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Look Back to Look Forward


Welcome to SFM. Like Corrupt official, I agree that the non-vocal majority of fans are beginning to smell a rat, and that may be our best hope of bringing the authorities in line.

My own growing belief is that the Res 12 issue is one where it is essential for the future of the sport that the SFA is held accountable. There is little doubt that the licence was awarded incorrectly in 2011, but I have no doubt at all that the SFA knew they were awarding the licence incorrectly.

That is not a Rangers issue, despite them being the beneficiaries of the award (not as if you take it off them retrospectively), nor a Celtic issue, despite them appearing to be the most disadvantaged.

This is an issue of a systematic, either deliberate or negligent, breakdown in a fundamental aspect of football governance. Despite the existence of overwhelming evidence to support the claims being made by the Res 12 people, the clubs have thus far failed to seriously address the accusation, never mind the substantive issue.

That is a clear enough indication to me that they have acquiesced in and approved of that fundamental breakdown.

I have no doubt that ONLY a withdrawal of season ticket membership will work. Short of that, the clubs will continue to ignore our pleas for a return to sporting principles, and see those pleas as subversive ‘soviet – style’ agitation.

And it’s not just about sorting out the halfwits who allowed this to happen in the first place, nor the shocking (and as yet unreported) “I would do nothing” betrayal of trust by Regan. It is about putting in place structures that will ensure a repeat is not possible.

Right now, it is not only possible, but likely.

I gave up my own season book three years ago, but continued to pay for my two sons. Failing a clear moral response to res 12 from my club, that will stop also.

I know it is not right for everyone else, and I can’t blame those who have such an emotional and social attachment to football that they cannot countenance a boycott, but if we really want to have a game that is clean, and seen to be clean, my view is that our only option is to wait until it is before we return to it.

If we truly want to have football back as a sport, sacrifices have to be made – and might yet get us what we want.

“Tough love and no season book” is my new approach.

Look Back to Look Forward

Name check for a visit to SFM Central by ValentinesClown on Friday.
Always good to see the people popping in, and it was a great excuse for me to down tools and have a blether for a while. Hope I didn’t tire him out too much 🙂

Sadly, I never even offered VC a cuppa. 05

Having said that, he did not arrive bearing Jaffa cakes 🙂

Look Back to Look Forward

There is a growing realisation amongst fans that their clubs, whilst innocent of the original offence which crashed the Scottish football bus, have failed to support the good of the game in general, and are complicit in the cover-up that has taken place.

And that growing realisation is beginning to have an effect. In a recent conversation I with a Celtic official, I was informed that,

we have done nothing wrong, but Rangers might have 45,000 season tickets next year and our sporting integrity soviet will see us down to 20,000. How is that fair?

It may be that this sort of spin will be effective in nullifying the effect of those who have had enough withdrawing from the fray. It may even be the card that other clubs with significant SB numbers will play too. However the answer from my point of view is not to fight the symptoms with spin, but to stop ignoring the disease and clean the infected area thoroughly. See how that impacts on season book sales.

 “easily fixed”, I said, “instead of harping on about season ticket numbers, support the Res 12 people publicly and with conviction, complain to UEFA on their behalf, and root out the people who issued licences contrary to the regulations”.

Resolution 12 is not a Celtic – only issue, nor is it a Rangers issue (unless you can un-issue a licence). It is about how the whole of Scottish football (100% of it) was brought into disrepute because those charged with administering the laws of the sport failed catastrophically to do so.

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The Offline Game

To be honest, the Warburton absence and silence is only of significant interest if you are a TRFC fan – and their fans don’t appear to be concerned unduly. I have some sympathy for those TRFC fans who have told us it’s none of our business.

My interest however is twofold;

Firstly an academic one, due to the off-piste nature and oddness of it all.

And then of course there is the disrespect inherent in failing to congratulate the opposition, providing the sponsors with the contractual post-match comment – as well as offering an assessment of the match to TRFC fans.

If Warburton IS on holiday as is suggested by reports of a TalkSport interview he gave last Thursday, then one would think that he would have made arrangements to comply with the protocols and etiquette of the job and competition.

As Tris has suggested, there was not one mention of his name at the press conference yesterday – and that was a major media event in TRFC terms.

It is unusual, but as the TRFC fans say, it’s none of our business.

Except about the lack of respect shown to Hibs and William Hill

The Offline Game

Could be wrong, but I think many are jumping the gun over the breach of football regulations aspect to the SFA statement.

I don’t think it will be discussing the pitch invasion either – more likely a disrepute charge over TBS

It’s also worthwhile considering that whilst Petrie and others are guilty of complicity in turning a blind eye to much of what has gone on in the past several years, he won’t sit back meekly and accept the narrative that is being constructed in the press.

In fact in their statement tonight, Hibs are suggesting that the Commission set up ‘should have the widest ranging terms of reference’ which in turn suggests that Petrie has enough clout to insist that the SFA actually grow a pair and include ALL of the wrongdoing throughout the event.

If those terms of reference are widened in that way, there is no end of rainbow scenario for either club here.

The personal attacks on Petrie being carried out at TRFC’s behest by Keith Jackson are an attempt to neutralise his influence – and a fair indication that he is a regarded as a bad enemy to make.

Of course the cynic in me says that the belligerent rhetoric of TBS (all of which is aimed inside the tent) will prove to be empty enough as soon as the ST targets are reached, but in terms of strategic thinking, it’s a huge fail if it opens the sectarian songs can of worms.

The stupidity of the Hibs fans, may give succour to TRFC in the short term by allowing them to deflect from the issue of the defeat. However it may yet have an adverse long term effect.

All of this is contingent on the assumption that rational thought is behind TWS and TBS. This may well just be the meanderings of a dysfunctional organisation with no real proactive plan for the future. God only knows.

The Offline Game

Sad aspect of all the pitch invasion stuff (and I am sure Hibs fans will be annoyed with themselves for allowing it to happen) is that less time has been given over to the victory and the end of 114 years of hurt.

Not a Hi-Bee myself of course, but I have seldom felt so emotional as I did when ‘Sunshine on Leith’ rang out at Hampden after the presentation. It was a truly magical moment, and maybe demonstrates how the legacy of all of our clubs is to a greater or lesser extent shared with everyone.

Over the last few years we have all shared in the joy of clubs who have had historic breakthroughs in their journey in the game. Here’s to even more of them in the future.

For the record, I think the TRFC response to the weekend events is not on a par with the way their players acquitted themselves during and after the game. The players, and not their board won my admiration and respect for their contribution to the final. I think the dignity they showed deserved better than what they got in TBS (© Tris acknowledged)

The Offline Game

May 20, 2016 at 23:55



The Offline Game

A bit of latitude about the Celtic thing folks. Not appropriate for detailed debate but there’s no harm in talking about it in a general kind of way.

I’m off back to my eschewing 🙂

Also welcome back to rhapsodyinblue – I think 🙂

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