John Clark Meets “The SFA”

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OK so that’s the petition signed. Curious as to why …

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OK so that’s the petition signed. Curious as to why they are asking for street address and postcode. The last one of these I signed, only asked for the postcode and that was just a fortnight ago.

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John Clark Meets “The SFA”
Mr Clark well done sir. At work today I managed to get a look at the tweets and the re-tweets from The Clumpany and they were all talking about this. The people in charge at the SFA are no longer a joke, they are a danger to the sport we all enjoy called football

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It Is Better To Offer No Excuse Than A Bad One
BUT at that time anyone else could have used it although they too would have been hit when the tightening of tax avoidance loopholes came into play.
Rubbish, when Juninho went to Celtic he had an EBT from Middlesborough, Celtic approached HMRC and asked about them (they were unkknown to Celtic at the time) to be told that HMRC regarded them as illegal and tax evasion, as such Celtic paid the tax due.

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STV article on King buying the CF stuff –

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@AJ – I was always under the impression that it was Ann Budge from Newell & Budge –

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@John Clark October 26, 2016 at 12:23 Nice riposte

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@John Clark, totally agree.

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