LNS – A Summary

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Well put, as always, Auldheid. …

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Well put, as always, Auldheid.

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LNS – A Summary
Bryce Curdy 17th December 2015 at 9:24 pm #So I sincerely hope that Hibs fans realise they are being taken for mugs here. Their club is being linked to Sevco as a big/top club in a pathetic attempt to distract us from the real agenda that is 100% driven by ensuring Sevco are in the top flight next season. Make no mistake, if Hibs were in the Championship without Sevco (or even like last season with their neighbours, but still without Sevco), nobody would give a monkey’s about the top clubs being in the top division, with the usual exception of course……….
I can’t speak for all Hibs fans, but I think it’s clear to all that Hibs are being used to diguise otherwise naked ‘fear and favour’ that should be anathema to those who have most influence on the game in Scotland.  As Hibs faced the play-offs last season, it was clear to me that they were not ready for promotion and, to be honest their journey through the Championship so far this season has been good for them – they are where they deserved to be – and I look forward to them gaining promotion on merit.  No way do I want to see them elevated through jiggery-pokery, even if it means another year in the Championship!  

LNS – A Summary
£500,000! You have to ask, how much do they really have?  They had £5M at the AGM, £4.5M yesterday – let’s face it, they could be a couple of million short, or even have zilch!  Och, maybe we should just take his word for it, after all he is “a successful business man”!

LNS – A Summary
I see someone has put the Forth Road Bridge up for sale on e-bay: http://www.scotsman.com/news/odd/forth-road-bridge-put-up-for-sale-on-ebay-1-3968106
I like the caveat offered: 
“Only those silly enough to bid will not receive any financial return. I have no right to sell this and don’t legally own it.”
Any suggestions for another sale?12

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Small Price to Pay?
I hope the water supply to the hydrants hasn’t been interfered with!

Small Price to Pay?
Just caught this BBC Headline:  “Large fire breaks out at Govan scrapyard”http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-scotland-39174652 ….
It couldn’t be ‘you know where’, could it? 09

Small Price to Pay?
Ashley wouldn’t be everybody’s cup of tea but he does have wealth and he has made a big contribution to what success the new club has enjoyed, I would say! Am I not correct in thinking that it was the marriage between the new club and MA/SD that facilitated the substantial loan signings from Newcastle that enabled the new club to progress imperiously through the lower leagues. Could that progress have been made without MA?  I wonder!

Good Try Mr. McKenzie
Sorry, BFBP, if you mean a team winning by a substantial goal margin.  I can’t agree with this equating to contempt, painful as such a defeat is for players and fans alike. 

Good Try Mr. McKenzie
It’s no different here on the ‘near’ side, JC!

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