Look Back to Look Forward


JOHN CLARKMARCH 16, 2016 at 22:15 ==================== Well done JC, you are …

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JOHN CLARKMARCH 16, 2016 at 22:15

Well done JC, you are a star sir.

I have e-mailedl “I am the SFA” and now ‘Stewart’, we have to let them know this is not going away,

Letters and e-mails are fine…..but generally ignored…..getting in their faces like JC has had the gumption (and savvy) to do is a huge thing.
Tick, Tock.

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Look Back to Look Forward
HOMUNCULUSMARCH 22, 2016 at 20:31

For the avoidance of doubt, this Celtic supporter never wants to play any form of Rangers……..ever.

Look Back to Look Forward
I’m in for £100

Look Back to Look Forward
“People who don’t use their real names”


I had long e-mail conversations with “I am the SFA” (Darryl Broadfoot Director of (non) Communications), using personal, work e-mail (during break periods) and snail mail. All addressed with my name address, phone number.

Darryl has a personality defect in that he gets aggressive when he is cornered with no out quip.

He made a, not so veiled threat, that my company would take a dim view of me using their time to communicate with the SFA. 

That’s a risk you take when dealing with people of no integrity I suppose

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A Lie for a Lie
All SPFL clubs received a considerable cash windfall (£250,000 each) when Celtic qualifier for CL…..No?

A Lie for a Lie
I would respectfully suggest that the financial ‘direction of travel’ any club was on when the ‘force majeure’ was encountered would be a consideration?

A Lie for a Lie
I made my personal decision in 2013 when I came to the conclusion that Celtic were complicit in the corruption of our game.

I stopped buying my 2 season books.

I have proxied my shares to Auldheid and his fabulous colleagues from day 1 to continue to take the fight to the crooks.

Don't stop now guys, the whites of their eyes ate showing.

Bad Money?
"it seems odd that someone who doesn't belong to a club can hold office as president of the SFA!"

I ask the same question, I thought you had to be the CEO of a club to hold high office in the SFA.

Accountability via Transparency.
Does anyone else use Weatherspoons, or buy Dysons these days????

No me

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