John Clark Meets “The SFA”

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STICKY The next meeting of SFM is at the same venue …

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The next meeting of SFM is at the same venue as last time – the Centenary Suite at MacDiarmid Park, Perth on Monday 4th April.

Tickets are now available for sale on the site SHOP;

and we reckon we need about thirty sales to break even.

The last event was a great success where bonds were strengthened amidst a lot of laughter (and a fair amount of dismay).

Again, if numbers from Greater Glasgow and/or Greater Reekie are enough, we will consider arranging minibus transport.

I think we can definitely arrange some kind of car pooling anyway, but we can play it by ear.

Also, the appeal ends on Monday at teatime – and we are nearly there πŸ™‚

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John Clark Meets “The SFA”
New blog up – by Finloch

John Clark Meets “The SFA”



Date: Monday 15th February 2016

Time: 10am – following player interview with Greg Kiltie at 9.45am

Location: The Park Suite, Rugby Park Stadium 


Kilmarnock Football Club is pleased to announce that, after careful consideration of a large number of excellent candidates, the Board of Directors has appointed the club’s new manager and will introduce him at 10am on Monday 15th February 2015, following the scheduled press conference for Tuesday evening’s Scottish Cup replay against Rangers at 9.45am. 


Interim Manager Lee McCulloch will accompany the Club’s new Manager tomorrow and made the following comments on being told the identity of the successful applicant: 

“I believe the Board has made a fantastic appointment having taken time to interview a number of strong candidates and I look forward to introducing him to the media tomorrow. With everyone pulling together, I’m confident that the new manager will lead the team to success. On a personal note, I have thoroughly enjoyed being Interim Manager and thank the Board, staff, players and fans for their support and encouragement. As Assistant Manager, I will now have an excellent opportunity to gain invaluable knowledge and experience.” 


Lee McCulloch will be appointed as Assistant Manager, following his brief but highly successful spell as Interim Manager. Lee is a UEFA Pro Licence holder – the highest level of coaching qualification. Peter Leven will continue as First Team Coach. Peter is currently undertaking the UEFA “A” Licence course. 


The Club will welcome the attendance of all press / media to meet our new Manager in a press conference that will last approximately 30 minutes. There will be an opportunity for questions and photographs afterwards, but there will be no individual newspaper interviews granted on this occasion. TV interviews may take place afterwards and each interview should be set up pitch side and last no longer than 5 minutes. Please make contact  with Priti/Gregg/ Christine  should to wish to arrange an interview. 

We look forward to seeing you all at Rugby Park on Monday morning.

John Clark Meets “The SFA”

John Clark’s transcript of proceedings last Friday is here at

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We are starting to put together our schedule for the radio thing. Content is important, and we are looking to solicit your assistance in lots of ways – including in the first instance some ideas for sport-based programmes.

The phone-in and interview format is fairly well established as a the bread and butter of the medium, but we are looking at ways to bring a fresh perspective.

Discussion on the blog is fine – although some the MSM outlets could nick good ideas πŸ™‚

You could also mail me direct at


Look Back to Look Forward

The Cat NR1

Were the clubs willing parties to a fraud on Scottish football, or were they victims themselves?


If the former, that does beg the question as to whether there is any point in carrying on.

Yes there is – because the real battle here is between the clubs and their ‘customers’. The clubs can in fact do as they like. They have no emotional attachment to the sport in the way the fans do. Everything is settled by a cost/benefit analysis. This particular one deemed that following the rules correctly was the downside of the argument.

They justify it by dressing the SFA up as some kind of quasi legal guardian of the game, when in fact it is just a trade association – a cartel used as a blunt instrument to con the punters.

The Sevco 5088 Ltd/Sevco Scotland Ltd court cases may throw some light into the dark corners of Hampden’s Star Chamber.

So might we. We are still not done.
The evidence suggest strongly that the clubs are less concerned with the integrity of the game than we are.
The final outcome is dependent on our resolve. That is not in doubt at SFM. The question is;
“Are there enough of us?”

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John Clark 13th March 2016 at 1:11 pm
A priceless observation from Chick a few minutes go: ” Robert Burns died in 1796. He was closer in time to Hibs’ last Cup win than we are”.
Don’t know what point precisely he was trying to make, but it left the rest of the Sportsound chaps stunned in amused speechlessness!

I suppose that just demonstrates that Chic is as good at arithmetic as he is at telling the truth.

Give that he was born around 1954 that takes him to within 52 years of Hibs’ last cup win.

Burns is an outlier at 106 years.

Did anyone point out to Chic that it was in fact the League Cup today.

Chirpy chirpy cheep cheep indeed! 15

Look Back to Look Forward


Apologies. Haven’t yet had time to respond, due to a current and very raging bout of man flu 05

However I will try to do so over the weekend.

Look Back to Look Forward


Turnbull Hutton’s attitude to the new club being given precedence over Spartans et al was that by any reasonable measure, and given their extraordinary fan-base and facilities, TRFC would have been given the spot anyway. In his view, the authorities pragmatically exercised their powers of discretion to short-circuit the entry application process.

In retrospect that became crucial to TRFC in their continuity myth-building, because the gap, even though it existed, was easier to Band-Aid over because of that fast-tracking.

I won’t rush to criticise TH too easily though. He was not too fussed over the minutiae of the OCNC debate, but he was steadfastly against what he saw as corruption in the SFA and SPL and was appalled by the calling to arms of the mob by McCoist and others. And he didn’t just pay lip service to it either. He was a consistent and generous donor to SFM, because he shared our view that in order to call itself a sport, football had to structure itself on the basis of as level a playing field as possible.

Whenever I doubt the merits of our case, I  think of Turnbull on the steps of Hampden accusing the SFA of corruption – and the subsequent absence of a visit from the Compliance Officer.

Like all good serial offenders, the SFA avoid battles they can’t win. No engagement with TH, no engagement with the Res12 group, no engagement with the SPL over their expulsion of a 140 year old club.

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