John Clark Meets “The SFA”

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jimbo 10th February 2016 at 1:03 pm # Just read The Clumpany is …

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jimbo 10th February 2016 at 1:03 pm #
Just read The Clumpany is no more.

Out of interest and for provenance, where did you read that?  The blog site is available but with no new content since Monday.  However that isn’t unusual from Clumps.  The twitter account may just have been temporarily removed especially if abuse levels are up.  Its certainly disappeared in the past and returned.  Is it also coincidence that SFM was down for a while this morning?  As in cyber attacks.
I’m pretty sure Clumps has posted on here and PGMB’s blogs.

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John Clark Meets “The SFA”

motor red 6th February 2016 at 10:53 pm #goosy goosy got me thinking, can we have the moderators put THE squirrel posts aside when something juicy comes to the fore[court sessions]. put them on hold for a couple of days until a full/reasonable analysis has been determined. 

While I agree with the sentiment I’m not sure it is that workable.  Unless I’m mistaken its a wordpress setting that a first post has to pass moderation before all others  from that user are accepted automatically.  The other settings being no moderation or every post is pre-moderated as PMGB and JJ use.  The first post setting does go somewhat against “innocent until proven guilty” but it does at least prevent those that may be openly hostile either through expletives or attempting to bring the site into disrepute by libelous comment or potential contempt of court.

Even the one post rule disrupts the flow.  I am often confused, admittedly not difficult, that when I’ve picked up reading from where I left off people start responding to a post I don’t recall.  If I scroll back I may or may not find that post because it may have been contentious and therefore was removed before I passed it or is from a new poster and only passed moderation after I read it.

I wouldn’t want to see all posts appearing in fits and starts as and when the mods get round to clearing every oost from pre-mod so I think we just after give posters the benefit of the doubt and let the mods decide when/if they cross the line from questionable debate to outright trolling.

Besides with all the court action coming up involving officers of the OC, NC and the SFA in the next few months, not to mention the awaited CoS decision on whether BDO can appeal their overturning of the UTTT when won’t there be juicy moments for squirrels to be released?14

John Clark Meets “The SFA”

cuddlybear 6th February 2016 at 3:46 pmYou keep making the suggestion that there was ever a football club called “Sevco Scotland”. You must know, this is ridiculous.

Er what club played against Brechin in the Challenge cup then given that special dispensation had to be given for the players of RFC to play for the new club against Brechin on temporary contracts.

You will also note that RFC(IA) and soon at that stage to be (IL) still held full FA membership when Sevco Scotland were  granted a membership of the SFA that was of a type not even in existence until granted to Sevco Scotland

John Clark Meets “The SFA”
@ RyanGosling 5th February 2016 at 7:06 pm #
To be fair to wottpi he did point out that CB has been politely asked questions on current TRFC governance and financial stability

wottpi said

CB has, as yet, simply ignored the polite but obvious questions from fellow football fans about how he/she as a fellow fan views footballing matters at this club. That is being previous punishments/consequences and future financial planning.
All we have to date is numerous and torturous oldco/newco gobbledygook.

The fact that CB steadfastly refuses to be removed from OC/NC postings is not this blogs fault it is his choice.  Posters on this blog will quite rightly refute his OC stance when he is clearly using flawed logic but that is all he responds to.   

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It Is Better To Offer No Excuse Than A Bad One
On the companies house share allotment document.  Although it doesn’t state “working days” shirley any processing is manual and therefore the 5 days exclude today, yesterday and possibly Friday?  That would also rule out tomorrow and Tuesday from the count.

On the JP Jenkins page re RIFC.  I am pretty certain that the 50,000 trade is earlier than October and is the most recent.  Regardless I don’t think the recent trades changed in October and definitely haven’t in November and December.  It should be noted though that JP Jenkins will only likely report trades done through them where buyer and seller are originally unaware of each other.  Private purchases/trades can happen without going through JP Jenkins if the purchaser knows independently the seller wants rid.  The MASH/Mike Ashley sale to Barry Scott/Club 2012 did not appear on there allegedly because the sale price was inflated as part of the deal to renegotiate the retail deal.  Any purchase of shares by AJ from DCK or any other board member would similarly avoid the need of the middleman JP Jenkins. 

Small Price to Pay?
The SFA “get out” is the claim they have no jurisdiction over the chair of a PLC that just happens to own a football club.  I think the English FA can teach them a thing or two about that.  Birmingham. Leeds and Blackburn being recent examples.  

Small Price to Pay?
It looks like Nottingham Forest may start rethinkinking their interim appointment 07

FWIW My take on last night’s statement is rhat it was pulished by someone known to have had prior access to the website.  As PMGB might say “Peace be upon him”.  I can’t believe the CEO had any part in it and for that reason I suspect we may see a real resignation soon which may also be joined by 2 of the 3 bears.  This has all the hallmarks of a “Glib” production with Gilligan and Murray minor riding shotgun.  There may be some High Level obsfucation in attempted damage limitation but I think the damage is now well and truly done.  Not even a RRM would give up current gainful employment to pick up the poisoned chalice.

Good Try Mr. McKenzie
Jimbo 19:36

I’m with Cluster One’s response on the Radar asking serious questions.

I think you are correct Zadok is only heard from the group stages.

I don’t think it is only Miller but Wallace himself who will be retired long before, if ever,  an entity playing out of Ibrox will be anywhere near CL Group stages or even qualifiers.

The Day I was on the Scotland U-23 Bench
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