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Fascinating account of a meeting with Stewart Regan from JC …

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Fascinating account of a meeting with Stewart Regan from JC – well done that man!
Perhaps the most interesting, and revealing quotations from Mr Regan were,“West of Scotland thing”… “nothing” – both of these responses are pivotal not just to the mind set of Mr Regan, but to the fundamental culture of the SFA.
“West of Scotland thing”… It sees the world through an “Old Firm” prism, and celebrates this division, sectarianism , violence and all as the greatest celebration of Scottish football and its only worthwhile expression – and the SFA is on only one side of that divide!
“nothing” – This is the most revealing aspect of it all. Rangers have gone bankrupt and been dissolved and have  cheated for a decade, and been resurrected in a manner which ripped apart all previous governance. Any and every rule has been broken to support them. If you demand justice, or even an investigation into previous actions, then they will do precisely :”nothing”.

The sad truth is that whatever team you think you support, or even if you are a supporter of the national side, then your support, financial, emotional and cultural has been hijacked by the SFA to being one of support for Rangers, not the dead football club per se – it is, after all, dead- but its ethereal spirit of  racial supremacy, fiscal recklessness and fundamental cheating.

In other words if you support Arbroath, or Hearts, or  Dundee or  even Celtic, your very actions support dishonesty and cheating and subterfuge to maintain the everlasting culture of Rangers.
The only thing to do, genuinely,  if one is to maintain any self respect, is to withdraw from the so called “sport” altogether.

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Look Back to Look Forward
Ok BP  – perhaps your official needs to delete the wrong and but, and add hence, delete soviet and add core support and consequently  he might just get it .
 like this
we have done nothing, hence  Rangers might have 45,000 season tickets next year and our sporting integrity core support will consequently see us down to 20,000.  How is that fair? ( because your fans  follow Celtic and support its key interests, unlike the board of the club, and their fans follow the game of football  which has rules, and believe that Celtic football club ought to  have sought to have these upheld)l
Fixed that for your official, BP.
Perhaps if he reads it like this, he might just understand!
  As an ex -Celtic fan, who has not paid a penny into the club’s coffers since 2012,  I hope that such a mass boycott of ST’s comes about.
If, and its a big if, Celtic fans were to  walk away en masse, then the Celtic board  would have absolutely no-one but themselves to blame. I would hope that were  such an eventuality to occur, , which I personally think highly unlikely, then this  would lead directly  to the dismissal of the present board, in its entirety, replaced with a new board committed to the interests of Celtic football club, and the sport of football itself.
Such a board would immediately announce its support for resolution 12, state that  the present incarnation of Rangers was founded in 2012 as a new club, , and seek an immediate setting aside of LNS, or failing this, stating their intention to  appeal the LNS charade to all appropriate bodies up to, if necessary , the CAS, or even the Court of Session.
DD’s position as club major shareholder, would, of course, be similarly untenable, and one would expect him to offload his shareholding in the fullness of time.

Look Back to Look Forward
Sorry John, whilst you hold hero status in my mind, I think you are far too forgiving of the Celtic board.
It seems clear to me that none of the shenanigans embarked upon by the SFA to resurrect Rangers, invent whole new statuses of clubs, invent whole new criteria for registrations, and gift the Rangers history and titles to the new club, declare the new club to be seen as the old when it suits, and to sweep away any investigation, would have been possible without, at the very least, a tacit understanding that. Celtic would offer no opposition to any action that the SFA saw fit to ensure Rangers return.
If one posits that the rebirth of the Old Firm was a key Celtic objective from 2012 onwards, then it explains the active, and calculated feints, and hints of action from Celtic couched in elaborate excuses and spurious explanations as to why no meaningful action could be taken. The facts certainly chime with this narrative. Celtic wanted Rangers back, regardless, but the board knew that to admit this openly would be suicide, and so a very clever sequence of kicking stuff into the long grass, expressions if disapproval, silence on the status if the new club was put in place publicly, whilst time was allowed to pass, and the return of Rangers and the Old Firm paradigm could be achieved.
It may well be that this initial decision , taken in the he’s of crisis in 2012, to ensure the Old Firm survived, despite the death of one half of it, is one which all at Celtic have subsequently regretted, but it is an effective Rubicon which cannot be uncrossed

Look Back to Look Forward
The Celtic board since 2012 have made not just terrible moral and ethical decisions by failing to defend the club’s interests as regards the status of the New Club, the acceptance of the 5 way agreement, the failure to challenge LNS, the failure to pursue resolution 12 , and the failure to call out the persecution of the club’s fans by a politicised and racist police force enforcing wholly fascistic legislation designed solely to criminaliuse Celtic fans, but  also appalling commercial ones.
The club’s support is now demoralised, disgusted and disillusioned with the club as well as the corrupt body politic of Scottish footbsll, and the number of season book sales is in a steady and unstoppable decline.
The bizarre belief that only the return of a despicable, loathed and disgraced shadow of a former club in a ridiculous masquerade can or will address the slide is both cynical and wholly misguided.
The correct course of action morally and financially from 2012 onwards was to challenge the corrupt SFA, announce the death of Rangers asvfact and defend the fans against sustained attack by the press and police combined. Had they done this, a contrite SFA would by now  be forced to apply its own rules, the truth would be universally acknowledged and Celtic Park would be bursting at the seams.
The Celtic board’s actions sadly have been consistentl despicable and self defeating. With wisdom, integrity and even an ounce if nous, it could and should have been so very different.

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Launch of SFSA Fans’ Survey
I am with Bopster. The fans should simply walk away, and understand the entire enterprise of Scottish Professional Football is fraudulent.
The passion of fans is used by cynical owners as though it belonged to them and not to the fans themselves. All fans need simply to become ex-fans. I became one in 2012, and have not been back.
Show the businesses that you are ethical customers not simply assets of the cub and do do walking away.
Only then can a clean game emerge. If fans say this is a fraud and walk away, then, and only then will the clubs respond. Then and only then will action be taken..

Launch of SFSA Fans’ Survey
I think the next step is now down to Lawwell and Celtic. They should instigate a judicial review and hand over the whole shebang of cheating evidence to UEFA. If they fail to do this, then may I suggest too the Celtic supporters who did not act as me to give Celtic an empty stadium with thousands protesting outside as the flag of shame is unfurled. The fans should then either walk away or enter once the flag ceremony is complete.

Launch of SFSA Fans’ Survey
Perhaps the most effective and immediate course of action is for all fans of Scottish football to cancel all subscriptions with SKY and BT Sports. If even say five or ten thousand cancellations with reason given that their companies are supporters of fraud rather than football were received that may create some difficult discussions for SPFL board.
I would boycott games, but my boycott of all Scottish football has been ongoing since 2012. I think my choice has been vindicated by the inevitable subsequent squalor that Scottish Football has descended into.
My main regret is that the vast majority of my fellow supporters including every other member of my family, did not follow suit. Had the boycott been sustained in 2012 by the fans, then this disgrace would never have come to pass.

Peace – Not War
We owe a lot to Phil. His is still the only book to be published on the demise of Rangers. He is still the only regular blogger left who has the courage not to hide behind anonymity, and while he is sometimes a bit off, or a bit hyperbolic in his style, he does still produce scoops that no other named individual is prepared to publish.
There was, on this site, considerable “sniffiness” or “lack of sniffability” about Phil’s fiddling on the roof exclusive. The missive from the Scottish Government shows that, at the very least, the issue is real, is live and is being monitored.
Shamefully, this admission is once again being ignored by the SMSM- in its entirety. Were this any other club, we can imagine the hysteria, and righteous indignation and possibly hyperbolic response that our tabloid press, and tabloid TV and radio would make of such a revelation. I suspect continued silence from the relevant council and club would be condemned utterly and there would be a wholly justified demand that all relevant documentation, from surveyors, to contracts, to proposals for remedial work, to guarantees of public safety to be placed in the public domain, immediately as a matter of urgency, but with the Ibrox outfit, even with something as potentially serious as this situation with a potentially unsafe roof, we get nada.
We truly are appallingly misserved by the culture of antijournalism amongst journalists in Scotland. They are failing in their basic function in a democratic society. The fourth estate is, to all intents and purposes, now only extant at all in Scotland, online.

Journey’s End?
I just realised that with a loss to Hibs, Rangers have now lost more games in the lower league this season, than Celtic have in the league above. Yet Warburton is lauded as a genius and Deila has been sacked. Trump gives the impression that the system is rigged against him, yet his actual vote percentage is far less than his percentage if delegates, in reality the system is rigged in his favour.
In this world, perception now defeats reality. Hence, I think, the reason for the drop off I SFM and support. There is a feeling of despondency and defeat based upon the perception that cheats have prevailed. The reality is of course somewhat different. The SFA still face a day in court over the fit and proper persons test, LNS is not the final word, and once all appeals are over legally, it will be revisited, and as Phil remind us Rangers are a loss making business, held in existence by personal finances with no line of credit from the bank, in other words a fundamentally unstable institution.
We appear to be defeated, but it may in fact still be November 1940, with a long road ahead to victory.
Or we may, in fact, be totally screwed.

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