Where now for the Judicial Panel Protocol?

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Grant Russell seems to be confused. The SFA membership was …

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Grant Russell seems to be confused. The SFA membership was not “transferred”. RFC automatically lost their SFA membership for going into liquidation, a completely new football club applied for that membership and were then allocated the SFA membership despite the fact it was against SFA rules and others should have been allowed to apply.
Unfortunately they were not allowed to and are surprisingly happy with that, leaving supporters across Scotland wondering what kind of sweeteners and promises have been made in secret. RFC have no rights over the membership. RFC lost their membership. A new club was given the membership after applying for it.
If Grant Russell and others believe the history of RFC is “transferable” along with the share, would they also agree that had Spartans or Cove for example were given the SFA membership they would then be a continuation of RFC and could then claim to have won 54 (Tainted) titles and a cup winners cup? No they wouldn’t.

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Where now for the Judicial Panel Protocol?
Another excellent post by BRTH. I think a lot of supporters are just looking at what has gone on so far, and are pretty reluctant to believe that a full, far and thorough investigation will take place on any level. So far we have been given no reason to believe that anyone in Scotland with any authority, will do the right thing and simply do their jobs without fear or favour. That is all that people want to happen. Not a witch hunt, just the application of rules and laws that the rest of us abide by.

Where now for the Judicial Panel Protocol?
Alex Cox: Apologies, my wording was incorrect. The difference is important, I was getting at the same point though. The embargo starting at midnight is far more important an issue than the SFA giving them leeway as many Football Associations do in normal transfer situations. Rangers Tribute Act were not in the same position as any other Club, once the deadline had gone the sanction automatically comes into effect.

Where now for the Judicial Panel Protocol?
I think the Templeton registration is a bit of a waste of time, most Football Associations allow a little bit of leeway. However I would find it difficult to believe leeway would be given on sanctions. Midnight was the start of a transfer embargo so the Tribute Act situation is surely in contravention of the sanction imposed.

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Make our Mind Up Time
Although the MSM will be setting out to convince Scotland that the SFA and SPL are looking to strip Titles and Trophies when RFC have not been found guilty of using dual contracts/undisclosed payments, the truth of the matter MUST be that RFC are as guilty as sin and the SFA and SPL are fully aware that they have been playing and paying players in a way that completely voids their registrations. There is absolutely zero chance that the football authorities would be looking to make secretive, corrupt, dirty deals on punishments unless they knew for a 100% fact RFC were guilty of cheating. This latest spin on the story tells us that RFC ARE guilty.

Make our Mind Up Time
If I was paranoid I might just believe the timing of this latest news on EBT’s and stripping of titles, and the bizarre disciplinary charge regarding a science fiction themed banner display, from 2 months ago, was no coincidence.
If I was paranoid I might even suggest that this was done to appease RFC supporters just before they heard news likely to anger them.

Make our Mind Up Time
If Rangers Tribute Act and RFC are the same footballing entity, what are the potential consequences for Scottish Football and football everywhere? I don’t see how a business, in this case a football club, can drop a potential debt of £130 MILLION and carry on as normal.
Let’s not forget that if it wasn’t for fan pressure Rangers Tribute Act would have started this season in the SPL! It was a very hard fight to get that disgraceful plan shelved.
So if it wasn’t for supporters protecting the sport themselves, RTA would have been literally carrying on as if they were RFC, the same stadium, players (I suspect most would have stayed if Rangers Tribute Act had started this season in the SPL), the same number of staff, assets, club crest etc, yet they walk away from an eye watering level of debt, most of it tax payers money and small businesses money. If I owned a football club and that was facing huge debt what would stop me doing the same? Serious question, is this normal in business? Is this setting a new precedent in football?

Make our Mind Up Time
Miki: That really is disgusting. There is no way that an adult of sound mind could just casually stand around holding something like that. Shameless.

Make our Mind Up Time
Thinking about this banner charge, what are the chances that The Tribute Act will be facing a charge for the verbal diarrhoea they chant every week very soon!? Did we not just have Charles Green a couple of days ago talking about the unacceptable behaviour of some Tribute Act supporters? Iv’e a feeling The Tribute Act are looking at a disciplinary charge very shortly, this OLD banner story has been dredged up as part of the 2 sides of the same coin syndrome that is synonymous with the media and Scottish footballing authorities.
I will give it 10 days before TTA are charged with offensive chanting.

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