Where now for the Judicial Panel Protocol?

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I to can remember the day very well. Was living …

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I to can remember the day very well. Was living in Castlemilk at the time and a young neighbour a Rangers fan (17 years old) went to the game and when the news came through his mother was “up to high dough” since 3 hours later he had not arrived home. Being a Celtic fan, I knew of the “Rangers” pubs in Rutherglen and did a pub crawl and found him drinking with his mates totally oblivious to what was going on outside. Got him into the car and got him home. One relieved mother !!
Have not been to a Celtic Rangers game since the “George Connolly” Scottish Cup final although I have a ST for Parkhead. Games NOT good.

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Past the Event Horizon
Greenock Jack
I think you are correct in your assessment . To see every thing in life thru a balance sheet must make life very dull. Surely he must have some outside interests away from business (maybe not) which he spends is well earned money on. I know if my club was in dire straits and required investment and I had available personal funds which I could help with my love for my club would over rule my business head. Indeed many of the Rangers supporters did just that last year investing in the club with hard earned cash they could ill afford especially just before Christmas
Something about JMcC and his body language last night gives the impression that he is not fully committed to this group and their aims.

Past the Event Horizon
Greenock Jack
Watched the video, it is very interesting obviously a very self driven, confident individual who has been very astute in his business dealings.
DPs comments are proboby correct = he will not invest any of HIS money repeat HIS money, in Rangers (Newco/Oldco or whatever the legal entity is) I can understand him not investing thru his equity company. BUT WHY DOES HE NOT INVEST ANY OF HIS OWN MONEY IN THE CLUB, I think we all would like to know the answer to that one !
The fact that he has’nt ,is’nt, probably tells us his Rangers credentials are not as great as he would have us believe.

Past the Event Horizon
Just listened to the meeting last night. JMcC gave his reasons for not investing in the NewCo, which on the surface of it seemed to be valid i.e. he had many investors who needed to see a return on ivestments that were in a stable company ( or words to that effect) However surprised that none of the contributers asked why he on a personal basis was not investing some of his own wealth (believed to be many hundreds of millions we are led to understand by the usual press corp.) in the NewCo or buying shares. He has obviously attained his wealth using other peoples money, where have we heard that one before !!

The Existence of Laws
Re Fergus McCann, if I remember correctly Fergus only ever took half the salary he was entitled to as the CEO. and to stay he took money out of Celtic when he sold his shares is not correct either, the millions Fergus went away with was Dermot Desmond’s money NOT CELTICS

The Existence of Laws
The latest info from CF may not be final agreed terms of the sales agreement etc., the various e mails may be/not be genuine however the tapes certainly show there was a cosy relationship between CW and CG during the sale process . Putting aside by whom and why these tapes are being put in the public domain, it certainly confirms the SFA had/do not have a clue what these Spivs were/are up to! They “sold their souls” to a bunch of crooks, liers, cheats by breaking nearly every rule in their books, ( indeed created some new ones where necessary) whether deliberately or through incompetence. SIMPLES THEY SHOULD GO especially CO and now !!
I await with interest to the findings of the various enquiries, commissions, etc ( too many to list) currently it is making the legal profession look to be “not fit for purpose”

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