Launch of SFSA Fans’ Survey

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UTH @ 09:14 Your observations on ‘suitable’ candidates for the super-duper …

Comment on Launch of SFSA Fans’ Survey by Dunderheid.

UTH @ 09:14

Your observations on ‘suitable’ candidates for the super-duper new SPFL review of all thing LNS caught my eye.

Maybe the bampots at SFM Towers can help Neil Doncaster with some suggestions: starting with (former) football luminaries who may presently have time on their hands and could well be keen to help with such a review.

In addition to Gordon Smith or Alex Salmond, how about George Peat, or Walter Whatsisname, 2 people of impeccable football standing whom I feel sure would be delighted to help set the record straight …

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Launch of SFSA Fans’ Survey
That’s tremendous news, BP.

I hope attempts to build a coalition of ‘right minded’ fans turns out to be a huge success.

Note to self: order more popcorn.

Launch of SFSA Fans’ Survey
Re: the latest SPL announcement:

Is there no end to the contempt of this shower?

It is beyond doubt that the LNS Commission was misled, lied to, kept in the dark and otherwise wilfully deceived.

It needs to be declared null and void.

A new – independent – enquiry, with full access to all the facts, is the only way to get this resolved; not some pathetic hand-wringing exercise in the shape of 2 sheets of A4 paper.

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It Is Better To Offer No Excuse Than A Bad One
UTH @ 16:15

I posed a semi-rhetorical question a few weeks ago, wondering about the CO’s terms of reference and to whom he is required to report his findings.

I also wonder what he must (or should) do if he finds that the person (or persons/committee) to whom he is expected to report is implicated in any wrong-doing he might find.

If, for example, he is expected to report to (his boss) the CEO or the President, yet he finds either (or both) to have been negligent (or worse), who should he tell?

Who Is Conning Whom?
justbecauseyoureparanoid 08:53 said:
‘Anyone seen or heard of the SFA’s compliance officer recently?’

Good question, after all this time.

I may have missed it, but can I also ask: Has anyone seen his precise terms of reference; and can anyone tell us to whom he will report?

Enough is enough
I, too, have just had a listen to the fans’ survey podcast (available here

I presume some decision makers at the SFA will also have listened to it by now.

Although it is (almost) certain Mr Broadfoot would have been briefed on what tack to take during the on-air discussion, I wonder if those at the SFA involved in his commissioning for the task will be content with Mr Broadfoot’s contribution to the ‘debate’.

From this listener’s perspective, this was an ideal, early opportunity for the SFA to pour some much needed, soothing oil on the troubled waters thrown up by the fans’ survey.

Instead, what we witnessed was a mystifyingly sneering and disdainful SFA spokesman liberally sprinkling unnecessary petrol.

I must also compliment Paul Goodwin for keeping his calm throughout and being well-prepared for this ‘encounter’.

Enough is enough

Interesting thoughts.

I also wonder how the Celtic Board currently views the SFA, SPFL and all other domestic rival clubs at this time, given the shocking state of governance in the game as a whole and the singular lack of support for Celtic’s questioning of same.

It strikes me as highly improbable that (at this time and maybe at any other time, given the commercial realities) Celtic would gladly agree to give more of its prize money to its domestic rivals.

Maybe something could be worked on vis-a-vis TV income, but it would be small beer in comparison to the riches of the CL – which is where I think Celtic wants to see itself competing in the medium to long-term.

Enough is enough

See here for screen shot of the match stats:

Looks like a very even contest, statistically speaking.

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