Journey’s End?

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Http:// Hi Allyjambo I clicked on your link to Ann Budge …

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Hi Allyjambo I clicked on your link to Ann Budge nothing came up , hope Ann hasn’t clicked on a ”  nothing ” my link is a web edition have a read

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Journey’s End?
Hi Allyjambo anything to help , a good idea is to get your 4 year old niece to do this cut and paste malarkey for you 21   

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Time to Make Things Happen
Cluster one @ 21.34
Wothington are now ( I think ? ) on their website under ( our projects and sectors ) it states : for the avoidance of doubt the company has no interest or claim in the Rangers F.C. litigation.

The Lost Voice of the Armageddon Virus
Going back to my post at June 8 at 00.15 I forgot to put in the last part of the conversation as I never checked my 2nd page of translation , it finishes as such:
Small Guy: we said it already
Reporter: ok ok 
Small Guy: No, Yes we did finish a commercial sell ( deal ) Im pleased to say….
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International Interpreting Internet Bampots Inc. 

The Lost Voice of the Armageddon Virus
Corrupt Official June 6 at 23.25
Here is the translation of the conversation in the video of (32 seconds) , it was quite difficult to catch what the reporters where asking as they where all shouting over each other , but interestingly the tall guy in the video doing most of the talking  didnt respond much to the reporters questions he was more or less talking to the small guy on his right who I think is part of the Mexican club , the tall guy may be the manager/Agent does anyone know ?
Tall Guy: What happens is that we keep on top a percentage
Small Guy: How Much ?
Reporters: What percentage ?
Tall Guy: one and a half
Reporters: A Black ? ( This means Brown Envelope Money )
Reporters: Please can you go down to the Parking ? ( Not sure of this comment as very faint )
Tall guy: Whatever is necessary from there we take off the percentage of 25 percent  
Small Guy: In this case 25 and the one and a half 
Voice from nowhere: Dont Mention the 25 and the one and a half
Tall Guy:( Changing his tune rather quickly ) No ! one and a half minus 25 
Small Guy : Thats Ok 
Reporters: You confirm ?
Reporters: Jose Luis , you with !!!!!!!( Coudnt catch the rest as all reporters questioning at the same as with most of the video )
Reporters: How much did you sell him for ?
Reporters: you confirm ?
Small guy: yes we did say it 
Reporters: Bicho ! ( Now the word Bicho in Spanish is a very rude word but has many meanings , but what i have worked out in this context it means ” nasty piece of work ” or ” What a cheek ”
Reporter: How Much ?
Reporter: One hundred and five ?
Small Guy: No Not me. not me 
Reporters : Nine point five ?
Reporters : Three point five , and you can keep a percentage cant you Jose Luis ?

With Pleasure from the :
International Interpreting Internet Bampots Inc. 

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