John Clark Meets “The SFA”

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So Jack Irvine was engaged in spreading black propaganda about …

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So Jack Irvine was engaged in spreading black propaganda about Celtic to the press?  No surprise there then.  But it’s just paranoia by Celtic’s support.  Why do it?  Why not just talk up your own club?  Still it sells newspapers I suppose.  And it is still going on.  I go on to ‘news now’ everyday.   Have a look over a few days and see how many negative stories are reported by the newspaper links regarding TRFC.   And then see how many positive stories there are about Celtic.   Let me put it in a nutshell.  TRFC is heading towards Europe.  Celtic are in crisis.

This is not a dig per se at TRFC, they employ Level5 effectively to spin on their behalf.  But the editorial policy of the newspapers who encourage this stuff and nonsense to be printed slavishly,  is so one sided as to be laughable. 

On the other point that Jack Irvine has some juicy stuff on certain journalists in Scotland, I read something about that last year.  No names were mentioned but their ‘sins’ were.
You would need to be on ‘something’ to compose some of the rubbish that is printed. I have already made my mind up who they are.

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John Clark Meets “The SFA”

Funny you should mention that but I was talking to someone at the weekend who has a bit of knowledge on the subject.

I think the answer is it would make no difference with sports hacks.  If they want to be in a job they will follow the party line regardless of who they support or are known to support.  The editor/ publisher will decide the general direction of the paper.  It’s all about demographics.  We can see that in the Glasgow papers.  Celtic supporters have all but abandoned the Daily Record, so they know where their bread is buttered.

It’s probably the same with Edinburgh Evening News which I used to buy a lot – full of news about Hearts & Hibs! The Press & Journal etc.

I don’t know how many pundits from a Celtic background jump on to the gravy train and rarely have a good word to say about Celtic.  They follow orders, even at Sky & The BBC.

Happily it just makes it all the sweeter when we win something. 03

John Clark Meets “The SFA”
up the hoops,

I would be less interested in a referees religion but there is an argument to be made in it being known which team they support/ supported.  They should make a declaration at the outset of their career and be recused from those games which involve their chosen team.  Of course when this has been mentioned in the past their was outrage at the thought that a referee could be influenced in any way even subconsciously.  Ask any psychologist if that could be true or not.   Or is the concept of a referee being a ‘homer’ complete nonsense.

Remember the famous (notorious to Celtic fans) referee who requested that his last match would be at Ibrox.  But of course that is my paranoia kicking in again.  Must have a word with that psychologist 21.

And before anyone says it, I know and realise that clubs outside Glasgow have legitimate complaints too.

John Clark Meets “The SFA”
Auldeid, I swear I didn’t read that before I posted!  I notice the article was from 2011, it’s a pity that these ideas are put about but never explored by the authorities (I think).

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