Journey’s End?

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The ghost of Sevco past visited Fir Park today. The …

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The ghost of Sevco past visited Fir Park today. The management bowed to threats from Sevco and aided by their lackeys at the SPFL to ensure we wasted about 50k we don’t have to police the game v Saints like a “high risk” game. Despite the fact the Sevconianians started the whole thing a year ago.
The management have badly badly judged this and treated the support like shit all because of remonstrations from the deid club.
Absolutely raging.
And Tam Cowan your wrong we didn’t all want to play Hibs last year. Your a Well fan minus 20 years experience on me (and many others).

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Journey’s End?
Oh and the Lanarkshire Polis are all  policing Rangers and Celtic games.

Journey’s End?
jimboMay 7, 2016 at 18:57 0 0 i Rate This 
I understand now but that match last year was a crucial game for them and they took offence at what, as you say, a normal harmless tradition.  So your club is still being punished at a scenario like today !  You cross TRFC at your peril it would seem. 
I don’t know the numbers but I would have thought your stewards backed up by a minimum of PCs would have handled it.  And let’s face it your almost across the road from a huge police station if anything was ever to go wrong, God forbid.
Excuse me was it not a crucial game for us?
As we have seen as small club all this season ( I think most of the support would cite St Mirren as a stand out) the polis turn up heavy handed.
Celtic Rangers go – nothing.
Feart Polis almost certainly.
Be seen to  “police” a Well or “smaller” team they will turn up in absolutely disproportionate  numbers.
Easy statistics for Police Scotland.

Journey’s End?
jimboMay 7, 2016 at 18:27 0 0 i Rate This 
What’s the story behind your post about Sevco/policing?  I’m lost, although that’s not unusual!


Sevco took the piss after we humped them last year and claimed our fans invaded the pitch and “acted threateningly” (despite the fact that  they (Sevco mobs) were already punching each other in the visiting stand well before the end).
The young guys had for about 6-8 years happily came on the park and all meet up with the players families mums dads kids etc (got many pics of this if in doubt). Its just a Fir Park thing.
So of course SPFL put us under a threat of “unknown” sanctions if we “celebrated” again.
Therefore draconian measures employed today.
Likely we would have been “relegated” to the lower leagues.07

Naughty Motherwell I cant wait till we play the bread mans eleven16

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