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Stripping of Titles is unnecessary ! All this chat of taking …

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Stripping of Titles is unnecessary !
All this chat of taking away trophies doesn’t cut it for me. It’s irrelevant, they belong to another era when a different Club either fairly or otherwise, won them on the field of play. The numbers cannot be added to, improved upon or enhanced in any way. Altering the stats is futile, they belonged to the Rangers FC I knew but never loved. In exactly the same way that Airdrieonians won the Scottish Cup in 1924 or Clydebank triumphed in the 2nd Division in 1976.
These quotes are taken directly from the respective websites, take a moment to contrast & compare these with the History displayed on the new Rangers web site.
Airdrieonians“Having been driven into full liquidation in May 2002, Airdrieonians FC became even more famous for being the first Scottish senior club to go out of business since Third Lanark in 1967. The spirit lived on, though, as the town welcomed Airdrie United into being, and saw it win the Bells Challenge Cup in 2008. Thanks to the efforts of owner and chairman Jim Ballantyne, the name Airdrieonians was restored in time for the start of the 2013-14 season. We’re at last back to two lions – and a cockerel – on the shirt.:”
Clydebank:“At the same time, the heavily indebted Airdrieonians were liquidated. Attempts to relaunch the club were thwarted and the final straw came when Gretna FC were granted membership to the Scottish Football League ahead of the newly formed Airdrie United. Seeing the plight of the Bankies the new owners of Airdrie United made their move to buy Clydebank FC. Despite the Clydebank supporters making a bid to satisfy the administrators requirements, the Airdrie United bid was higher and ultimately accepted. This meant that Clydebank FC were effectively renamed and moved to Airdrie. Airdrie would continue as they were, but only debt free and Clydebank supporters were left with nothing, and the Bankies played their last game against Berwick Rangers at the end of the 2001-02 season.”
Display the truth on the SPFL & Rangers websites, rid the current Rangers FC of wrongdoers, replace them with men of integrity and THEN we can move on !

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LNS – A Summary
James Doleman

Do you have any means of accepting a donation via PayPal  ?

Not that it will be massive mind !!  🙂

LNS – A Summary

Hands up if you think we should start again 

LNS – A Summary
What’s all the fuss now about the res’ 9, 10 & 11 ?
They’ve been telling us for 3 years now that the shares are in the holding company only, not in the “Club”

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For me personally, only number 3 above matters, the rest is the dead club and emphasising number 3 puts the rest into a dead club’s past just like Third Lanark.

.. and they wonder why nobody buys papers
Press release ! I will not be contesting the Tory Party / Prime Minister elections any time soon.  Ends.

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Do you honestly see Mike Ashley offering King anything, far less 40m ?

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Following the character assassination of Keef by johnjames, I’d love to hear his views on the author of this piece -http://www.dailyrecord.co.uk/sport/football/football-news/james-traynor-why-this-is-my-last-ever-newspaper-1470050#6Wot6mHb75vLIO9I.97
Ah, the beauty of hindsight !

Journey’s End?
Big Pink,

I’m with you on this one !  In spite of all the hyperbole over a prolonged period, not one casualty has been offered up as yet. Not even appeasement has be used as a tactic, the machine rolls on unopposed and my money will remain in the bank forever more.

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