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StevieBC 2nd December 2015 at 4:08 pm # Just had a …

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StevieBC 2nd December 2015 at 4:08 pm #
Just had a thought about our illustrious Scottish football ‘leaders’ in the Hampden bunker…
Sometimes as a last resort, humour can generate unexpected results. And recently we saw the SMSM share the photo of the Aberdeen fans with their ‘LNS Commission’ protest banner at the foot of the Hampden steps. 
I was surprised that the DR used the photo which I think was lifted from Twitter [?], but much of the print media content is simply lifted from social media anyway as it is a cheap and easy way for them to fill their pages.
So… In this festive season could the Scottish fans not ‘help’ make the Hampden bunker a more pleasant bolthole for the SFA/SPFL leaders ? …by pretending to donate decorations etc to spruce up their refuge.
I’m thinking if anyone was passing Hampden they could quickly stand at the bottom of the steps and take a selfie, whilst holding e.g. a small Christmas tree, or Christmas lights, a Christmas stocking, a bag of chocolate coins or tangerines…or perhaps a box of mince pies?!
A host of amusing Twitter photos lampooning the ‘leaders’ who refuse to come out and communicate with the paying customers could even be picked up by the SMSM ?
A bit of mild embarrassment might get a response from Hampden – but it could certainly give the footie fans a wee smile ?
[Whilst she’s in Glasgow just now, I’ll ask my wife nicely to do a selfie on my behalf.] 

Yes we do need to start a campaign to free the SFA. Its outrageous just how long these poor mites have been ensconced in the bunker hiding from the wild eyed bampots and their dangerous truths.

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LNS – A Summary
tayred 9th December 2015 at 2:32 pm

Totally agree Tayred.
These things have to be judged in the detail.
For example there is nothing to stop the winter break including one date either in the first or last week for rearranged fixtures to be played.
So effectively a built in free midweek or weekend date for postponed fixtures to be completed.

LNS – A Summary
With regard to the League Cup announcement and the TV Deal, and (purely my own suggestion) possible clauses naming particular brands, I of course forgot to suggest these additional questions (silly me, I should know by now to assume nothing):
– Which brands are named?
– Why those and not others?
– Why name any at all?
– Who suggested such a clause in the first instance?
Because I would not put it past the SPFL to specifically ask for such a clause, just in case they need to use it as a reason to massage rules and maintain brand continuity in future so as to be able to “maintain the existing contracts for the good of the game”.
As JC reminds us, we cannot (and do not) trust these people.
Until we have new faces in charge, I will not trust anything these organisations do is honest and open.
We know they are adept at hiding contractual small print and secret back room agreements created by devious minds for nefarious purposes.

LNS – A Summary

The League Cup revampOrganisationally it’s going to be a hostage to circumstance. Take the league table right now as a guide and you knock Celtic, Aberdeen, Hearts and St Johnstone out of the first round. That means you base your eight ‘regional groups’ around Hamilton, Dingwall, Dundee, Inverness, Glasgow, Kilmarnock, Motherwell and Dundee again. Geographically it doesn’t make much sense; that’s going to be a fudge. Not overly fond of the ‘UEFA Cup’ style one-off group games either, two home and two away yes, but playing each other home and away would be fairer. The inclusion of the non-league champs is a good idea however, and competitive games in July should also be quite attractive. Overall, a mixed bag.

I actually think we get too hung up on some of these things rabtdog.
For example regionalising the league really shouldn’t be contraversial and we shouldn’t expect the regionalisation to be a perfect or even close to perfect geographical carve up. Regionalised competitions all over the world manage this just fine and the divisions or conferences created don’t all need only be loosely organised in a regional sense.
This creates a little more local rivalry, a little less travel and a sense of anticipation when each mini league finishes and the top teams then go into a playoff against the other league winners.
So, geography isn’t actually that important in my opinion, we shouldn’t get hung up on it as its only a notional way of seperating the teams for the first part of the competition.

Another issue I see people (not you rabtdog or indeed anyone on here) getting hung up on is when a winter break should happen and I’ve seen the usual arguments coming out about how the weather is unpredictable and we might have good weather for those 2 weeks chosen for the break etc etc.
Again I think people get far too hung up on this and need to just look at the bigger picture – we can pick any 2 weeks in December or January and swap them with 2 weeks in July and be quite confident that 99 times out of 100 those 2 weeks in July will be better weather.
That some people, including our journalists and pundits are moaning about a break because the weather is unpredictable is really quite sad. By there argument we might as well not bother playing outdoor sports in Scotland at all – as the weather is always unpredictable.
And of course thats a stupid argument, but demonstrates my point I hope.
A winter break isn’t about specifically trying to predict and avoid the 2 worst weeks every winter, its about making a sensible decision to play when the weather is generally better and conducive to good football.
Nevertheless i fully expect the first time we have a mild period during the winter break that all the hacks and pundits will be lining up to decry the break and insist it is immediately scrapped because it “doesn work”, much as I seem t recall they all did the last time.
And so on it goes, Scottish Football is forever trapped by administrators, club chairpeople and journalists of little vision or thought.

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The Causes of Crime
TrisidiumOctober 18, 2016 at 00:52  9 Votes
Been a bad day site-wise. I will now read from a script prepared by BP;
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We are now back to normal, and you will all notice that a Secure Socket Layer has been added to the website (https instead of http). This will secure the communication channels between the user and the site, and make it more difficult for anyone to spoof communications from SFM to readers, posters and members.
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Now the bit I understand;
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Since the whole site had to be pretty much built from scratch today, we may find some odd behaviour on pages over the next few days. Please let us know if anything odd is happening to you guys. BP will be dealing with any problems so you can contact him direct at bp@sfm.scot

I have noticed something that may (or may not) be a security concern – I’ve PM’d BP just a few minutes a go with a suggestion.

Accountability, Transparency, & Brave Sir Robin

Bill1903October 12, 2016 at 07:40
Oh and another thing. Its bad enough the Aberdeen v Morton semi being at 1215 KO on a Saturday(with train disruption that day) But to insist its played at Hampden with a probable crowd under 20 thousand is ridiculous. A full house at Easter Road or Tynecastle would have at least made the game look important. You have to wonder if those running the game have the slightest clue.


The old cynic in my wonders if the SFA are quite happy with this state of affairs as it will remind everyone just how important the “Old Firm” is and how irrelevant the rest of us are.
I have no doubt the small crowd will be ignorantly compared by certain Journos to the OF Crowd the next day with not the slightest recognition of the kick of times, travel problems and so on.
Quite a few AFC fans are simply fed up travelling to such a pitifully crap stadium as Hampden for these games anyway.
I’d love to see the SFA have the vision for a new national stadium in Stirling.
OR the balls to admit we don’t need a national stadium and take the games to other grounds around the country.

Accountability, Transparency, & Brave Sir Robin
The TRFC extension of JBs suspensions seems to indicate they are working to keep him off the payroll at least temporarily if not permanently.
All of which makes the very timely action from the SFA really quite questionable in my opinion.
Are we really supposed to believe that JB just happened to be the only player in Scotland placing bets and the SFA just happened to get their ducks in a row just as TRFC fell out with JB.
I find it just a bit too convenient.
I suspect TRFC reported their own player, which is up to them but what worries me is the SFA are able to act very quickly (once again) when the interests of certain teams are at stake.

.. and they wonder why nobody buys papers
Might a manager in dispute with his club, but not willing to be found in breach of contract, be obliged to take training and get on with his contractual duties within the club.
While activities like talking to the media and being part of the endless Level5 Spin may not be contractual?

The Offline Game
Can anyone explain the recent reports in the media that Rangers had withdraw IP rights from Rangers Retail?
Would prevent Rangers Retail / Sports Direct from selling Rangers branded merchandise? (as the reports seemed to me to suggest)
Or was that misleading and in fact it will only prevent them from manufacturing new products that use the IP?
Its just that I happened to be in a Sports Direct store this week and it was rammed with Rangers merchandise of all kinds, all very much bearing the old and new logos..
And yet I Martin Williams in the Herald reporting another victory on top of this previous victory over Mike Ashley. The way the reporting in the Herald has it I’m surprised Dave king hasn’t crushed Ashley out of all existence by now. 14

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