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TheClumpany at 11:48 “….* The use of the “people who don’t …

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TheClumpany at 11:48
“….* The use of the “people who don’t use their real names” deflection. This is a particularly spurious argument given the strenuous efforts of those pursuing Resolution 12 to confirm their bona fides to the SFA, and given Mr Clark’s use of his own name when meeting Mr Regan face-to-face!”
Though Regan’s “people who don’t use their real names” comment sounds as though it comes from the same stable, or sty more like, as “who are these people?”, I presumed he was just taking a swipe at “the bampots”.  Maybe he hasn’t yet been introduced to TSFM and its wide range of readers and contributors, or he would be in no doubt that this is a West of Scotland problem only In so far as there is a ‘special’ relationship existing between Hampden and Ibrox.

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Look Back to Look Forward
Phil Mac makes the following comment in his latest post:
“I understand that the cost of transporting the Chairman from his abode in South Africa to board meetings has recently been discussed.
The putative cost of these trips is approximately £10,000.”
While Phil suggests the advantages of teleconferencing, my memory recalled epic journeys made by the famous Norwegian, Thor Heyerdahl.  Saving lots of money on the cost of air travel by building a balsa raft he crossed thousands of Pacific miles on his raft which he called Kon-tiki. Maybe Mr King will solve his travel cost problems with something similar – Kon-triki perhaps?21

Look Back to Look Forward
I have found myself ruminating on artificial turf over the past couple of days, and the dangers of grazing, sorry, lacerating on plastic grass blades and still find it hard to swallow Warburton’s beef about plastic pitches, given that they use one for training.  Having said that, I have sympathy for their injured player and hope the extent of his injuries are greatly exaggerated.  

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Small Price to Pay?
I hope the water supply to the hydrants hasn’t been interfered with!

Small Price to Pay?
Just caught this BBC Headline:  “Large fire breaks out at Govan scrapyard”http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-scotland-39174652 ….
It couldn’t be ‘you know where’, could it? 09

Small Price to Pay?
Ashley wouldn’t be everybody’s cup of tea but he does have wealth and he has made a big contribution to what success the new club has enjoyed, I would say! Am I not correct in thinking that it was the marriage between the new club and MA/SD that facilitated the substantial loan signings from Newcastle that enabled the new club to progress imperiously through the lower leagues. Could that progress have been made without MA?  I wonder!

Good Try Mr. McKenzie
Sorry, BFBP, if you mean a team winning by a substantial goal margin.  I can’t agree with this equating to contempt, painful as such a defeat is for players and fans alike. 

Good Try Mr. McKenzie
It’s no different here on the ‘near’ side, JC!

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