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Resolution 10?  Forget it, it’s a passing fancy.  Resolution 12? …

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Resolution 10?  Forget it, it’s a passing fancy.  Resolution 12? Now we are talking.

The people who drew up resolution 12 had real meat in their hands.  An obvious breach of the rules governing football.  2 years ago.   Let me repeat that 2 years ago.

What has happened since?

Let’s say I got food poisoning from a shop and complained, two years later, no reply.  Let’s say I was paying far too much tax on my wages, complained to East Kilbride, no reply two years later?

I’d not be happy.

Just how long does it take the people at Hampden to reply?  Two years?  At the recent Celtic AGM one of our protagonists said that the people in the background of Resolution 12 were content at what CFC were doing in the background regarding Res. 12.  That is good as far as it goes, but.

Celtic are without doubt the biggest heavy hitters in Scottish Football, that’s not being boastful but my club should not be tippy toeing around corruption.  we have reps. at the highest levels in SFA, SPFL,  so why two years?

If this was an issue for any other team it would be dealt with in – days/ weeks / months (delete as appropriate).  Get your finger out Celtic, on behalf of all of Scottish football, take the lead.

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LNS – A Summary
JC, the sharp as tack understanding of today is tomorrow’s history.  I just hope that the next generations don’t have to keep as close an eye on goings on as your good self and others have had to do. At least it will always be here on the blogosphere (I hope!) unlike the SMSM.

LNS – A Summary
tamjartmarquez,  Sadly you are right to point out Alan McRae’s seeming subservience in 2012. If I was a representative of Cove Rangers, or Spartans, I would have been screaming blue murder from the highest rooftops, maybe he did but we just didn’t hear it!  Had a quick look and noticed he has been in the SFA since 1993.  Tells you everything.  A Hampden blazer means the world to some folk.

Ties in with all this nonsense from Stewart Milne.  Football directors certainly don’t think like ordinary fans, it’s the blazer thing again and inflated egos.

My wee post about an imaginary Q & A session between DCK and reps of the rest of Scottish football was pipe dream stuff.  I am absolutely under no illusion that clubs would have voted Sevco into as high a league as possible but the season ticket purchasers said otherwise. 

Funny S Milne mentions the TV deal after I posted about it earlier, wonder if he reads SFM? 21

One last thing about the renegotiating of the TV deal in 2012.  The new deal was announced in 2011, but when Sevco were admitted to ‘only’ Division 3 it was back to the table.  Why?   I seem to remember that it might have been the case that within the original contract there were to be 4 ‘old firm’ games televised!  When you think about it that is scandalous, almost like a franchise.  Our blazers are a joke.  07

LNS – A Summary
Just re-reading that quote from the BBC, isn’t it interesting the terminology of those heady days? :
“The old Rangers”, “the new club”  21   What happened?

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Questions, questions, questions
How come my ‘thumbs up’ vote does not register. ie the number remains the same?

In fact I just gave John’s last post a thumbs up there and the 1 vote already recorded – disappeared!

In the Service of Fools
Happy New Year when it comes John and everyone on SFM.

Here we go again
Suffice to say his ‘expertise’ was damaging both On the pitch as well as Off it!

Here we go again
Couldn’t agree more John. But out of respect for this site the least I say about Peter Lawwell -especially after last night – and his role at Celtic the better!

Here we go again
I’ve always thought it a good thing for Scottish football to have representation at European level – EUFA etc.
I read recently that Peter Lawwell is still going to hang around the Celtic board in order to maintain his role at the ECA.
I’m at a loss as to what on earth he could bring to the table which would benefit Scottish football or Celtic!

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