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That’s what I wanted to say at April 5, 2016 at 10:16
5 stars to The Clumpany *****03
Many thanks! A quick glance at last night’s reporting and through today’s newspapers following Sevco’s promotion demonstrates the extent to which our sports media is little more that a cesspit of apologias for rule-breaking, creditor-stiffing and one apparently indestructible football ‘club’. For some (but not all) in our media (an industry which – at its best should speak truth to power and investigate things that others would rather keep hidden), Scottish football only has any value whatsoever if there is a Rangers-flavoured entity at or near the top of it. The tiresome ‘Old Firm’ nonsense can be churned out endlessly and oh-so-lazily, and the rest of the game can GTF.
Scottish football has become an embarrassment to the world’s greatest sport, and to Scotland as a nation. No morals, no regard for rules or level playing fields and absolutely no serious consequences for a team in Light Blue which went to the wall owing creditors millions and having systematically screwed the taxman.
It really is an extraordinary thing when the media is willing to dispense with the norms of society and systematically lie in order to preserve a dead football ‘club’ while the authorities look the other way. It suggests that there is something truly rotten in this country.
Some folk are doing good work to try and bring about some sort of accountability and justice (including people on TSFM and those behind Resolution 12). But right now it is difficult to avoid the conclusion that you are an absolute moron if you pay a single penny into any part of Scottish football. And yes, that does includes attending matches in support of your own club (NB I know that comment will upset a lot of people). The people in authority with the wherewithal to make it a genuine sport and deal with the misdeeds of the past seem unwilling to do so, and the media which could give them a kicking for resting on their laurels would seemingly rather talk about the ‘Journey’ and the ‘Old Firm’…
It’s a farce. But a farce that seeks to get your money under a false pretence of genuine competition, and which is slowly but surely destroying our game.
Finally, you might be interested in reading yesterday’s piece “Death, Hypocrisy and Taxes” which systematically dismantles the Daily Record over its differing attitudes to the ‘Panama Papers’ and Rangers. You can find it on my blog site at the usual address.
Have a great day!

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Look Back to Look Forward
Good Afternoon.

I have written to the Scottish Football Supporters Association about the current Supporters Direct Scotland survey and the issues of good governance which are inadequately addressed therein. The email is pasted below and forms part of a longer blog which you can find over on my site.



Dear Mr Goodwin.

I wanted to draw your attention to my concerns about the survey which is currently being run by Supporters Direct Scotland in partnership with the SFA. These are set out in the attached blog.

Surveying The Damage?

You will see that while I welcome much of the ground covered by the survey, I think it is woefully lacking in material about improving the governance of the game, which I believe to be the single biggest problem we face. I am also hugely sceptical about the action that the governing bodies will take in response to the survey. The SFA and SPFL remain aloof, unresponsive and seemingly utterly unaccountable to fans, and this is helping to create a poisonous running sore in our game.

Whilst the Scottish Football Supporters Association is not responsible for the Suporters Direct Scotland survey, I would be very interested to know your views on it, whether you intend to take an interest in its findings, and whether you will put pressure on the SFA to genuinely listen and act upon them.

I ask this bearing in mind your recently-published Fans’ Manifesto. In particular point 8, which is headed “Regular, independent auditing and review of the performance of governing bodies and clubs”. The detailed wording of point 8 pretty much hits the nail on the head as far as I and many others are concerned.

I would also be interested to hear more about any activities that the SFSA itself has in train to promote better and more accountable governance in Scottish football.

I will post this email on my blog site and would also like to post any reply that I receive from you.

Many thanks in advance.

Yours sincerely,”

Look Back to Look Forward
CORRUPT OFFICIALMARCH 23, 2016 at 18:05 12 0 Rate This
Interesting. A seminar on Rangers(I.L.) tax. Info courtesy of Clumps
Thanks Corrupt Official. The first place I tried to post details of that seminar was on SFM as it seemed of interest to members. Posted it at 1603 but it is still in ‘moderation’!

Look Back to Look Forward
Good Afternoon. 
Anyone fancy a free seminar?!
TN Seminar: ‘Rangers: Onwards and Upwards’
The Edinburgh Tax Network, in conjunction with Terra Firma Chambers, will present a seminar entitled “Rangers – Onwards and Upwards” on Thursday 31st March 2016 at the Mackenzie Building, Old Assembly Close, Edinburgh.
At this event, David Small, Advocate, and Roddy MacLeod, Devil, will consider Advocate General (HMRC) v Murray Group Holdings Ltd [2015] CSIH 77, and in particular the majority and minority decisions in the First-tier Tribunal, how and why HMRC won in the Court of Session, and prospects on appeal to the Supreme Court.
Registration will commence at 12.30pm with the seminar starting at 1pm.  It has been accredited by the Faculty of Advocates as contributing 1 hour CPD for its own members and is eligible for a similar award from the Law Society for the solicitor branch of the profession.
Thanks to sponsorship from Wesleyan, there is no charge for attendance, however, prior booking is necessary.  For full details see attached. To reserve a space please email seminars@terrafirmachambers.com.
As always you can find me at https://theclumpany.wordpress.com/

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Small Price to Pay?
Good Afternoon.

Just to say I really enjoyed the podcast with David Low. Great stuff. 


Small Price to Pay?
BIG PINKMARCH 12, 2017 at 16:13
Ah Sorry Big Pink I see you beat me to it!

Small Price to Pay?
Good Afternoon.

If you haven’t yet seen it, do take a moment to look at the Record’s shameful article/tweets about the Celtic ballgirl who allegedly swore at Sevco players after their goal today. It’s disgraceful stuff which risks making her a target for the lunatics. Links herein. https://theclumpany.wordpress.com/2017/03/12/please-help-to-name-and-shame/

But do come back here to debate the issues! ?



Small Price to Pay?
UPTHEHOOPSFEBRUARY 28, 2017 at 07:10
Sportsound was another joy to behold last night.
Great post! They seem not to even care that the show often resembles a Sevco fans’ podcast.  Endless earnest discussion about the latest manoeuvrings as if they were talking about a military campaign, and ALL based on the assumption that the latest Ibrox outfit is the same entity, with the same “success”, status and expectation of dominance as its pre-2012 predecessor. You will never hear a conversation about Sevco on any radio or TV programme which is thoroughly grounded in the reality of that basket case’s true position. A large part of the audience doesn’t want to hear such blasphemous talk and the pundits certainly doesn’t want to be the ones to utter it. Meanwhile the rest of us are left hanging.
Still, it entertains in a “cringe-making” sort of a way!
I had a bit of fun imagining the implications for Sportsound and Kenny Macintrye if Barry Ferguson ever got the Sevco manager’s job. If anyone wants to look it it is here. https://theclumpany.wordpress.com/2017/02/26/barry-ferguson-sevco-manager/
Keep up the good work!

Peace – Not War
…and those of us with an interest in Resolution 12 will marvel at the sight of the SFA taking an interest in the detail of whether an Ibrox-based entity should get a UEFA licence…

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