Journey’s End?


Even for our SMSM it is difficult to believe the …

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Even for our SMSM it is difficult to believe the lack of comment on The Offshore Game.  In the past month Tom English has been quick to point out the issues facing Golf (Augusta the real truth not the PR) Tennis (wretched) Cycling (in a right old state) yet nothing about the biggest scandal in UK football. 

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Journey’s End?
Hi Nuclear Sheep
I can’t help with the current set of refs but when I was an apprentice in an Aberdeen paper mill we had an ex Grade 1 ref called Ian Bain.  When he was reffing he went under the title IK Bain (Bankhead).  I guess back in the sixties Bankhead would have been on the outskirts of Aberdeen.   He told us that at one game Jimmy Johnstone was moaning that he wasn’t getting enough protection, IK Bain responded by telling him he was making such a fool of the full back that even he felt like kicking him. 

Journey’s End?
Off topic but BBC have listed which teams English referees support and how often they have officiated at their teams games. 
Imagine this being done up here

Journey’s End?
Following Walters unchallenged rant yesterday you would like to think that our clubs and / or the authorities would issue some sort of statement pointing out the truth.  Smith has given them a huge open goal to aim at yet not one of them has the balls to stand up for themselves to go for it. 
The clubs that played by the rules are being portrayed as the ones in the wrong yet there is not one dissenting voice from the chairmen, the authorities or the SMSM.
The more they stay silent it will be seen as an admission of guilt by the likes of Smith and as  a fan of one of the so called diddy teams it seems as though my chairman would rather upset his own teams fans rather than those from ibrox.
Pandering to the bully will never end well

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Resolution 12 & The Broken Bond
As an Aberdeen fan I am once again disgusted by those running the club’s inability to tell the truth re both Rangers. 


They should be furious with the actions of the defunct Rangers.  Instead we get this pandering for the benefit of a new club that sees itself as a victim and is quite prepared to carry on with the same attitude and recklessness of the old club because it knows that neither the authorities or fellow clubs will stand up against it.


Is Duncan Fraser really stupid enough to believe that if the shoe was on the other foot  either of the Rangers would lie and make a fool of their own support for the benefit of Aberdeen?


In every other sport where cheats are caught their fellow competitors always demand that some form of punishment is made however in Scottish football, we are not only expected to move along but to also feel sorry for those that cheated and open the door for them to do so again.


All the while our authorities, fellow clubs and journalists still stand by and look on in awe as the new club gets ever more aggressive and belligerent in its pursuit of ‘getting back to its rightful place’


Two wrongs and a right
jimbo 23rd January 2016 at 3:23 pm # “I just wonder what the reaction would be if Celtic were to buy Michael O’Halloran and loan him out to Hibs (or Falkirk) for the rest of the season.” ————————————————————————————Allyjambo, your a very naughty boy!
Would be a laugh though.
Sadly this is a non-starter as Radio Scotland stated this afternoon that St Johnstone and Rangers are now locked in a Tug O War over O’Halloran

Two wrongs and a right
upthehoops 21st January 2016 at 9:16 pm # Can any of our Aberdeen contributors help me.  I noted this picture of Pittodrie in the 1950’s on Twitter.

At the far end (Beach End) of the main stand there is a small section at right angles to the stand. I remember this still being there in the 70’s. Was it some kind of members area or just an extension to the stand?
If I remember correctly this was called the Wing stand.  It had its own turnstile.  My dad took me to some games there.   Was the best view of the pitch and also just as entertaining was the view down onto the Beach End. Amazing the memories that come back. 

Redistribution of Football Income – The Human Dilemma
Just seen the Reporting Scotland coverage of the league cup draw. Pathetic doesn’t cover it. They were almost apologetic that the balls weren’t heated so the ties could be fixed. Im so annoyed that I cant remember who the Celtic representative was but the question was basically You’ve got Raith but did you want rangers? to his credit he answered really well. Next up was Doncaster saying there was an inhale of breath when rangers were drawn out first and there was still the prospect of an o** f*** tie. However all is not lost as the reporter pointed out no o** f*** tie this round but possibility of one next round.

Why We Need to Change
Hey theoldcourse I did end up with a pair of wheels but unfortunately it’s a push bike and I’m the one wearing Lycra – nae bonny!

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