LNS – A Summary


I note Kim Whyte v Craig December 3rd at COS. Doubt …

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I note Kim Whyte v Craig December 3rd at COS.
Doubt there’s anything left.

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LNS – A Summary
News now is a good shout, it picks up Phil Mac amongst others.

LNS – A Summary
So only a very select few on DCK’s lunch list.
The Well general mgr just replied to me no letter whatever from RIFC.

LNS – A Summary
Extract from above article:

“St John and Hunter were 17 and were the rising stars of Scottish football yet their passion could not be sated by professional football. “I loved the Sunday games,” says Hunter. “But it came to an end. The ball went over a fence one day and I went to retrieve it and Bobby Ancell was standing there. Someone had told on us. And that was that.”The Memory Man smiles and sips his coffee. The past has suddenly warmed and softened a traditionally brutal Edinburgh winter’s day.”

You know I mind playing with Kenny Dalgleish at Meryllee playing fields near his house as we all did at weekends and the self same thing happened wasn’t Jock but someone from the club.
Never played or was laced by him again. (at the time we never connected him with Celtic in any way I thought he was with Aberdeen boys).
 I think secretly we were glad.
But you know. Memories.

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