Journey’s End?

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NEEPHEIDMAY 7, 2016 at 16:20 45 1 Rate This
The silence on Twitter from our sports “journalists” regarding the offshore game report can only be described as deafening. “Radar” appeared briefly yesterday to tell us that the atmosphere on Twitter was “poisonous”. Today he tweets about Andy Murray’s exploits. Oh, and taking time to reassure Ibrox fans about how great this lad from Liverpool is, if he signs. Uncharacteristic silence from STVGrant, who is generally very open on Twitter. And Hugh Keevins simply says we don’t understand the legal difficulties!!! (to much mockery, it must be said).So what is going on? Is there really a conspiracy of silence? It looks like it to me. And as for there being legal difficulties in simply reporting on a detailed article by a reputable body, which is already in the public domain, Keevins must think we all button up the back. =======================================
I think there is no doubt at all there is a conspiracy of silence. Whether or not every journalist actually agrees with that we will never know but it is clear they are not allowed to speak or write about any of this stuff. Taking Tom English as an example he is forever harping on about one sporting scandal or another. It’s okay as long as it’s cycling, boxing or tennis. However, when a credible organisation produces a report alleging that the Scottish football authorities actually conspired to ensure cheating by Rangers was overlooked, he doesn’t want to know. I don’t agree with you about Grant Russell. He sat in courts earlier this year tweeting live about the proceedings. When very pointed remarks were made abut Rangers status as a club his smartphone stopped working for some strange reason. He has also been recently very supportive of the SFA and how they made the decision to allow Dave King into Scottish football. If it was not for people like John Clark and Easyjambo on here, and others like James Doleman, we would never know much of what was said in these court cases. Like everything else with Rangers, the media pick out the good bits, then just pretend the bad bits don’t exist. Sadly there is going to be major issues in getting this raised to the right level if the media keep the wagons circled. There may be declining circulation, but it seems they still hold the official stamp to declare something a scandal.

As for Keith Jackson declaring Rangers signing an out of contract Liverpool teenager would be ‘a major coup’, where does one start!

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Journey’s End?
WOTTPIMAY 8, 2016 at 23:42
I know nothing about this lad Rossiter but like you I hope he recovers from whatever injury issues he has. It is not his fault how the Daily Record have chosen to report on him but in my view if he was an £8M player he would be nowhere near Ibrox, especially given he is available for a tiny fraction of that. As for McParland’s connections, they are so good he was sitting twiddling his thumbs before Warburton gave him a job. If he was a talent spotter extraordinaire, he would have been out of Rangers reach.

The Daily Record are a joke. As a Celtic fan I gave it up after the ‘thugs and thieves’ lies years ago, however being online you do become aware of how they report. I know they often remind Celtic that they can’t ‘compete with the big boys’ in the transfer market. Yet here we have Rangers signing an £8M player for £250k and all because their chief scout is brilliant!

Journey’s End?
BIG PINKMAY 8, 2016 at 15:17
I was there BP. Not guilty of such a conversation. You’d never have mistaken me for a student anyway! 18

Every day is a schoolday UtH 🙂

Journey’s End?
IANAGAINMAY 5, 2016 at 23:02
Mods what is going on that a page load via 2gb WiFi takes circa 5 minutes lately ?Getting tedious.And I’m cleaning cache always ?
Does it remind you of watching Motherwell? 22

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It Is Better To Offer No Excuse Than A Bad One
ALLYJAMBOJANUARY 2, 2018 at 11:07

Wow! I know we are not meant to put much store on the thumbs up or down, but two people have given thumbs down to this post! Who on earth could find fault with a post respecting the dead from the Ibrox disaster?


A bit puzzled at the thumbs down myself A.J, but there’s nowt queerer than folk as they say!

It Is Better To Offer No Excuse Than A Bad One
On this day in 1971, the Ibrox disaster happened during a Rangers v Celtic game at Ibrox. 66 fans died in a crush. Some of us remember that day, some of us may even have been there, while some of us would not even be on this earth at the time. 

We are all football fans. Nobody should go to a football match and never return home. Rest in Peace.

It Is Better To Offer No Excuse Than A Bad One
CLUSTER ONEJANUARY 1, 2018 at 19:27

“If they move out of Hampden, the SFA are in danger of leaving themselves hostages to Rangers and Celtic,” said Queen’s Park president Alan Hutchison.


I am a Celtic shareholder and if it was up to me (which it is not), I would tell the SFA here and now that Celtic Park is unavailable for any future fixture.  However I know that will not happen, but I doubt there is anything they could do to force Celtic to allow them use of the stadium.  

It Is Better To Offer No Excuse Than A Bad One
ALLYJAMBOJANUARY 1, 2018 at 12:18

I see, too, that PMGB is issuing challenges, in two posts, to the Ibrox based boards to issue denials of what he is telling us.


I see it is alleged £800k is owed to suppliers. In my view unless any of it is due to a financial behemoth such as one of the big six energy suppliers, then we are unlikely to see any winding up requests heading towards court. It simply wouldn’t be worth the risk for any small supplier in Scotland to do that. Having said that I find it remarkable anyone is willing to extend them any sort of credit at all, or are they worried about the bully boys on that score as well?

I’m sure the SFA will want to satisfy themselves all is well though. I am also sure a herd of pink elephants takes off from Glasgow Airport at 20:00hrs tonight with the moon as their destination.

It Is Better To Offer No Excuse Than A Bad One
Phil McG alleging a surveyor has recently visited Rangers training ground to attain a valuation, and that King has also approached a non-Uk Finance House. As Phil says this may well be King raising funds to make a share offer, but IMO it could be to raise working capital too. 

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