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My son is an avid Plymouth Argyle fan and we …

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My son is an avid Plymouth Argyle fan and we do the North of England circuit and have followed them at away games at Carlisle, Morecambe, Tranmere,Fleetwood, Rochdale, York and Accrington Stanley. This week we went down to Stanley and had a proper football day out. Fans mixing, sharing pints and chats happily, minimal security presence. Adult and senior in to game for £25.While in the pub I asked a few of the Stanley fans what they thought of Rangers acquisitions for next season. Their reaction was interesting.Most commented that Crooks and Windass are good players who, with good coaching, could do a turn in Leagues One or Two down south. Young Windass it appears seems to be a glory hunter and forgets he has 10 other team mates but he’s young and this can be coached out of him was the view.I asked if they thought he would suit a Rangers and the consensus was yes. In European competitions – no way, they’re miles away. They then asked me why Scottish football had been so harsh on Rangers relegating them three divisions down.I pointed out the usual; 270 stiffed creditors, the undisputed M£15 or so in unpaid NI and Income Tax and their liquidation.The Accrington fans genuinely thought we were taking the proverbial. But Sky Sports never tells us that, it’s not in the papers, etc, etc. Rangers were liquidated? That really did seem news to the six or seven lads we were talking to.
One guy then wondered aloud if any if this new background began to explain why they didn’t sign the lads in January. Apparently Stanley would have released both for as little as K£50 and the locals were genuinely surprised they had not moved immediately.
Just shows it’s not only the Scottish media who don’t fully inform their readers / viewers.

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Look Back to Look Forward
Well, tonight’s the night and no doubt, should Rangers prevail, we’ll get gleeful backpage banner headlines of the Journey’s Over, Journeys’ End and other such pap along with pullouts documenting the last four years of Rangers torments and triumphs as a Rangers took itheir “punishment” on the chins, the fans follow-followed and it’s la-la land. All of course without a mention of Rangers being liquidated and this being a new club
Then it’s back to business as usual. What an awful thought and it kinda sums up our country’s press. Shame on them all.

Look Back to Look Forward
I think most would agree not the most inspiring game tonight but two wins in five days is good – albeit after the Eoro qualifiers. Notwithstanding,  I’m ok with two wins.
however I lustened to Radio Scotland tonight and can clearly see the knives are out for Gordon Strachan. The pundits sounded gutted.
I think he’s being punished so much for ignoring The Rangers players. Mind you, it’s amazing that in two games – without Lee Wallace at the heart of the defence – that we won both games, conceding no goals but the pundits, especially Chick and, sadly, Tom English, seem to be very upset.
Onwards and upwards, Scotland!

Look Back to Look Forward
Like many here I despair at the inaction from Celtic AND every other club’s tacit acceptance of the arrival of Rangers into the Premiership as if it were a “return”.How can it possibly be so? They died and a form of Rangers were allowed to queue jump their way into senior football in Scotland.I read John Clark’s amazing article re his meeting with Reagan and, for me, that was it. I was completely sickened and so wrote to Celtic in my strongest possible way – admittedly not the most articulate way but the best I can do.
I can’t make up my mind whether to be happy or not with their response to meet PL to discuss; this simply by me being now cynical enough to believe that the four dates offered to me all happened to be after the alleged “time-out” period for any appeal by then having passed.
On the other hand is PL really stupid enough to believe that Celtic fans en masse will buy into the return of Rangers and a full acceptance of prior years’ cheating escaping totally Scot free?
If he thinks the latter he and the Celtic board will be looking at many more unoccupied plastic seats next season from their comfy seats in the South stand. Next season many will simply not buy so seats will be empty. Speaking for myself and two sons we are three such fans who will be out. Ironically , Ibrox will be packed to bursting.
Who says cheating doesn’t win?
Will be interested in other views as to whether to accept my invite for an audience with Peter…..———————-
On 18 Mar 2016, at 14:43, John Paul Taylor <JPTaylor@celticfc.co.uk> wrote:
Hi Jim
Many thanks for your email, we are of course naturally concerned and would like to offer you the opportunity to come into Celtic Park to meet with Peter Lawwell and myself to discuss.
Can you advise if any of the following dates and times would be suitable.
Monday 4 April – 1400-1600hrsTuesday 5 April – 1300-1500hrsFriday 8 April – 1130-1500hrsMonday 11 April – 0900-1100hrs or 1500-1700hrs
I look forward to hearing from you.
John Paul
John Paul TaylorSupporter Liaison OfficerCeltic FCCeltic Park, Glasgow, G40 3REDirect Tel: +44 (0)141 551 4209Direct Fax: +44 (0)141 550 2356—–Original Message—–From: Jim [Sent: 18 March 2016 13:02To: John Paul TaylorSubject: Resolution 12 inaction from Board
Hi, John-Paul,
There are times I feel your job must be a nightmare sitting between an angry and disillusioned fan base while reporting to your employers. Today might be just such a time.
I am a shareholder and over the past fifty years have spent a fortune – financial and emotional – supporting Celtic at the gate, in the stores and of course when buying my shares.
I am now though at the stage where I think I may have spent my last penny on all things Celtic.
The reasons I am outlining below will be familiar to you as I think many fans – and a huge number in the Gxxxx CSC feel as I do – are of a similar mind.
This Board of Directors have let the fans down in a number of ways.
1) Continually not supporting the fans and allowing us to be treated as criminals. Why PL ever attended the Government summit in 2011 will forever be a mystery to me.2) Our inaction over a hostile media – indeed, it’s worse as we allow these media outlets access to the players, managers and stadium, accept advertising hoardings for such as Radio Clyde and the Daily Record and advertise in these outlets.3) Transfer policy over the last few years as we accelerate into the slow lane is appalling.4) Our inaction and acceptance, without comment, on some of the strangest refereeing decisions you’ll ever see.
However for me the dam has now burst with the news that the Board have passed the buck to shareholder re Resolution 12. I simply don’t know where to begin with this. I sat at the AGM where a number of fans proposing the resolution in 2013 agreed to take the motion off-line since they were assured that the Board, with new information available to them, were now minded to challenge the SFA over granting of licenses to play in the UEFA competitions. Clearly we were either being cynically strung along by a deceitful Board or something has changed which the Board have not clarified in any way, shape or form.
I have now read a comment on the Scottish Football Monitor from a regular contributor, and I believe, fellow shareholder, John Clark, where he challenged Stewart Reagan over SFA inaction on this matter. When asked if he knew information had been wilfully been withheld and the action he would take against a member club – The Rangers – what he would do his answer was a staggering NOTHING.
Dear Lord, how far are we willing to allow our game to be rigged? We now know it has been for at least 20 years – without Celtic publicly challenging the SFA?
I know you will tell me the Club will no doubt note my comments and consider them but I’m afraid I’m out. There will be more and more pieces of empty plastics green or white seats at the stadium in the seasons ahead. I’m now so disillusioned with the way we have been treated by our Board – custodians of the club – that I think I will never attend another match at Celtic Park. That, for me, is a matter of terrible sadness given the many wonderful times I have had watching Celtic play these past 50+ years.
Best regards, Jim
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Good Try Mr. McKenzie

Some weeks ago the redtops went through a wallowing anniversary period with all sorts of nostalgic articles on the glorious return, 10 years ago, of Walter Smith to Rangers, as was, and the demise of Paul le Guen. Ah, such happy days!So I wondered what articles would appear today on the 50th anniversary of probably the biggest shock result ever in scottish football history? Berwick rangers defeated their Glasgow equivalents and perceived betters 1-0.I can still remember the shock today.
So in anniversary-land what’s been printed? From what I see absolutely nothing.Once again the SMSM shame themselves but that’s no great surprise.

Staying On The Problem
I see there was some comment earlier in Jock Stein being recognised for an awards, such as a knighthood.
The files released by the National Archive under an FOI request are revealing as it the original demand that the files should not be released until 2031!
There’s a fair amount of reading but the Civil Service speak is quite revealing and very Sir Humphrey like.

Make of the files and the decision/thought process witching Governement at the time what you will.


The Offline Game
Does anyone else remember the fuss kicked up by the SMSM when Alan Stubbs and Hibs did not provide a guard of honour when meeting Rangers immediately after the had secured their Championship win?It was petty, not the norm,spiteful and a hatful of other terms as I recall.
Isn’t it odd then that nowhere in the media is there surprise, comment or criticism that nobody from Rangers, be it their management or Level5, has had the basic courtesy to congratulate worthy winners.
Par for the course I suppose in Scotland where Rangers are concerned.

The Offline Game
RYANGOSLINGMAY 23, 2016 at 22:36
Why should both clubs be punished equally? How much damage was done by Rangers fans? How many Hibs players were attacked? How many back room staff? How many were spat on? How many had to be escorted from the pitch surrounded by officials for their own safety? How many Rangers fans ran to the Hibs end?
By all means punish Rangers for fans invading the pitch and singing prohibited songs, but to make out that they were, to coin a very popular phrase “as bad as each other”, is extremely disingenuous.
Good questions, Ryan, but ones you’ll never hear asked in our media. The agenda is set. Hibs fans were appalling. Some Rangers supporters braved the green tide and couldn’t walk away, and still not a quote from a single soul from anyone on the field about the trauma the endured on the pitch. Were any Hibs players traumatised by Rangers fans? I suspect not but it’s a closed question to our media. Not a word on David Weir’s fly kick from the touch line as the melees developed.
Thank heavens for a classy display from Kenny Miller congratulating Hibs – and his missus with heir tweets saying Kenny had not been attacked.
Level5 and the SMSM at their horrible worst. Rangers, as ever the victim.
what a tasteless lot they are.

btw, the Hibs fans were out of order but the media rewriting of events is every bit as bad.

The Offline Game
If Oldco  and Newco Eangers are one and the same who dis the SFL think were Club12 were when publishing a fixture list a few years ago? Why were thry not continuity Eangers?

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