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Sorry Cluster One. Neil Doncaster is not one of my …

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Sorry Cluster One. Neil Doncaster is not one of my heroes but, to be fair he was at Celtic Park today. I was a guest at the Boardroom there this afternoon and he was there, large as life. He did not help to raise the Champion’s Flag and I don’t think that he would have been welcomed to do so.

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The Vice Closes
Mark Sampson, England’s women’s team manager has been sacked after surviving a complaint about his behaviour towards a team member. Another team member spoke up on behalf of the woman whose complaint was “thrown out”; the FA agreed to look again at the issue. Investigation found that FA officials dealing with the complaint had not read a report on Sampson, which gave details of claims against him when he was Bristol Academy boss. A safeguarding assessment in 2015 found that Sampson “did not pose a risk”.
The reports on BBC website do not give any more detail.
So it appears that the FA did not do the job properly and the lassie who complained was found not to be a sound witness when her case was investigated. Sounds a wee bit familiar.

A spectre is haunting Scottish Football
I have posted only once before, as I am in awe of a fair number of posters. I would just like to share a wee bit of information from parents of Rangers Academy players. Jim Sinclair has also left the club as has the chief Academy scout.

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