Mr Green and Opportunity Knocks— For Aberdeen?


Re Vicast ltd who were mentioned earlier today. Is my …

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Re Vicast ltd who were mentioned earlier today. Is my memory failing or was Jacqueline Gourlay (of Rangers charity fame) not connected there somehow. Sure I can remember reading that on here months ago

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The Immortality Project
Hahaha. Hugh Keevins, what a guy.
“Rangers have been banned from Europe for 3 years for not providing accounts. They did not submit accounts so Uefa banned them for three years”

That’s his answer there to some guy asking why if rangers are the same club they weren’t in Europe last year despite finishing 2nd in the spl the previous season.

I need a beer

The Immortality Project
Fergus, to be fair to Rangers they’ve only been in existence since last June. For a company in it’s first year of trading the accounts aren’t as yet overdue.

They can’t be held responsible for the failure to lodge accounts since 2010 by a soon to be liquidated, entirely separate entity.

As most of us on here agree the history of Rangers(IL) didn’t transfer over when CG started his tribute act but neither did the lack of audited accounts.

When the first set of statutory accounts might be submitted by RIFC plc is a mystery right now but as yet they’re not overdue.

What assurances of financial stability the SFA sought from Rangers to give them a licence for this season is another matter. A talking dog saying “sausages” would probably have been enough for them.

Sorry if this sounds overly picky but I’m stuck on the bus with Clyde 1 on and the panelists are keevins and DJ. I’m not having a good journey home.

The Immortality Project
Don’t think this has been linked here but this is a great review of the recent Forfar-Rangers game. Makes more sense than some of their clumpany statements.

The Immortality Project
Flamingo Land sponsoring DJ’s expert analysis? WTF is that all about?
If i hadn’t clicked the link and read it myself I would have insisted that must be a windup.

I remember hearing Derek Johnstone’s expert opinion on the radio years ago, mid 80’s possibly. Think it was a midweek phone in after league cup games. The panel were talking about the merits of some football museum type display which was happening in Stirling’s library. Can’t remember exactly what it was, maybe someone else can.

Anyway they went to big DJ for his opinion and his reply was “Who decided this should go to Stirling. The sfa and the national stadium is based in Glasgow, our biggest city so the exhibition should be there.”

I don’t remember who else was on the programme but it took a while to try and explain to him that Stirling’s library was actually in Glasgow not Stirling, it was in fact the biggest public lending library in the city named after the original benefactor who bequeathed his collection (it was based in what is now GOMA if this was before your time).

He finally got it but any time I hear of DJ’s ‘expert opinion’ I always remember that show. I was only a teenager but even then I knew nothing of worth ever came from his mouth. He sounded like a fool then and he still does today.

And now his matchday blue nose extravaganza is being sponsored by a theme park full of dinosaurs. You could not make this up.

The Immortality Project
McColl will be notifying the market tomorrow he’s reduced his holding by 75% I’m sure. He’s doing walking away

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