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Can I just mention,briefly,I put on radio 2 in the …

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Can I just mention,briefly,I put on radio 2 in the hope I could avoid the ongoing nonsense.
How wrong could I be;I was utterly bemused at around 7.50 this morning,by the triumphalist reporting by the Greek sounding guy who’s name escapes me on the Chris Evans show.”Back at the top of the sports report” “54 titles won” “Owned by a South African Billionaire”…….This may not be verbatim,but as best as I can remember,sorry don’t know how to find it and play it back to you

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Who Is Conning Whom?
Hey Boris
read Auldheid at 14.03 today.This actually happened.
The clubs were voting to allow a new club in,Charles Green’s team were applying to get into the,then,
SPL.Rangers Football Club took part in that vote.
So you see,at that time there was still a Rangers and ALSO a team applying for membership.
1+1 does not equal 1.
2(TWO) separate teams.
I have no need for a degree in Rocket Science 

Enough is enough
It was mentioned on here yesterday simultaneous press conferences at Celtic Park and Ibrox at,apparrently,6pm last night.

Enough is enough
Sir David Murray took £6,000,000 out of one of his businesses and paid no tax via an EBT,which we now know was illegal,evasion…..ILLEGAL.Thats around £2.4M unpaid tax.Probably more.
Media Silence.
Dave King,convicted for tax evasion.
Get some perspective.
BOBCOBB;”never paranoid enough” absolutely.

The Vice Closes
Zilch @ 23.13 Yesterday
Well said mate,there are certain others out there yet to come forward and admit they got it wrong about Celtic/Lawell etc.Prominent contributors on here, 1 or 2 of them.
Now is the time for all good men to come to the aid of the party.Celtic now require the backing of their fellow clubs,the SFA will make this out to be a West of Scotland spat if others do not get involved.The SFA are trying to isolate Celtic.
If Celtic have to go it alone then they really do have grounds to at least explore the possibility of plying their trade elsewhere.
Its time for the Budges and Milnes at  this party to stand up and be counted.
Do they really want to jeopardise their cut of the Green Pound?
We are approaching(approached?)decision time. 

The Vice Closes
I am a wee bit surprised at the lack of activity today.
The letter leaked to The Times in London is,I think ,a gamechanger.
It puts to the sword all the nonsense on here and elsewhere regarding inactivity by Celtic and their supposed collusion on retaining a strong Rangers.Hopefully some posters will admit their error(s)here.
The fact this was leaked to a UK paper tells its own story.
Celtic are not going to let this drop,and have never let it drop.
This is big.
I will probably return to hibernating regards this site but today’s events need to be discussed.

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