Where now for the Judicial Panel Protocol?

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On June 18 the Spl issued a statement that as …

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On June 18 the Spl issued a statement that as a result of Harper Mcloud’s investigation into payments made to players outside their contracts ,

rangers would (not could ,may but would) face disciplinary charges before the season started.

The passage of weeks go buy then they announce that another investigation will now take place to establish guilt or not.

So if guilt is established for the second time do we then

have another investigation?

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Great effort STEVENSANPH,your timeline perfectly illustrates the extent the sfa an spl will go to avoid taking action.

Ad like to suggest another couple of entries to add to the saga

March 5 2012

doncaster says rangers could be expelled from the competition if the club has failed to disclose payments to players
Rangers could face spl expulsion

The spl instructed Harper Mcloud to conduct the investigation into the non disclosure of payments.

31 May
rangers eventually hand over previously requested documents to Harper Mcleod.

18 June

Spl staement confirming Harper Mcloud investigation has been completed an as a result

rangers WILL face disciplinary action before the season starts as a result of a prima facie case

Rangers to face diciplinary measures

The question is why the need for a new independent investigation when the spl had announced that rangers would face disciplinary charges?

So they establish guilt decide punishment is due then weeks go past and they announce a new investigation to establish guilt.

Am ah missing something.

Another question why was Harper Mclouds remit to investigate from 1998 but the new panel are to investigate from 2000 ?

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