Journey’s End?


Snippet from offshoregamereport which sums up who runs our game …

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Snippet from offshoregamereport which sums up who runs our game and who does not.

From: Stewart Regan []Sent: 07 December 2011To: Ali Russell; Andrew DicksonSubject: PRIVATE & CONFIDENTIALImportance: High** Confidential **** High Priority **Ali/AndrewFurther to my discussion yesterday with Andrew on the matter of Rangers FC’s European licence Iwould like to release the following statement. I believe this will be in the interest of both the club andourselves and I hope you agree. Please can you confirm that you are happy with the content. If so, Iwould propose to issue this later today at an agreed time with yourselves.ThanksStewartIn light of persistent speculation across all media, the Scottish FA would like to clarify the position inregard to Rangers FC’s licence to play in Europe as governed by Article 50 of the UEFA Regulations.It is noted from the report submitted to the Licensing Committee by Rangers FC’s advisors GrantThornton UK LLP, dated 30th March 2011,that: “All the recorded payroll taxes at 31 December 2010 have, according to the accounting recordsof the Club since that date been paid in full by 31 March 2011, with the exception of the continuingdiscussion between the Club and HM Revenue and Customs in relation to a potential liability of £2.8massociated with contributions between 1999 and 2003 into a discounted option scheme. These amounts have been provided for in full within the interim financial statements.”Since the potential liability was under discussion by Rangers FC and HM Revenue & Customs as at31st March 2011, it could not be considered an overdue payable as defined by Article 50.We are satisfied that the evidence from all parties complied with Article 50 and, on that basis, alicence was awarded for season 2011-12.Add editor’s notes. (Include Article 50 here from UEFA Regulations)Stewart M. ReganChief ExecutiveThe Scottish F.A.

From: Craig Whyte <>Date: 7 December 2011Subject: Re: PRIVATE & CONFIDENTIALTo: Andrew Dickson <>Cc: Ali Russell <>, Craig Whyte <>It would be crazy for them to put this out. Ali, please call me on this.Sent from my iPad

From: Ramsay Smith <>Date: 7 December 2011Subject: RE: PRIVATE & CONFIDENTIALTo: Stephen Kerr <>, Carol Patton <>, AliRussell <>, Craig Whyte <>, Craig Whyte<>AllWe should put some pressure on the SFA from a high level, from Ali or Andrew to say we do notbelieve this is a good idea the SFA putting out such as statement. It stirs up the issue again. Whatthey should do is if they get a legitimate media inquiry respond to it by saying there is no issuewhatsoever with Rangers licensing arrangement with the SFA.If they persist they will only cause issues for themselves as much as Rangers.Ramsay

From: Ali RussellSent: 07 December 2011To: Stewart Regan; Andrew DicksonCc: Ramsay Smith (; Stephen Kerr ( RE: PRIVATE & CONFIDENTIALStewart,Tried to phone you. Would prefer no comment or the following“We have looked at this matter and there is no issue with the licence granted to Rangers from theSFA. “I look forward to speaking to you later,Ali

From: Ali Russell <>Date: 7 December 2011Subject: RE: PRIVATE & CONFIDENTIALTo: Craig Whyte <>, Andrew Dickson <>, FionaGoodall <>Cc: Craig Whyte <>,,, Gary Withey <>All sorted – Held until further notice and I have agreed we will meet Stewart and Campbell for dinner inthe next couple of weeks to discuss bigger issues. I also made it clear we were very unhappy with theapproach the SFA took last week! Hopefully we can move forward now.Kind Regards,Ali

Subject: Dinner with Stewart Regan/Campbell Ogilvie/Craig WhyteDate: Thu, 15 Dec 2011 11:31:30From: Ali Russell <>To: <>Craig, just to confirm that the dinner with Stewart Regan/Campbell Ogilvie, yourself and Ali will be onthe 20th @ 7.00pm.I have booked the Glengoyne private dining in Hotel du Vin, and also provisionally booked a hotelroom for you (if you’d require?)

I wonder if just by chance Craigy boy recorded this meeting?
I am getting more confident that the truth will prevail and we will all have played our part.  Shame on all of our smsm as they played the only way they way they always play, succulent lamb is alive and well. Enjoy your meal as we will all enjoy the forth coming feast.

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Journey’s End?
Res12 update – SFA Reply On Resolution 12

Journey’s End?
Why would Mr Ashley drop the fit and proper issue? The evidence seems pretty strong,what would Mr Ashley gain from this approach?

Journey’s End?
From Barcabhoy on twitter

The Celtic board are coming under fire for “saying nothing” on the issues that are consuming the fans on social media . Looking at it , issue by issue, is it fair to criticise.

Res 12.
My understanding is that the SFA followed their own procedures for awarding the license. Uefa however may, and we don’t know for sure, have been lied to by Rangers when they checked to see whether circumstances had changed.
Circumstances had changed, however UEFA had discretion to ignore that. Rangers though, and given Craig Whyte was in charge it’s highly possible, may have lied to Uefa about the status of the “wee tax case” Given we don’t know whether Uefa ignored the change in status or were lied to by Rangers, the absolute most Celtic could do is ask the SFA to ask Uefa for an answer to that. I believe that has happened .
Now should Celtic make a statement to the effect that they have asked the SFA to ask Uefa ? Well certainly not publicly prior to the semi final. That would have just heightened tensions even more. In my view it would have been irresponsible to do so prior to Sundays game.
To do so now, this week to be precise,would be portrayed by the media as trying to deflect attention away from the defeat. Best in my view to say nothing publicly for at least a few weeks. Hopefully after the League is won it might be possible to put out something, but anyone hoping or expecting Celtic to accuse anyone will be disappointed. Nothing is proven and answers are still required before its possible to make any definitive statement on the club being improperly deprived of anything on this issue
LNS Enquiry
The majority of fans i speak to find this the most serious issue outwith playing matters. The club commented on the verdict in the statement below .
“We note yesterday’s decision that Rangers FC has been found guilty of contravening the SPL rules on disclosure of payments over 11 years between 2000-2011. The scale of this amounts to a deliberate non-disclosure of £47 million in payments to players and staff. We also note the penalty of £250,000 which has been imposed”
That’s corporate speak ( which is necessary as we are a plc) for ” Are you F***ing kidding”
The club further commented
“Like many within Scottish football, including supporters and other observers, we are surprised by the parallel conclusion that no competitive advantage was gained from these arrangements.
However, the implications of this verdict are for the Scottish football authorities to address, since the rules breached were specifically intended to defend ‘sporting integrity”
That’s Corporate speak for ” No way is this decision correct or fair . We expect the SPL to appeal this”
The statement further commented
“Throughout this matter, Celtic has refrained from comment on the affairs of Rangers FC while the various tribunals and commissions went about their work.
We will continue to concentrate on our own affairs, and assure our supporters that at all times we will operate within both the rules of our governing bodies and the law of the land.”
That’s corporate speak for Rangers cheated. Celtic never have and never will.
To those not used to corporate speak, and sadly i’m very used to it, the statements may have seemed light. To those who understand the limitations that plc status incurs and the behaviour required , then the statements were very robust.
I hope and believe that if the Supreme Court reaffirms that Rangers abused the EBT process resulting in deliberately avoiding ( evading in my view) tax , then the club will speak out again.
I recognise there is a case already that LNS was flawed . He was guided towards his ludicrous ” No sporting advantage ” decision , by the DOS case being ignored , and by the SPL legal team . Due to their incredible acceptance of both the SFA Bryson interpretation and the notion that even if the FTT was overturned, which it has been, they wouldn’t seek to use that in future . That should forever lay at Neil Doncaster’s door.
However my view is the Supreme Court confirming the COS verdict means the legal position is final, allowing a strong demand for LNS to be set aside. Thats the time for the club to speak

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Here we go again
So what is expected to happen now with SDI v Rangers (IL).
Will damages be paid out anytime soon. Is there another court date due. I only ask as I know this case will not be recorded/discussed by our msm.

Here we go again
I see RTC back on Twitter on same day as Sun comments on Mr McCann and his EBT bill of £700,000 having an effect on his divorce proceedings. Article actually states club went into administration followed by liquidation. Also stated Newco formed and had to enter third Div . Always good to here from RTC.

Moving On Time?
JC and Scotland's open Shame( The Big Lie ) is one of the main reasons I visit this blog. Change is most welcome but the continuing lie should always  take main stage imo.  This level of cheating with no punishment mocks every football fan in this country. To lose an EBT verdict at a SC (which confirmed that these payments were basically wages and these were not disclosed to SFA which meant roughly 55 players were registered illegally and the SFA to this day have not addressed this verdict in any way is absolutely disgraceful..More worrying is WHY they have not approached this level of cheating. Only in Scotland and only for one team. As mentioned at beginning thanks to John Clark and this blog.

Never forget the damage this club caused our game and still are imo.

Shame on our country  the SFA and smsm.

Sweet Little Lies
Great article Auldheid

This farce by RFC (IL) tribute act imo is to stop 9IAR even if it means bringing down our whole game and also to appease their raging  fans. That is it.

SC verdict (among several other issues concerning oldco) has never been dicussed by our smsm and the implications of the level of cheating by RFC ( IL) over a period of 13 years. Fact. They totally ignored this because simply they can. This is Scotland's open biased shame. 

Les Says It is Time to Ask The Audience?
I listened to BBCsportsound today and ND explained loans and advanced pre payments about 3 times.  ND in between the lines seemed a bit pissed of with this requisition and the EMG  taking place on 12 May (basically in his opinion wasting valuable time).  He really sounded convincing, and was really bemused of what case he had to answer to. I heard the SFA medical expert/doctor lay out the case that this season is vitually over. Now if on the 12 May the Ibrox club lose the  vote, which is very likely, then if I was ND I would state season over and award Celtic the title as soon as.   Ibrox club should not be delaying the planned future of our game. 

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