John Clark Meets “The SFA”

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Quite a while back (well over 1 year ago, perhaps …

Comment on John Clark Meets “The SFA” by Yerevan.

Quite a while back (well over 1 year ago, perhaps even 2) I asked Kevin McKenna if he would be willing to do a blog/podcast (I can’t remember which) for TSFM.
I explained to him that I had no authority with TSFM and was merely a fan of the site & who thought he (McKenna) would be able to offer an interesting perspective from a SMSM point of view. He was receptive to the idea and I explained that I would contact TSFM with a view to putting both parties in touch thereby allowing some form of agreement to take place.
The mod(s) at that time politely declined my offer, and if my memory serves me correctly, cited an imminent David Low blog/podcast as being more relevant.
Sadly, it was, in my opinion an opportunity missed.

Kevin McKenna had previously agreed (at his request IIRC) to do a blog for us but afterwards became difficult to contact. We inferred a change of mind from that. It was disappointing, but not an opportunity we passed on.

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