Look Back to Look Forward


Thanks again John. …

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Thanks again John.

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Look Back to Look Forward
Well the Clumpany did warn us.
Its going to be full on P*** for months.
DO one thing motivate your club whoever they are to skelp them at every possible opportunity and send them straight back down.
Its the only way you will feel better.
Nothing agin Sevco  supporters BTW its the media needs curtailed and the only way this will stop is they get humped non stop.

Look Back to Look Forward
Erchie can now go away and retire quietly I hope.
I’ve never seen such a teed up piece of “news” and on UK wide council telly.
Ill not be paying the council tax (sorry licence fee)after this nonsense.

Look Back to Look Forward
JC the Red Pill


Spanish constant movement fitba (long derided by me as being medically facilitated) has finally arrived on our shores.
Is that correct?

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Well done Phil and JJ.
Nae luck Clumps.

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