Launch of SFSA Fans’ Survey

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Jimbo, you see this is when a Jabbaesque PR department …

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Jimbo, you see this is when a Jabbaesque PR department is worth it’s salt.  That headline should have read “Hearts fury as SFA demands seats in new stand”.

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Launch of SFSA Fans’ Survey
Allyjambo:  you make an excellent point, and the reason that, I quote,
“… neither Doncaster, nor any member of the SPL, pointed out, prior to the failure of the Rangers CVA, that, according to it’s own rules, a liquidated club carries on regardless?”
is, of course, that it is not the case. What the question highlights is how ridiculous the whole scam is, not really in terms of any SPFL rules (they can do what they want, they are merely a group of companies) but primarily because the reality of liquidation, i.e. one ceases to exist, is the whole bloody point and is intended to be a drastic, non reversible last resort for businesses in distress.

Launch of SFSA Fans’ Survey
I despair. If it all goes as predicted on here the ST is going back, they can keep the money: if they are so desperate for cash that they’ll whore themselves to this corruption they need it more than I.
On the big picture.  We are being subjected to a joint SFA/SPFL cover up.  In the past there have been calls for a single body to cover the game in Scotland but, to me, the problem is that the two bodies need to be separate and are not operating in the correct manner.  In particular I think the SFA need to take the flack when this scandal unfolds, as it will.
As discussed on here, the SPFL is a trade organisation.  As such we could expect, but not accept, that they will act exclusively in a way to maximise profit for the members.  We can argue that they are shooting themselves in the foot but nevertheless they are entitled to shaft their customers, that is their commercial decision.  Hell mend them.
The SFA is responsible for the laws of the game and governance.  They are the second oldest FA in the world, founder members of UEFA and members of the international body that sets the laws of the game.  The world is full of Leagues and their connected trade organisations and they often chance their luck in franchising, player registering, fixture manipulation, loan scams etc etc.  The various FA’s are duty bound to keep them from phucking up our sport.  The associations are what make football a global sport not the the bunch of owners who currently own the clubs.  Shame on our SFA for shafting Scottish football, it’s in their care.
I will await the SFA stance on this scandal, I already know the SPFL “cost of everything value of nothing” driven agenda.

Launch of SFSA Fans’ Survey
Tony, I agree. Milne, and others, have screwed up. They were complicit in the attempts to accommodate the oldco cheating and newco same club scam. I suspect, being generous here based on a little that I know, that they are struggling with the threat of exposure. Possibly other “threats” but that’s not a get out clause. My message to them is that this scandal WILL break and that they are on the wrong side: the establishment that has wronged will always say “move on”. The cover up always becomes the bigger scandal. I’m not sure who does the PR at Pittodrie but he/she should be sacked. 

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It Is Better To Offer No Excuse Than A Bad One
Bogs Dollox.  On the beeb Scotland news Douglas Fraser too explained how the 30% barrier lead to the TOP requirement with no mention of concert party.  They did at least quote the bit about how the trust appears to be able to raise funds when DK wants but it was all pretty subservient.  You could detect the fear in Fraser’s eyes as he hastily churned out that the share value of 27p meaning no one is likely to accept 20p, i.e. a fuss about nothing.  Aye right!  The shares are worth what the market will pay: for any significant trade that was diddly squat before the judgement and worse now the cold shoulder beckons.

It Is Better To Offer No Excuse Than A Bad One
“This person is totally destroying the site.”  That’s the general idea.  It’s concomitant with being a troll.  That’s why trolls troll specific sites that question their agenda, usually the big lie; whether it’s politics or fitba.  Editing would only put SFM on a par with the MSM.
My only response has been ignore him/her/them (it?).  I would request that those fine gentlemen on here who feel obliged to counter the troll should desist.  You are great at arguing but a troll needs only a response to keep trolling.  p.s. did I mention it’s a troll?

It Is Better To Offer No Excuse Than A Bad One
Graham’s uttering is typical of (concomitant with?) paid bum kissers that hang around spivs. See Tony Curtis in Sweet Smell of Success. He is trying to re start a non story on the basis that his spivs tapped up McInnes. What a tit!

Who Is Conning Whom?
JOHN CLARKDECEMBER 8, 2017 at 11:50
Aye a fair quantum of concomitance with that quintessential SFMship is required to give the Saintees biggest fan anything else rather than the cold shoulder on a decent night out.  The misguided view that TRFC have an elevated status is founded on a sense of entitlement so the sucking up to L5 feeds and speculation is not unexpected amongst fans with laptops and EBT’ers such as Boyd, Rae, Ferguson et al.  The illuminating thing here is just how far the supposed journos have gone down the same road, with the notable exception of Chick in this case.  I suspect he may well have had an inside track which is more than we can say about any of the others.  Who knows, maybe he asked TRFC, an off the wall idea for the SMSM there?

Who Is Conning Whom?
That statement clears the air.  The SMSM clearly didn’t appreciate how much TRFC didn’t want McInnes anyway, that’s ’em telt.

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