LNS – A Summary


To call the soft loans TRFC require and shall likely …

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To call the soft loans TRFC require and shall likely continue to require “working capital” is to accept the Humpty Dumpty Spiv Lexicon of Correct Sounding Words. Working Capital is the stock of funds which replenishes itself through its own use because it generates profits sufficient for that over the time of its use as such it is something any business uses. These soft loans are not to do that but to pay off a previous succession of similar loans and to plug long term losses. As time has proceeded the amount needed to deal with the former is taking up more of the funds obtained leaving less for the latter. At the end of the day this is an unsustainable spiral down to oblivion. Third Rangers will go the same way and Fourth and 
Fifth all until Mr Micawber has his day- and remember he is an artifice of fiction- one of many n this saga.

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LNS – A Summary
New  version of the £30,000,000 warchest ‘if we need players” 
it would be ironic if they went up this season and did a yo yo back to the lower leagues for lack of players warchests debt and everything else…

LNS – A Summary
I think that upthehoops might have been misread by tayred, he was referring to the hypothetical ramblings of Chairman Milne not the thought of the supporters if I have got him right.
it needs to be remembered that there is a difference between sleeping “giants” and dead “giants” if there are any sleeping Giants in the lower leagues they do not play in blue. The recalibration of the past five years has been good and produced many memorable moments for t’diddies long may it continue

LNS – A Summary
There is mention of Top Clubs in the various letters to clubs where there is an implication the  Govan team is one such. That is to accept the lie.
My own belief is that the accolade of being a top club is something which depends solely on being in the top division on merit, thus it is a title which he can be achieved or lost.
The Govan club has never been a top club, even if the big lie is accepted it is not a top club.
Definition of terms avoids casuistry on behalf of those who would hope that at the top club title is owned by right by the Govan club. if the top club title is achieved on ground size or attendance that is fair enough but like any other definition it needs to be explicit

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Accountability via Transparency.

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Dear Mr Bankier
Barcabhoy/Homunculus various

I believe that the latter knows quite a lot about the bad men who go in for organised crime…


Stevie G – The Real Deal?

I have seen it written that those with astigmatism make better footballers because their peripheral vision is enhanced so they see possible passes which others do not.

This of course is all theoretical to those of us who are myopic, strabismic and amblyoptic including myself.

Stevie G – The Real Deal?
I heard an academic ophthalmics expert on the wireless saying that the range of vision covers more that 180 degrees so facing forward the person with good sight can see stuff which is slightly behind the eye. That might explain some things.

I have come to the belief that no one knows what they are doing (myself included) and work on that basis to benefit.


Stevie G – The Real Deal?
If there needs to be an announcement warning against sectarianism racism or other idiocies then there is something very far wrong in society, people should know what to do.

At the risk of muddying the waters, there is a long history of treating Irish Catholics (including descendants in the diaspora) as a race of untermenschen. This history includes the United States and England as well as Scotland. The things Darwin said about that 'race' both using his own words and quoting Galton are a sight to behold. There are specific evolutionary comparisons drawn between that race and the thirty upright Scot. 

That racism is at the root of the current issue anent Neil Lennon reinforced by social changes meaning that the Irish Catholic obtain many of the goods previously denied to him including employment education and other things.

Sectarianism needs sects and therefore theology, I suspect that the theological knowledge of the singers is most often nil.

The recrudescence of the notorious songbook is symptomatic of the tilting away of society from uneducated young men and their lack of prospects if they cannot claim to be the people what have they left?

The most anti Neil Lennon person I ever knew was a hard core Celtic supporting practicing Catholic from the most Catholic place possible with the possible exception of the Vatican. That was all to do with Lennon's propensity never to make a forward pass. 

I have heard some vile anti Irish racism addressed to players by supporters of diddy clubs from all over, Owen Coyle was a particular target.


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