Mr Green and Opportunity Knocks— For Aberdeen?


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nickmcguinness says:
September 4, 2013 at 10:54 am
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What a dangerous message is being sent out to Scottish society by the board of Rangers International Football Club, the SFA and their assorted media lapdogs:
That law-breaking, tax avoidance, financial crime, the ripping-off of creditors, massive fraud and outright gangsterism is not only to be tolerated but encouraged and even applauded, with a blind eye turned to every transgression and the rulebooks ignored or rewritten.
Sic a parcel of rogues . . . in brogues.

Apologies, convalescing in the White House – not that one!. Straight-jacket will be removed next week, typing this with my foot!
Nick it’s called poetic licence -I think! ‘A latrine of roques in brown broques’
I also hear that the new shareholders the Ellis’s have driven ‘A COACH AND FOUR’ through the rules (joke) of Scottish football.
On a more pertinent note I was going to write something serious about the SFA but I thought to myself how does one write seriously about a circus? The SFA is a farce with only one item on it’s agenda. Integrity, honesty, spirit of the game, sportsmanship, fair-play, ethics etc. are all foreign concepts to them, Their overriding concern, nay, their reason d’etre is to ensure a particular entities interest/ethos is at all times on top. The ironic/funny thing is they killed them with kindness. Had they applied even a diluted version of their own rules, the dead club would still be here amongst the living. My grandchildren call this Karma – whatever that means.

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The football authorities and Police Scotland know the Club is committed to eradicating all forms of unacceptable behaviour and it is disappointing that a minority engaged in inappropriate singing during the match against Hibernian at Ibrox Stadium on Monday, December 28.

had to be 250,000 at the game if that was a minority.03

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Ok the amount donated so far is £2607. I have a suggestion. To get it across the line is it possible for all contributors, as a once off gesture, two double their contribution.
We would never live it down if for the sake of a paltry £2000 we let this brilliant forum stagnate or decline.
I am a pensioner and my own contribution is modest so I don’t want to appear as if I am preaching to others.

Why We Need to Change
A question : If the SFA are aware ( and they must be – my next door neighbour’s dog is )of the financial car crash that is awaiting the newest club in Scotland, and if they do not implement the rules that are meant to protect the other clubs involved are they not legally exposed to major financial litigation themselves and consequent liquidation.

Why We Need to Change
Great post Finloc. Giving the expertise on all things football and football related this forum should be the leading fans forum in Scottish football.


“I doubt it’s honestly possible.”
Touche Auldheid.

SFM – The Next Steps

Well that’s that, I ‘m off – to Elounda Tuesday.
Will do my best to help the Greek economy. Extra carafes of wine this year – purely to help the Greek tax – take, you understand. Maybe a few Mythos in sympathy with Helpmaboab, and a few bottles of FIX in sympathy with FIFA and SFA.

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