Where now for the Judicial Panel Protocol?

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The underlying problem with Sevco fans seems to be a …

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The underlying problem with Sevco fans seems to be a refusal to move on from the denial stage. Their mindset is still fixed on a “It wisnae us” mentality. We did nothing wrong. There is also a real determination to protect the corpse of the “Old club” from detractors of Any kind. Protection and Denial. A dangerous enemy of Truth.
This latest rant from Mc Murdo’s website is another attempt to spread negative propaganda, and undermine the work carried out by two individuals, who have helped expose the sorry saga and the attempt at a cover up. A clear case of “Blame the Messenger”. Detract from their reputation.
Just for the record, I was at the Disaster game as a 15 year old kid. I stood on the Celtic end.
When I eventually got home (later than usual), My Fathers house was full. My mother cried. As the full severity of the Accident became apparent, Everybody cried. It affected everybody, Green or Blue.

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Where now for the Judicial Panel Protocol?
Had a read at Jabba’s guff in the Rancid……(I know). A kind of childish underlying threat emerges early in the article, which on reflection is about as interesting as reading the packaging of a crisp bag.
He talks about CG and Sally fully expecting to be called back to Hampden to answer questions on the EBTs . Quote . “Next time they could be marching up the stairs with an Army of Rangers fans right behind them”. Silly Jabba. Or is he being deliberately aggressive and inflammatory?
Or is he just a Fudd.

Where now for the Judicial Panel Protocol?
Tic 6709 @ 19.33 pm

Spot on Tic. Hampden needs Rentokil ASAP.. And with Ogilvie still in position it is a complete Farce,

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Great Summary Auldheid . As always. The main complaint I would have about the reporting from Day one, would be the almost anonymity of SDM to the apportioning of any blame. 
This I realise has been covered many times . Even recently his audited accounts were lauded as a sign of a recovery in the Financial world. The truth was rather different. When broken down it transpired he had sold his shares in ADL. (Alexander Dennis LTD.)for almost identically the amount of profit achieved. 
 Murray is a well advised individual who seems capable of the old Canal, Salmon, Eau de Cologne trick….

Spot the difference?
Re Jim Spence comments. This may indeed be news to some people sheltering in the cover of Scottish innocence. Not to others. The obvious and often palpable fears dripping between the lines of Scottish Journalism on the Sevco /Oldco/Newco subject have been clear from the Off.
The treatment and barrage of insults/threats etc meted out to anyone who questions their history, integrity or indeed wisdom are documented and real.
If Mr Spence is suggesting these “Tentacles” reach deeper and from more multiple sources, then this also is NOT news. Perhaps he should be asked to elaborate, but then again for the sake of his own personal Safety, perhaps not.

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One slightly uncomfortable piece of news doing the rounds yesterday was Margarita requesting a Divorce.!!

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Lot of speculation on Twitter etc that Sevco have shortened the pitch for tomorrows match at Ibrox. It could be a hoax , but pictures suggest the main stand touchline has been moved a few yards . If as suggested the Stadium is for all intents and purposes a Neutral venue, then the SFA should be the ones in charge of any pre-match preparation…..I am not in a position to verify the facts but quite a few posters over there have mentioned it.

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Aquinas @5:26pm
Bravo Sir/Madam. Its often difficult to apologise, but its always appreciated. We have all made rash statements when anger overcomes logic. Well done.

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