Launch of SFSA Fans’ Survey


JC at 23.01pm. “And , in an attempt to kind of …

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JC at 23.01pm.
“And , in an attempt to kind of remain on topic, what a boon the internet is.”

How true!

I remember in the bad old days before social media, reading and listening to the bluster from David Murray.  We honestly believed this man had very deep pockets and business expertise.  “for every fiver Celtic spend we will spend a tenner”.  At Celtic v Rangers games at Parkhead their fans would wave £10 notes at us.

One of the recurring themes of the Craig Whyte trial was the procession of ex Ibrox directors coming to the witness box and showing themselves and their colleagues up for the incompetent buffoons that they were.  They hadn’t a clue.  For all the club was in financial dire straights the only solution they had to everything was Spend, Spend, Spend.  David Murray eventually wanted out but found it difficult to find a buyer.  He tried to cover himself in glory by stating that he was waiting to find the right person to move the club forward!  So he got Craig Whyte in.

Even now, although at a much lower level, they cannot bring themselves to live within their means.  They still want to give the impression that they are a big club who can afford to buy in about 9 players in a transfer window.  They should stop looking over their shoulders at Celtic and look inwards.  Celtic have a built in advantage in terms of revenue, get over it or it will end in tears.

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Launch of SFSA Fans’ Survey
Neil Doncaster on his visit to Celtic Park today to witness the opening game of the SPFL:
I just came to say “Hello”

(Neil you won’t be missed!)

Launch of SFSA Fans’ Survey
Just back from the pub after watching the opening game of the season.  In the interests of the site I will say no more.  However, as the poster who exposed the drama of the delay in the opening of the new stand at Tynie, I think I should get 2 free tickets for the first game against Celtic.17171818

Think it’s November or December. I will wear my wooly scarf.

(I will not tie it around your goalposts!)

Launch of SFSA Fans’ Survey

Sorry Jambos not crowing, but I wouldn’t like to be the procurement manager responsible for this oversight.

I think he/she can forget about a Christmas bonus this year.

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Questions, questions, questions
How come my ‘thumbs up’ vote does not register. ie the number remains the same?

In fact I just gave John’s last post a thumbs up there and the 1 vote already recorded – disappeared!

In the Service of Fools
Happy New Year when it comes John and everyone on SFM.

Here we go again
Suffice to say his ‘expertise’ was damaging both On the pitch as well as Off it!

Here we go again
Couldn’t agree more John. But out of respect for this site the least I say about Peter Lawwell -especially after last night – and his role at Celtic the better!

Here we go again
I’ve always thought it a good thing for Scottish football to have representation at European level – EUFA etc.
I read recently that Peter Lawwell is still going to hang around the Celtic board in order to maintain his role at the ECA.
I’m at a loss as to what on earth he could bring to the table which would benefit Scottish football or Celtic!

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