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IANAGAIN, at the playoff last season hundreds of Motherwell fans …

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IANAGAIN, at the playoff last season hundreds of Motherwell fans chose to head over to the away end and goad the opposition support. The potential for trouble was obvious and placed stewards, police and innocent fans from both sides in a bit of a situation. 

Thankfully nothing happened but this is why Motherwell were punished. If the Motherwell fans behaved as they normally did at the end of season fixture, as you described, then there wouldn’t be an issue. They did not and only have themselves to blame for the situation today. 

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Journey’s End?
UPTHEHOOPS May 4, 2016 at 07:25

I don’t think anyone is suggesting Celtic cheated the taxpayer in the way Rangers did for the best part of a decade. Whilst a number of Celtic players and managers did engage in dubious tax avoidance schemes that has absolutely nothing to do with the club.

For anyone who does not support Celtic or Rangers I’d guess they’ve seen both clubs carve up TV deals for their own benefit, talk down the league any chance they got but at the same time talk up their own rivalry.

Make arrogant claims of being held back in Scotland and beg for a move down south or anywhere else. It’s move that could never happen for a number of reasons, one being their tiresome obsession with Irish politics. 

They’ve watched their club fail to get refereeing decisions against the Glasgow giants and seen some of their best players depart only to warm the benches at Ibrox and Parkhead. All while the SMSM show no great interest in them because it’s all about the old firm. 

I can unberstand the frustration and it’s not a cheap shot to suggest the ‘two cheeks’ argument. It’s a simple reality for many fans in Scotland and you shouldn’t get trapped in a narrative of your own making. 

Journey’s End?
jockybhoy April 26, 2016 at 14:57

So just to be clear: You’re no longer claiming it’s everything now, just four jobs, and years ago? I think everyone has questions about Ogilvie and Smith and it was not the issue I had and it was not the point you were trying to make in your original post. 

Oliver Twist got a ladle over the head or a sing song, depending on whether you read the book or watch the film. Either way, just like me, he never did get what he asked for. We have to keep asking questions so we can tell the difference between fiction and reality.

Journey’s End?
jockybhoy April 25, 2016 at 14:40
I repeat: your claim that ‘in reality everything at Hampden is stacked with Rangers alumni’ is incorrect and your examples prove this. Oliver Twist was quite right in asking for more because what was provided to him was simply not enough.

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In the Service of Fools
nawlite 5th January 2022 At 18:03

Everton are not suggesting the fee paid for Patterson was £4.5m. This is the value that the online game Fantasy Premier League has given him. If you wish to buy him in that game it would cost you £4.5m to do so. If you wish to buy Mykolenko, Everton’s other signing, it will cost you £5m.

If you’re unaware of the game or haven’t played it I can understand the confusion but these prices are not representative of what they paid in the real world. Hope that made sense?!

In the Service of Fools
The prices for the two players are in relation to the online game Fantasy Premier League. See the #FPL in the bottom corner of the images.

Here we go again
Upthehoops 19th May 2021 At 08:23

It’s a rare occasion but I agree 100% with you on this. At first I thought the messaging was sufficient from Rangers but agree they should’ve done much, much more on this. I assumed fans would take individual responsibility and act accordingly.

Utterly undefendable behaviour on so many levels by the Rangers fans who took part in this. Not every Rangers fan is guilty of racism, sectarianism (a paramedic doing her job was allegedly subjected to this because of her green uniform), violence or antisocial behaviour.

I’m not sure what the consequences are here, certainly large numbers of arrests for starters, but I’d make Rangers play behind closed doors for their first 5 home games of next season because of the actions of their supporters. Don’t think that’s possible, or likely, but the events that day were a complete disgrace.

And all this as Glasgow struggles with the pandemic. Every single one of those Rangers fans made that choice to travel and ignore social distancing rules on an epic scale. They should be ashamed of themselves.

Here we go again
Disgraceful scenes in Glasgow today. The rangers fans who ignored the advice of police, politicians and the club have acted in such a selfish way it’s beyond embarrassing.

They’ve put themselves at risk, the public and the police who have to be there to try and control this mess. Glasgow remains in level 3 and this behaviour helps no one. Any Rangers fan involved in this should be ashamed of themselves.

Here we go again
The police, the justice secretary and now Rangers have all spoken out about the planned march by the Union Bears. It’s good to see such a clear message across the board from everyone about this. Hopefully anyone thinking of taking part will now have got the message.

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