Look Back to Look Forward

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“West of Scotland thing”…fair gets ma hackles up!! Well done JC…again. …

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“West of Scotland thing”…fair gets ma hackles up!!
Well done JC…again.

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Look Back to Look Forward
My choice of wording should have been better; the Celtic Board today are constricted but initially they were not.
My point is they could have acted long before any of these impending court cases were on the horizon, they chose to not do so.
My apologies for creating confusion.
Somewhat belatedly, may I express appreciation to you and your team for your efforts, not an easy to pursuit in today’s climate.
My belief is Res 12 will eventually bear fruit; even if only to ensure the debacle it seeks to expose will never happen again, it will have been more than a littles worth.

Look Back to Look Forward
“Look Back To Look Forward”
How apt this is.
Fergus helped fill Celtic Park by taking on the Scottish Football authorities and winning.
It took some years but he did it with the backing of his board, historical fact that will never go away.
The present board could do the same today if only they would publicly back Res. 12.
In doing so they could well provide an impetus for many, not all, other clubs’ boards to follow; it may be a slow reaction but follow they would.
That is all they have to do so why will they not?…and don’t give me any of that claptrap about impending court cases, Res. 12 was around long before.
My only conclusion is that they saw the lure of a free run at the riches of CL money for years to come.
Hasn’t quite worked out that way though has it? thanks to the SFA/SPL/SFL/SPFL and, worst of all, themselves!
Some might even say, ‘we were duped’.

Look Back to Look Forward
Celtic have had a clear run at the riches of European football for four straight years.

I hope I’m wrong but therein lies the price of complicity.

Money grabbing cheats the lot of them; shame on them all!

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It Is Better To Offer No Excuse Than A Bad One
Homunculus/JC| and others.

Thank you for enabling me to maintain my sanity after all the midden sourced drivel from the troll 01

Who Is Conning Whom?
I’m really fed up now with having to put up with this troll and his squirrelling; I refuse to engage with him.

Despite Auldheid/AJ and many equally well informed others time after time putting down his ridiculous arguments he makes no attempt to accept reality and never will.

I wonder just what it is he is trying so hard to deflect the blog from; I suspect he may have a personal financial interest.

If anyone has ever looked at RSL blog you probably know who he is – I just wish he’d stayed there!

Who Is Conning Whom?
“I think that’s a poor analogy Auldheid.  However, If a car (McGregor) overtakes you and cuts in sharply into your lane, slams on the anchors, then who is responsible or the collision?”

As someone who was overtaken in the circumstance you describe you can take it from me that the guy behind is blamed; police didn’t want to know despite witness (nor insurance!).

Enough is enough
At a time of good news from one particular Glasgow club or bad news from another, a squirrel often raises it’s ignoble head…as others have so ably intimated.

Enough is enough
davidcarty commented on Enough is enough.
“I don’t agree with much of this article….”

I had contemplated a comment on “Enough is Enough” (some of which I agree with) but I do have to say this response covers all and more of my own thoughts from start to finish!

Just had to say thanks and excellently put sir!

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