Launch of SFSA Fans’ Survey


Goosy Goosy. I have signed up for the SFSA – However …

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Goosy Goosy.
I have signed up for the SFSA – However I had and still do have reservations pretty much around the issues you identified above.
Its like the sham that is “patient centric”  care  in the NHS  – where its the Clinicians and Management who determine  exactly what the parameters for that  are. Sod all input from the patient!

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Launch of SFSA Fans’ Survey
un-mothball it !
A governance landscape devoid of integrity  and the acceptance of and/or complicity in wholesale cheating is the coo’s arse.
Hit that and the edifice will fall – Then rebuild
Right the Wrong – then we can move on
The long game simply  isnt an option any more- the cat is out of the bag
Fail to do so and next  season there will be many fans like me who will cease to  participate anymore.
(in my case that is 6 season books covering 3 generations)

Launch of SFSA Fans’ Survey
DBD. Your Devils  Advocate Q.
The devil as always is in the detail.
The promoter of whatever competition is bound by the rules of the SFA and they by Uefa rules.
If as happens in other sports the rules have been mis-applied/broken/avoided etc etc  then when this is found out the record is amended according to the rules..

In this case 3-0 against Rangers  in every  match they fielded a player who had a defective registration.
Its  Simple – it works in every other Sport – (see Jessica Ennis)  and is given effect efficiently by CAS

No need  for deals   and more backroom blazer bollocks

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Time for Scots Government to Take Bull by the Horns
Jimbo 17.01

there is fundamental issue at play here….  

Who is ultimately responsible for the Health and Safety of the “workers” as they go about their profession.

There must be a protocol in place for all  H&S  issues, given that UEFA 
“Take over the stadium for match nights” ….. quote from a letter i received from  Celtic a number of years ago.

Leigh Griffiths brought a H&S issue to the attention of a UEFA employee on duty in that workplace and was threatened with (or was sanctioned) for doing so.

Celtic and Fraser Wishart should be raising merry hell over this and insisting that the Hosts and /or UEFA are held responsible for ensuring compliance with UK law.

LNS – A Summary

LNS – A Summary
I was hoping you didn’t ask that John 🙂
ill have an attempt….

LNS – A Summary
It’s listed before Peter Smith 
Court 21
not before 10.30am
updated at 17.07 on Friday 11th

LNS – A Summary
I have had  experience of  Peter Smith  – I was a pursuer in front of him in 2007  seeking an ex-partie order to freeze bank accounts….

This is very much his way of fleshing out the arguments ….

I would have sworn we were going to get nowhere and was about to loose it with my Lawyer  😉  he  just  winked at me and 10 minutes later we had in our possession a global freezing order…..  (try enforcing one of those !!!)
Not  saying SD  will win – but  don’t be misled by Smiths  questioning and probing

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