songs are quite simply revolting. 

Anyway. Its a pointless argument as it sadly seems too ingrained in people from all the big to be solved anytime soon. Have a good weekend folks.

The Vice Closes

My point wasn’t to open a debate on what is and what isn’t sectarian – quite frankly thats a side argument – if its offensive I don’t care if its sectarian or not.  But to question why it appears to be ok with some to sing about the IRA, and why the excuse appears to be because it “isn’t a sectarian song”.

Be it sectarian or not, there is no place for this at a football match in any normal society. It depresses me that so many are willing to accept this situation, and as mentioned elsewhere it seems incongruous that CFC fans are so ready to point the finger at TRFC fans whilst watching some of their own fans start the slide down that slippery path once again.

I’ll also add here that my own teams fans sing songs that may be considered by some offensive and I really wish they didn’t, but meantime you will never hear me defending those fans that are singing them.

The Vice Closes

TONYSEPTEMBER 21, 2017 at 18:08 30 23
TEARSOFJOYBut to the meat of the matter, that irresistible force : sectarian singing. The hypocracy that surrounds Celtic on this matter is staggering and the number of CFC fans that take the moral high ground on this matter equally so. CFC fan sing pro IRA songs – we all know it, we’ve all heard it. So let’s stop pretending otherwise.

IRA songs are not sectarian

I was going to ignore this message, but then I saw the amount of support it got from the SFM community. I was appalled. Its not a sectarian song apparently, and perhaps strictly speaking it isn’t, but to outsiders looking in it is every bit as repugnant as anything that TRFC fans (or indeed any other group of fans) may wish to sing.

I admitted perviously, I’m not an expert on the Irish politics. The IRA may have noble beginnings, standing up to the oppressor, one mans terrorist is another freedom fighter etc etc. But, as someone who had young family in that shopping centre in Manchester that particular day, I find it incomprehensible that anyone would believes glorifying the IRA is something that it is ok to sing about at a football match – a football match for gods sake.

The song may not be strictly sectarian for the pedants amongst us (and this site thankfully has many pedants pointing out the wrongs of the world in a more useful way), but to those looking at Celtic & Rangers from the outside it is impossible to separate the IRA/UDF or whoever from sectarianism and henceforth that song to the rest of us most certainly IS sectarian. Stop the whataboutery, stop the hate and bile returning to your support. If you need a target aim for Regan and the rest of the SFA or the Scottish media who are disgustingly wilfully helping to fan the flames of bigotry by turning their collective backs on the issue once again.

If Celtic and Rangers want to have any thoughts of joining the English leagues, then they will have to rid themselves of this baggage once and for all. Until then you most certainly won’t be welcome. But then “nobody likes us and we don’t care”. This stuff is not welcome at any of the other 40 odd grounds around Scotland, the lack of it over the past few years has been a joy – please don’t let it come back.

I know you CFC fans all hate the term – but two cheeks. By re-opening that once forgotten song book you are becoming one with your hate filled brothers from the other side of town. If you can’t see that then we might as well give up now.

My family walked out of Manchester that day unscathed thankfully. There are enough problems in this world without letting this nonsense get a firm foothold back in our society. 

The Vice Closes
The song book – if the SFA/SPFL had stepped in right at the start of the issue of the TRFC songbook this wouldn’t an issue. If they had applied all the rules without fear or favour this wouldn’t be an issue. But by their repeated silence on the issue the TRFC fans grew bolder and soon realised they could do and sing whatever they liked. Sadly CFC fans appear to have decided that if “they can do it, then so should we”.

Yes, both clubs have historical links to Ireland. But god does it bore the pants off those from the remaining clubs around the land listening to this perpetual school boy playground drivel. Yes, ok it is far from being a school boy issue – I don’t understand all the issues relating to Ireland, and I sincerely doubt many others do. What I do know is that the majority of those fans belting out these revolting songs don’t understand them either, if they think they do its from the perspective of one side of the argument and even then deeply flawed. For them it is a school playground issue – they don’t really care about the politics or the history, its just what they do on a Saturday afternoon cos thats what their fathers did. Its tired, its pathetic and it has no part in any modern society. 

Yet, in Scotland it isn’t just present, but due to the inactivity of those with the power to do something about, it it is flourishing. The press couldn’t give a stuff either… why? Cos it sells tickets and it sells newspapers. I love my country, but it has issues that the majority find downright mystifying and embarrassing – is it only money that allows this to continue? I mean it couldn’t be anything else could it?

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