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Too many fans don’t care about what has actually happened. …

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Too many fans don’t care about what has actually happened.  They don’t realise they are mugs for still paying their way into a Scottish football match. The evidence is in the crowds attending.
If the fans want change then simply stop going to the games.
Ive written to my club and told them this and cancelled my FOH payments but Im one of a very small minority who will do this.
Celtic Park will be jam packed for the start of the season and they are the fans who you would think are most angry at the cheating saga.
So all this huffing and puffing and crowd funding talk, in my opinion is a waste of time.
Zero stars coming my way for such a defeatist post.

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It Is Better To Offer No Excuse Than A Bad One
Highlander. I see no evidence of fans leaving in their droves because of the cheating scandal.  I really do wish fans would “walk away”. But as I’ve stated before, the media have done a grand job and there is no groundswell of opinion to encourage supporters to take a stance.
I don’t go any more and I won’t be back but unfortunately, even on this forum I get the impression the majority of posters go to the games.
there really is no appetite for the fight.
it saddens me deeply that the beautiful game is so corrupt in this country, but it is a matter of fact that supporters now, as with the supporters of the past just accept that rangers get decisions in their favour both on and off the park.

The Day I was on the Scotland U-23 Bench
Your experience with Jock Stein is a little at odds with my own experience with a footballer in a car.
my brother and myself arrived early in Aberdeen for the Hearts match and we were strolling towards the ground with our fish suppers.  A car pulled up , the window rolled down and a head popped out. “Hearts ba…..s”!! He yelled. Then drove off at speed.  Me and my brother could only stand there and laugh.  I hold no grudge against Davy Dodds.  The amount of abuse that guy took for his er…. lack of visual appeal .. must have taken it’s toll.

Staying On The Problem
Thanks for the explanation BP.
it does go to show how the written word can be misinterpreted.  I don’t want to enter a he said she said debate.  But i want to make it clear i did not write. “This is a celtic blog”. I wrote that “it’s no wonder people outside this blog consider it a celtic blog”.
I felt the player registration carry on was worth discussion.
it has been discussed now, therefore i’m happy to move on.
keep up the good work.  Scottish football needs this blog. I havent bought a daily record for thirty years for reasons others have documented on this blog. We need the truth out there, not spin. Scottish football deserves much better from its media.  The debates and discussions on this site offer way more than any paper ever has.

Staying On The Problem
Big pink. Im guessing that is aimed at me and my pulled post from earlier.  I am not trolling. I am not a new poster, i just don’t post very often.  i will continue to read the SFM but i am a little concerned that what i wrote could be deemed trolling. I would appreciate a fuller explanation.

Just seen your comment to another post on the subject. Fair enough. But i wasnt trolling. You have given your opinion. I will accept that

Look Back to Look Forward
Great post Finloch… But I’m pretty sure that it was Robinson & Deans that had the club and not Mercer when Hearts won the cup in ’98

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